5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #5

Tarot Sun 2

By Mercedes Kirkel


One of the most important signs of going through the ascension process is that more and more, you begin to trust your own process. Even more importantly, you start to trust yourself as the guide of that process.


You shift from feeling worried about what’s happening to trusting what’s happening.


You notice that even though you’ve gone through difficult times, you’re still here.


You realize that even though you’re not functioning in ways you’re used to or familiar with, nonetheless all the things that need to get done somehow seem to get done.


In fact, you may even be doing a whole lot better than you expected!


You start to see that you’re being guided and it’s an inside job. You begin to “read” what’s happening in your body, energy, and emotions as part of your guidance. You begin to be directed by your higher self, if you haven’t previously, and to follow that guidance.


You begin to have a deep sense of OK-ness. In the midst of the chaos and upheaval, there’s a deep knowing that everything is really OK.


You start to lose interest in being led or validated by others. You’re less drawn to others who are teaching, because your guidance is coming to you directly, tailored perfectly for you. You’re still open to learning things from others. But you feel acutely sensitive when that crosses over into any kind of authoritarian dynamic, which you may feel slightly (or perhaps, more than slightly) allergic to.


Welcome to your ascension process! It’s uniquely yours, while simultaneously being woven into the greater tapestry of the collective upleveling of humanity.


Thank you for doing your part. It matters. We all matter.




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One Response to “5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #5”

  • Thank you, this is most encouraging to me. At times, I’ve found such weariness, finding spiritual groups (specially in the virtual world) explaining what, why, who, what for and how, comforting often gullible people who’re desperate to find answers amidst their inner turmoil at present. Answers from authorities outside of themselves.

    Which is the same path that brought them to this point, the path of the old paradigm, showing us so clearly what’s become of it in ways we don’t want at all, really. But no, it’s the old song “Help, please save us!!!”

    Isn’t it peculiar how those waking up apparently need to go through a process of waking up to their own discernment and start the quest for truth, still ignorant of the fact that where the alarm clock goes off inside of them, the answer to that call lies next to it?

    We seem to be toddlers learning to drive our bicycles with training wheels. Some of us are brave, they go… “Look dad… no hands!” I’m bruised all over, but I don’t mind 😉

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