Archangel Michael: Understanding Killing, Emotions, and Imagination

Part 3 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel on June 2, 2013


Question: I heard a story that you intervened in one of the world wars to protect a soldier by killing other soldiers. I was wondering about killing other people. Is is justified at all for self-defense? What does that look like in the other realms when you kill another person?


Archangel Michael: This is a complex question.


Part of the reason beings have come into the third dimension is to explore all aspects of power. Taking the life of another being is one aspect of power. It is something that we, at the higher dimensions, do not engage in, nor do we have need to. In general, at the higher dimensions there is a very firm law about not interfering with the free will of another. Exerting your power over another being to take their life would be considered a form of interference in that way, a very strong form.


Yet at the third dimension, overriding another’s free will has been allowed because of this exploration of power. Interfering with another being’s free will has been perceived as supportive of the exploration of power. At this point, it is generally held that there has been enough of that exploration. There is no need for it to go any further, and there is much suffering and pain that has been created by this exploration.


We at the higher levels are not stopping this exploration, for it is not ours to stop. We simply encourage beings, if they are complete with their own personal soul work in the arena of third-dimensional power, to move out of that form of engagement at the third dimension. We urge such ones to shift in their awareness and their focus to integrating the lessons they have learned through their ascension process and move into greater love and greater light, which ultimately will carry them into higher dimensions. This is our recommendation for those who ask and are open. It is the thrust of our support for people, with no judgment for those who have engaged in any forms, because all have been doing their soul work.


Higher dimensional beings may intervene in the free will choices of beings in the third dimension, but the form of intervention may be different than you understand. Our form of intervention varies from circumstance to circumstance, but in general it is to bring light and to bring love. It is rare for us to intervene in other ways in free will choices. But there are occasions where that is done, if it is felt that it will prevent something happening that is not aligned with the current universal program, if you will. That is all that I am allowed to say about that at this time.


Question: In this journey to higher consciousness and love, we still live in the third-dimensional world. How would you suggest for us to stay grounded? Sometimes we get swayed by personal emotions, so that at times we might fall off the tracks, though we know that it is minor and we have to look beyond it. How can we get past that, so we can continue on the path and not get swayed, and yet live in the third-dimensional world?


Archangel Michael: Many of you have made a great error by looking at emotions as minor. There is really no such thing as “minor.” It is kind of like saying a finger is minor. How minor is it? It’s a part of who you are.


Emotions are very important. They are part of what you’ve come to the third dimension—and this world in particular—to experience and to become masters of. Many of you have the wrong idea that emotions are something that is interfering with your spiritual process. If emotions are showing up, it is oftentimes a sign that this is something you need to actually engage, to work with. Your lack of grounding may very well be due to the fact that you are not properly working with emotions. If you are somehow distancing yourself from them, that would be very ungrounding.


You may need help in understanding this. This has been a great weakness in the Earth’s spiritual development for a very long time, where there has been very little understanding of emotions and how emotions are a part of the spiritual process. This has a lot to do with the fact that for a very long time in your history, the spiritual process on Earth has been largely guided by the Masculine—not only men, but the Masculine energy. And the Masculine energy tends to be less understanding of emotions.


So the emotional incidents you’re noticing may be a sign that you have emotional work to do. This will only become more important at the higher dimensions. The fourth dimension is a very emotional dimension. If you have not done your work in the third dimension, you will find it even more unbalancing in the fourth dimension. This is another reason that it is very important that you become strong in your emotions, become wise, become spiritually mature in that area.


Understanding how to engage emotions is part of the work that Mary Magdalene has been doing. She has been bringing in the emotional component, which is so important for people on the Earth to understand. She has rightly judged that this is an area of great weakness for many humans, and something that many humans need help with at this time.


There are four bodies—some have referred to them as the four lower bodies—the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental bodies. All four need to be strong for you to stay grounded. They are the foundation in the third dimension that allows you to launch into the higher dimensions. If any of them are not strong, you will tend to be imbalanced, which may very likely show up as being ungrounded.


Most of you are quite developed in the mental. Your world has done a very good job of schooling you in the mental. Many of you are quite imbalanced, in that you’re developed in the mental only and not strongly developed in the other three bodies: the physical, emotional, and energetic. This has been done on purpose in your world because, while most of you think the mind is very strong, it is actually very easy to control a being who is primarily in their lower mind.


Very many of you—speaking to you as the greater humanity who are interested in the ascension process—have work to do to develop your physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. Many of you have more understanding of the physical and what your work is to do at that level. Many of you are less aware of the emotional and energetic. The energetic is working with things like your chakras and all the features of your energy body that ultimately will help you to make the shift into the fourth dimension and be strong there—the opening of your pineal gland, your third eye, your merkaba, all of the aspects of your energy body. But that actually is an easier process for most of you than your emotional work.


For most of you, the emotional work is unclear, muddled. And for many of you it is imbalancing you. I recommend that you evaluate your strength in those four arenas—the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental—and see where you need further work, where there is either healing to do or learning to do, so that you become strong and balanced in those four arenas. Then you will stay grounded.


Question: I have a question regarding imagination. When I was young, it was very easy and useful for me to use my imagination. Now that I’m older in my life, it’s become difficult for me to recapture the power of imagination. I use it to construct my life. Do you have a comment on how imagination works and how I can strengthen it to improve my life.


Archanchangel Michael: That is a very accurate understanding of imagination. Constructing life is exactly the intent and purpose of imagination, ultimately. Imagination is an aspect of consciousness. It is the creative aspect of consciousness, both in terms of being a creative process and in terms of creating your life, as you said.


If there is a block or a breakdown in your being able to access imagination, it points to some blockage or wounding in one of the four bodies I was referencing earlier, most likely the energetic. It may have an emotional component, but it is most likely the energetic. What may support you the most is learning how to open all the energetic functions and pathways. There are many who understand this. This being who is channeling is one of those who understands this. Others do, as well.


It is not a difficult task for you to reconnect with your imagination if you have become disconnected from it. It is valuable to do so.


[There is a space of silence.]


Perhaps we are complete for today. I thank you. This has been most wonderful. I value my time with you, my connection with you. I am so refreshed by being in your company, experiencing your beauty, your light. Thank you, dear ones, for all you bring.


With this, I go with great love. I AM Archangel Michael.




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