Communicating With Mary Magdalene

By Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I’ve been working with Mary Magdalene for about four months now. I’d like to understand what I’m to do with the energy transmissions I’m getting from her. Is there any instruction you can give to people who are just getting started with receiving messages from her?


Mercedes: It depends on the form of the transmissions you’re receiving. For example, if you’re doing healing work and you’re feeling her presence really strongly, I would say she’s working with you and coming through in that healing. She’s showing you what she wants you to do and how she’s working with you.


If the transmissions are coming through in a more verbal form, where she’s giving you messages that you’re hearing or that you’re telepathically receiving—meaning it’s coming directly to your brain and it’s a message that you’re already knowing without necessarily hearing it in an auditory way—then I would encourage you to dialog with her and ask her how she wants you to use the messages. Certainly I would encourage you to record the messages in some way, whether you write them down, or speak them into a recorder, or whatever form you use. I think that would be really valuable.


If you’re connected to your higher self, that’s another resource for you. Ask your higher self, “What am I meant to do with these transmissions?”


Mary Magdalene is coming through to many, many people right now. If you are experiencing her, I encourage you to really open yourself to receive her. In my own case, when she started coming through, I had a lot of doubt come up. She worked with me relative to my doubt. I had doubt that this could be real or that Mary Magdalene would ever choose me to communicate with or to connect to. She worked with me to help me go beyond my doubt. Ultimately I saw that by doubting myself, I was doubting God. Resistance can manifest in so many different ways. For me, it manifested as self-doubt. But doubting that God could be speaking through me is ultimately doubting God—doubting one of the forms of God.


I had this wonderful experience with my father around what was occurring, also. He was doubting that Mary Magdalene was talking to me. Really he just didn’t understand what was happening and was trying to makes sense of it. He has a much more rational, or you might say conventional, point of view than a lot of us do and he was really struggling to come to terms with me channeling Mary. Finally he suggested we go talk to a family friend who’s a Catholic priest and ask him what he thought. So we did.


We engaged in a conversation with the priest, but my father still wasn’t feeling like he was getting the answer he was looking for. At one point, he finally asked very directly, “But Father, who is this who is talking to my daughter?” The priest looked him in the eye and said, “Hugh, God has always chosen certain individuals to speak through. Why shouldn’t he choose your daughter?” That was such a powerful moment, for me and my father. It showed me how doubting myself was doubting God. That was part of my journey.


Your journey may not be the same. You may not have that same challenge that I had. But whatever it is within you that might be questioning what’s happening or unsure, that’s probably part of your process. It’s part of what’s being worked on and transformed by opening to a new being who you have identified as Mary.


I hope that’s helpful to you. Blessings to you.




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Mercedes Kirkel is an award-winning author and spiritual channel, bringing forth spiritual guidance from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light. Her new book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love is available at All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.


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