CMUnion: A New Spirituality

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CMUnion™  (pronounced like “communion”) is a new spirituality for UNITING CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and MAGDALENE LOVE.


The name CMUnion is derived from “C” (for Christ consciousness), “M” (for Magdalene love), and “Union” (for the uniting of the two).


The profound demonstration of Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene is the guiding light for CMUnion. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were human embodiments of Christ consciousness and Magdalene love, in union with each other. Together they empowered the path for all of us to become divinely human beings.

In CMUnion, the exalted Masculine (Christ consciousness) unites with the exalted Feminine (Magdalene love).


According to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, our next stage of human and spiritual growth requires the uniting of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This uniting is continually available to us on three levels. It’s available through:

  • Our connection to Father-Mother God
  • The uniting of our inner Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Our personal relationships, where we manifest the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine with each other


Through guidance received by Mercedes Kirkel, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua have illuminated and explained this process of uniting our exalted Masculine (Christ consciousness) with our exalted Feminine (Magdalene love).


The Divine Masculine is founded in our mind and will. When our Masculine is fully developed, he takes his seat on his “throne” at the third eye (higher mind center).


The Divine Feminine is founded in our body, sexuality, energy, emotions, and intuition. When our Feminine is fully developed, she takes her seat on her “throne” in the heart.


When both reside at their empowered locations, the inner marriage of our Divine Masculine (Christ consciousness) and Divine Feminine (Magdalene love) occurs. This inner marriage is the primary rite of passage celebrated in CMUnion, as it signals the readiness to enter the fourth dimension.


Other rites of passage celebrated in CMUnion include:

  • physical development at age six
  • emotional and energetic development at twelve
  • entrance into young adulthood at thirteen
  • development of the will, rational mind, and sexuality at eighteen
  • foundation of the higher mind and love, along with entrance into adult community, at twenty-one
  • uniting of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within, and in relation to Mother-Father God and  all arising (to be celebrated whenever it occurs in adulthood)
  • uniting with a life-partner as a sacred commitment to embody love and consciousness in relationship
  • death as “birth” into the afterlife


The full life practices of CMUnion engaged by adults is described in Seven-Chakra Tantra™.


CMUnion’s holidays celebrate:

  • new life and consciousness—spring equinox
  • life-force expanding outward—summer solstice
  • Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine—July 22nd
  • harvest of consciousness and love—fall equinox
  • conception and inner integration—winter solstice
  • Yeshua and the Divine Masculine—December 25th


CMUnion welcomes you on your journey into wholeness, uniting the Masculine and Feminine within and without. ♥



About the name CMUnion:


The name “CMUnion” evolved out of looking for a single word that expressed the love-union between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. One of the phrases considered was Christ-Magdalene-Union, which led to a shortened form of “CMUnion.” In looking at this new word-form, it appeared to be a kind of visual symbol that included both the “Christ-Magdalene-Union” and “Communion.” From this, “CMUnion” emerged as the word that describes the loving connection between the Divine Masculine and Feminine.


The term does not refer to the Catholic ritual of holy communion. However, the spiritual path of CMUnion will likely develop it’s own ceremonial form which will be an enactment and celebration of the communion between the Divine Masculine and Feminine.


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