Interviews With Mercedes Kirkel

Below are a sampling of radio shows and presentations with Mercedes Kirkel.


Rick Archer interviews Mercedes Kirkel on Buddha At The Gas Pump




Ann Marie O’Dell interviews Mercedes Kirkel on Achieve Radio TV.




Alan Hutner interviews Mercedes Kirkel on Transitions Radio Magazine.

Mercedes is channeling Mary Magdalene on the topic of the meaning of the resurrection and ascension.






Allen Vaysberg interviews Mercedes Kirkel on Recalibrate Your Life.




Presentation at The Celebration in Santa Fe, NM

Mercedes Kirkel discusses Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love, with a special focus on the events in Mercedes’s life that led to Mary Magdalene coming to her.


Presentation at The Celebration



Rundy Duphiney interviews Mercedes Kirkel on Tantra Talk Radio Show

Mercedes Kirkel discusses Mary Magdalene and sacred sexuality.

“Last night’s interview with Mary Magdalene channel and author Mercedes Kirkel was a cosmic, otherworldly, and beautiful experience for all. Ms. Kirkel epitomizes humility, compassion, and selflessness and went into great detail explaining Tantric sexuality as channeled to her by Mary Magdalene. It was one of the most beautiful and hopeful explanations of Tantra I heave ever heard.” — Rundy Duphiney



Tantra Talk Interview with Author Mercedes Kirkel


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