Light-Filled Intimacy™ Instruction

sacred-relationship-coupleI am passionate about supporting people in creating spiritually-based intimacy that is deeply fulfilling. My approach to relationship integrates classic and contemporary Tantra and Sacred Sexuality teachings, Mary Magdalene’s instruction on Sacred Sexuality, Compassionate Communication, therapeutic approaches for healthy relating, and my extensive spiritual background.

I’ve put all of this together into what I call Light-Filled Intimacy™. It’s a profound and deeply fulfilling practice, which includes:

  • Opening to greater heart-connection and closeness with your partner
  • Learning Sacred Sexuality practices for enhancing intimacy, including Whole-Being Orgasms™
  • Communicating to increase passion
  • Harmonizing the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Utilizing relationships and sexuality as a vehicle for communing with Spirit

If you’re interested in experiencing this kind of intimacy, I invite you to read the book SUBLIME UNION, with Mary Magdalene’s instruction on sacred sexuality, and to sign up for a Light-Filled Intimacy workshop.

“Mercedes is a teacher extraordinaire. The information is concise & clear, the presentation is filled with joy & enthusiasm. Very valuable!”
—Sunshine Heartsong, Keaau, HI

“Mercedes style of teaching her valuable knowledge — dear to her heart — is full of clearness, enthusiasm, liveliness, and playfulness. She is a truly passionate teacher. I loved her classes.”
—Lucia Amatista, Keaau, HI

“Mercedes’s gentleness and loving care combines with a wealth of powerful material. I learned more in one weekend than in years of reading books! This beginning workshop has for sure empowered me in my personal life.”
—Eytan Salinger, social worker, Taos, NM

“Mercedes creates a safe and inspiring space to explore all things sacred. Her workshop has helped open me up to another aspect of my divinity that has been locked away from me for the past 40 years.”
—CM, photographer, El Paso, TX

“The beginning Sacred Sexuality weekend fulfilled a dream that I’ve had for many years — to learn how to combine deep epirituality with Sacred Sexuality. It is a beautiful, loving weekend full of safety, communication, intimacy, and powerful healing and acceptance. This is a true gift to give to yourself.”
—Chris A., school social worker/therapist, Albuquerque, NM

 “Mercedes is a fun, genuine, informative guide who gently shared information and techniques regarding Sacred Sex, Tantric sex, yoga, meditation, and how men and women can explore and appreciate each other in so many sensual and loving ways.”
—Jim, manager/business owner, Albuquerque, NM

“This is truly the expressing of Divine Creator Love, where pure love from the heart can be exchanged … with another, who is you.

“The workshop was just what I needed—powerful—very, very powerful! I started to consider when was the last time I experienced unconditional masculine love. I think my dad was the last person that gave that to me as a little girl. It was phenomenal to experience that again. It was dynamic and heart-warming, in a very beautiful way. You are very, very skilled. I think everyone should experience this.”
—Anne Galloway, Santa Fe, NM

“As a new person to Tantra, this has been a great introduction to a potential life-changing practice.”
—Dee, Salem, OR

“Mercedes presents Tantra in a unique and clear fashion, and then blends in exercises that really bring it all home. By the end of the weekend, I really felt I had a good, solid foundation of Tantra in place.”
—Bob Ulbrich, Portland, OR

“Mercedes is a wonderful facilitator. She brought me into a deep and lovely experience of Tantra. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to learn and expand, and intend to bring this into my life.”
—Sam, Portland, OR

“I wasn’t new to Tantra and learned so much more in this basic level Tantra course. This experience helped my partner and me in our path towards synchronicity.”
—DH, Portland, OR

“Mercedes creates a safe, gentle atmosphere for learning. Her style is straightforward and accessible, and her passion comes through her teaching.”
—Portland, OR

“You helped me work through some deep-seated issues I’d had for years. Thank you.”
—Karin, Seattle, WA

“Wow! All men should know about this! I’ve got to tell my brother!”
—Mark, Grass Valley, CA

“You are contributing so much to my understanding as I become the sexual goddess God always intended me to be!!!”
—Kona, HI

“A masterful introduction into the art of Tantra – for all levels.”
—Noelani Rodriguez, Portland, OR

“The gathering was expertly orchestrated and allowed those present to experience the removal of artificial boundaries society has imposed. Physical nearness and divine caring of others was expressed in a safe, intimate environment, allowing each one to know oneness from a bliss-consciousness level of awareness. This is truly the expressing of Divine-Creator love, where pure love from the heart can be exchanged in safety and nearness with another, who is you.”
—Nina Brown, Santa Fe, NM

“I had a great time. I’ve been very lacking in any kind of relationship, whether intimate or friendly, that had touch as a part of it. It was very nice to have giving and receiving amongst a group of such conscientious, friendly people. Thank you again.”
—Donna, Santa Fe, NM

“The workshop was very transformative. All that we experienced helped me remember my connection with my higher consciousness and with SOURCE/CREATOR. I loved the way you created a safe and sacred space where everyone felt comfortable. The different activities helped me remember that life on Earth can be an enjoyable experience and full of happiness. Thanks again!”
—Veronica, healer/shaman, Albuquerque, NM

“Mercedes Kirkel is a true, embodied, ecstatic being who brings a clarity and simplicity to teaching the practice of Tantra, as well as a joy that is tangible and life-changing.”
—Charey Fox, owner of retreat/wellness center, Albuquerque, NM

“Light-Filled Intimacy is the perfect way to learn the basics of Tantra.”
—Jamie, consultant, Rio Rancho, NM

“I felt empowered and energized from all the activities in this workshop. I came as a single woman and felt connection to each person here.”
—Carrie Allison, nurse, Albuquerque, NM

“This feels like a gift I gave myself. I’m filled with such a wonderful feeling.”
—LeRoy, Santa Fe, NM

“The workshop was an excellent first step to more fulfilling relationships and sexuality. It’s also appropriate for those already on a path of improving intimacy and seeking more techniques and practices.”
—DM, Malta

“I love how we were asked to tune in to our bodies and emotions, honor them, and express them. This is a great foundation for self-love. Thank you, Mercedes!”
—Rasa Lila, naturopathic doctor, Albuquerque, NM

“I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants more passion in their lives.”
—Veronica, dancer/priestess/landlord, Santa Fe, NM

This workshop made Tantra (sacred sexuality) accessible, fun, and easy to understand. It expanded my worldview to believe that there are so many possibilities! I’m much more excited for life. Thank you so much!”
MS, environmental educator, Albuquerque, NM

“Good for people who want to open up to expressing wishes, needs, and boundaries; as well as people who have suppressed their true sexuality and emotions, and want insight into these areas. I got more clear what sacred sexuality is for me and my values.”
—Stephan, Sweden

To learn more about SUBLIME UNION, Mary Magdalene’s instruction on sacred sexuality:


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Interview is by Rasa Lila and Veronica Iglesias of Celebrate Myself.

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