MARY MAGDALENE: Attracting a Partner for Your Highest Good

The Lovers

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
In a Group Channeling Occasion


Question: Could you talk about attracting a partner that would be ideal for our higher self and how we can be assured that it is something for our highest good?


Mary Magdalene: There are two parts to this.


The first part is that whatever you’re attracting into your life is always based on what you yourself are living and being in your essence, at your core. The more you support yourself in coming from your highest self, inevitably that is what will come back to you. This is the law of attraction, what you are attracting in.


When people desire a relationship, it can be a kind of a trap to focus on the partner that you want. In fact, you want to focus on yourself and who you want to be in the relationship. Have that draw in the partner that matches that.


This is one aspect of attracting. It’s not, by any means, just limited to relationships. It’s also not limited to situations where you’re consciously wanting to draw something in. It’s a moment-to-moment practice because everything that’s happening in your life is always based on who you are and what you are attracting in. The secret is to focus on yourself, on you being the partner that will attract in the partner you want.


The second part of this is that whoever and whatever circumstances are showing up in your life, at any time, are always the perfect circumstances. We can’t help it. It’s really the same principle of the law of attraction.


We attract in not only our light. We also attract in our shadow. The challenges that come to us are always the perfect things for our growth, which we wouldn’t necessarily see if we didn’t have a reflection. They come to us to help us with our growth.


The things that show up in our lives frequently do not take the form that we would hope for or imagine are best for us, if we were to imagine the outcome we would like. But there is always a perfection in whatever is showing up because it is the outer manifestation of our inner reality. It is the perfect circumstance for our growth. In that sense, whoever comes into your life will be the perfect person.


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3 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: Attracting a Partner for Your Highest Good”

  • Klaus:

    Feeling Love ❤️ deeply
    attracts more Love ❤️

    How do I feel more Love?
    Surrendering Ego
    Opening Heart

    Humming in my inner divine 🙆🏻

  • If it’s true that I attract the perfect person in my life, which I feel I do as the perfect mirror to that person, I sincerely hope that the implication in this message isn’t about having to live with that person. For that’s a different thing to me. When I think of it it already drives me up the wall 🙂

  • I must add that I now live in circumstances, in the UK, where a huge amount of elderly men walk around in desperate need of a woman in their lives. Not coming from love, but solely for having someone who cares for them. I’m tall and attractive, for a 65 year old woman, an easy target for those dogs wagging their tails, to say it in a disrespectul way. I’m not keen on men of my age or older.

    Oh my, they’re not in for a treat, I’m afraid. Their hunger is made clear to me in their way of watching and body language, with a neediness and ignorence of good manners that is totally unsexy. I can’t go to a folkdance night with mainly elderly men. It’s horror, they’re obsessed!

    And so, this is why I feel the way I expressed my view in my former reply. I’m usually avoiding eye contact and physical nearness with these men. I usually can get on with male busdrivers much better. They need their eyes on the road 😉

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