Praise for Mary Magdalene Beckons:
Join the River of Love

“A banquet for the soul! A treasure for the heart! . . . One of the most profound books of our day.”

            —Flo Aeveia Magdalena, author of
I Remember Union
and Sunlight on Water

“We can feel Mary’s energy leaping off the pages of this book. Her words here are part of a pure transmission of Mary’s teaching that is now being restored to the world. If you want to hear the real voice of Mary Magdalene, buy this book.”

            —Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis, authors of
Power of the Magdalene, The Essenes, and The Magdalene Version

“Mary Magdalene Beckons offers helpful insights for creating balance and harmony between the Masculine and Feminine within all of us.”

—John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“A spiritual read from Mercedes Kirkel, who shares the message of divine love that is the legacy of Mary Magdalene. An uplifting guide to finding our hope and redemption throughout our lives, Mary Magdalene Beckons has a strong and positive message, highly recommended.”

—Midwest Book Review

“An outstanding spiritual, self-help book. . . . [Reading the book,] I felt love and surrender, and forgiveness and an acceptance of myself such as I have never experienced. . . . A must-read for everybody. . . . My most heartfelt gratitude to the author for sharing this with the world.”

—Readers’ Favorite Book Review

“An incredible gift to help those who are going through difficult times. . . . A great deal of insight into … spiritual beliefs.”

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer Book Review

“Mary’s call pierces directly into the heart through her transmissions in the book, Mary Magdalene Beckons:  Join the River of Love. The energy of Mary’s invocation is unmistakable through her words and the supporting insights of author, Mercedes Kirkel.”

—Lisa Marshall,

“The channeled information in this book is filled with love, hope, and inspiration. The wisdom contained in Mary Magdalene Beckons instills the reader with the knowledge that we matter, that we can and are making a difference, and that now is the time to move forward. . . . I highly recommend this book.”

—Sherri Cortland,,
author of Windows of Opportunity, and Raising Our Vibrations

“Twenty-five powerful messages from Mary Magdalene . . . written in a refreshingly simple voice. There are pearls of wisdom within the pages and the timing of the book is perfect to support the new paradigm shift.”

 —Alex Marcoux,

Mary Magdalene Beckons brings forth perennial wisdom teachings of the Sacred Feminine in conscious partnership with the Sacred Masculine, through the love story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. . . . Mercedes gives us an intelligent and ‘feelingful’ Magdalene who can guide us through transformative processes into greater light and deeper love.”

—Joan Norton, author of  The Mary Magdalene Within and
(with Margaret Starbird) 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine

“A beautiful book of inspirational teachings. The duo formed by a spiritual being and an experienced spiritual practitioner gives the teachings a very practical slant. The perspective offered in this book will help many to understand and to fully participate in the shift of consciousness.”

Sophie Rose, author of channeled course
The Way of the Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

“Spirit has identified itself as Mary Magdalene and her channeled messages are beautiful, profound and applicable for this day and age. . . . I recommend this book as enlightening, beautiful and uplifting for these trying times.”

—Joan Adamak, author of Lifting the Veils of Death and Infinite Realities

“A very important set of messages. . . . After each message from Mary, Mercedes shares her own insights, allowing the reader to build a bridge between spirit beings and human beings on Earth. I recommend Mary Magdalene Beckons to help us understand the hows and whys of our common predicament as human beings seeking to end the illusion of separation from God and to free ourselves and return to love.”

—Sal Rachele, author of Earth Awakens and Earth Changes and 2012

“Mercedes Kirkel not only imparts wisdom of the Divine feminine, but practical and detailed processes for understanding this wisdom. . . . Mary Magdalene Beckons is pure and honest in its telling, always sacred, always authentic.”

 —Pamela Wright, author of Inquire Within

“Sure to be of tremendous help to many people who are ready to integrate the Divine Feminine in their hearts, souls, and lives. If these teachings are right for you, they will help you transform your relationship to elements of life that you might have considered ‘unspiritual’—such as pain, difficult feelings, and the whole realm of sexuality. And through that transformation, you’ll come closer both to God and your own freedom, wholeness, and intrinsic joy.”

—Saniel Bonder, author of
Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, While Jesus Weeps, and Ultimaya 1.0

“In this book, Mercedes Kirkel channels Mary Magdalene and expounds on Mary’s keen wisdom. I especially like Mary’s invitation to open our hearts to pain and to understand our deeper Feminine Divine nature. I highly recommend this reading for anyone who wants to understand the Feminine Divine within him- or herself.”

—Marcia McMahon, author of With Love from Diana, Queen of Hearts

“In Mary Magdalene Beckons, Mercedes Kirkel shares valuable practical insights on how we can live our best life where the rubber meets the road. The book takes us on a colorful and thought-provoking journey.”

—Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor, Minister, Unity Santa Fe

“Thank you for your beautiful messages from the Magdalene. Your book is lovely and very profound. I honor you and your sacred work with the Magdalene.”

—Rev. Lea Chapin, radio show host “Inspiration from Spirit”

Responses to Mercedes Kirkel Channeling
Mary Magdalene

“This ‘IS’ Her, in no uncertain terms ! ! ! !  Absolutely 100% of what you have received resonates so perfectly with Her “way” of doing things to people, in their own terms; on their own home ground; and allowing in the most gracious way imaginable for their own human fallibility to hold the ideas to account.  Welcome to the club ! ! !”

—Chris Eccles, Musician and Communicant with Mary Magdalene, Kilrush, Ireland

“Very beautiful. Not from the head, but from the heart, like pouring honey, not one piece at a time, but in an organic seamless flow, all connected by the same sweetness, a living heartfelt understanding poured out in a matrix of words so that we can drink the nectar of wisdom and taste it through our eyes and ears. Thank you for sharing such a lovely gift.”

—Peter Levine

“I thoroughly enjoyed what you brought through, dense as it is with both higher wisdom and practical insights that truly help those moving sincerely along the spiritual path.  Thank you for your quality work.”

—Ed Young

“This is fantastic. I shared it with my friend, and she loved it as well. I read it to her as she did yoga and we discussed each paragraph before we moved on.”

—Mary Lynn, Homeschooling Mother and Financial Trainer, Santa Fe, NM

“Thanks for these messages.  They are simple but full of wisdom. They make life easier to understand.”

—Abel Vega

“The message was very deep and poignant for me. Thank you.”

—Annie, Santa Fe

“WOW!!!! Thank you. Bless you.”

—Sacha and Maddox (my son)

“It is definitely divine timing that I get support in such a useful way! This message resonates with me exactly where I’m at and fills me with love, peace, and hope.”

—Linda June Eisenhauer

“This message on fear is just what I needed today. Thanks very much for channeling it to me. Namaste.”


“Thank you for the last meditation and the message from Mary Magdalene. It felt like a deep healing for me. I had worked on the question I asked for years, decades. Mary Magdalene gave me compassion for myself, which released the deep sadness and guilt I had been carrying from this experience forty-nine years ago.”

—Elizabeth, Santa Fe

“We are going through a very catastrophic time right now. I tried what Mary Magdalene said and the fear left my body. I felt shivers going down my spine and that is how I know that I have connected with the Divine. When I feel the love come through, I get a smile on my face because it just makes me so happy. This is very powerful stuff.”


“Salamat Po (Thank you so very much) Mercedes. You’ve put it into words that are so right on and simple. It sure works. Practicing with feelings becomes easier and Life Is so Grand. Great to be living in this moment in time.”

—Petronila Blank

“I appreciated your article so much. I printed it out and gave it to my wife and son; they also appreciated it very much. You are certainly a wonderful gift at this time.”

—Paul Francis Maupin


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