MARY MAGDALENE: Dealing With the Tragedies of Our World

Image by Doctorwhofan778

Image by Doctorwhofan778

Part 10 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

Question: I’m wondering if you could provide some guidance relative to how to deal with the difficulties that are around us sometimes—how to release frustration, anxiety, anger, fear, and some of the negative aspects that come up in our day to day activities, so they don’t go deeper and become larger issues and larger problems.


Mary Magdalene: It is not what you think. The process of release happens through embrace.


These events are always personal, even though they may be connected to very large-scale events or occurrences. The process through which you will experience the release you desire is to take in the feeling, the pain.


Sometimes there is a preliminary step, if there are judgments involved. The preliminary step is to separate out the judgments, which is simply done by bringing them to consciousness. Many in the spiritual world try not to be judgmental, when actually what would help more would be to do what may seem like the reverse. It’s not to try to be judgmental. Rather it is to notice and be aware of your judgments, and then notice that the judgments are always connected with feelings. The judgments mask the feelings. To get in touch with the feelings, your need to bring the judgments to consciousness.


Oftentimes the most direct way of doing this is simply to say the judgments out loud or write them down. This makes the judgment concrete and creates awareness of the difference between the judgment and the feeling. Then you can go to the feeling.


The judgments are simply you trying to protect yourself. That’s all they are. You can say to that part of yourself, “Thank you for trying to protect me. I’m safe.” Then go to what’s below the judgment, the feeling.


In the kind of situations you’re describing, the feelings will be some form of pain: fear, sorrow, confusion, those kind of feelings—some kind of pain. You want to open to the pain, just as I was speaking earlier to another gentleman, because in that pain is the seed of your healing. It’s the seed of the freedom you seek. You will find it through your pain. The pain is a gift. It is not a block. It’s not something obstructing you. It’s actually your pathway.


There are two different ways of opening to pain. One or the other may be strong for different types of people at different times. One is the simpler process, you might call it the more Feminine process, of simply opening to the pain and asking God to guide you.


There is another process that is equally effective. This process is one that you guide yourself through. It begins with opening to the pain, and leads you to the source of the pain within yourself.


Perhaps you could give me an example and I could show you the second process through this example. Is there an example you could give at this time?


Questioner: We see a lot of terrible things going on in the world. What do we do with the anger or frustration we might feel because of that?


Mary Magdalene: Can you think of one of these things right now?


Questioner: The tragedies in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan.


Mary Magdalene: Yes, the situation in the Middle East and the immensely inhuman events that you hear taking place. What is your reaction to that? What comes up for you?


Questioner: Why is it not apparent to so many people that we are all one and that war upon another is war upon oneself.


Mary Magdalene: When you have this question come up, is it linked to an emotion, a feeling within yourself?


Questioner: I would say it’s frustration, probably anger: Why are we doing this to each other?


Mary Magdalene: Which feels stronger in this moment, frustration or anger?


Questioner: If I had to pick one, I might say anger.


Mary Magdalene: Anger is one of the circumstances where there’s a mixture going on of judgment and feeling. Are you aware of the judgments that you’re having about this situation right now?


Questioner: Probably thoughts I’m having about right and wrong, perhaps.


Mary Magdalene: That it’s wrong?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: That it shouldn’t be happening?


Questioner: Definitely.


Mary Magdalene: Anything else?


Questioner: Just the horrifying things we keep doing to each other over there. Taking in what we hear daily can’t be good for us.


Mary Magdalene: So you’re thinking “This is horrifying. This is bad for us.”


Questioner: Yeah.


Mary Magdalene: If you take those judgments and set them to the side, is there a different feeling that comes up for you then?


Questioner: I might go back to your earlier comments that everyone involved in these situations is there, to a certain extent, through their own choice. So we do have to allow that to play out to a certain level, I guess.


Mary Magdalene: That is different from what I’m asking. That is more of a thought or a belief. What I’m asking is: Can you connect with the feelings that are stimulated in you when you set aside the judgments you’re having?


Questioner: I’m not quite sure how to respond. If I set aside “this is right or this is wrong,” there’s still some frustration as to “Why is this taking place? Why can’t people recognize the real truth here?”


Mary Magdalene: I’m wondering if the feeling you’re having is something like anguish?


Questioner: That’s a good word. Yes.


Mary Magdalene: What I would invite you to do is to open yourself to the anguish, to have the full experience of allowing the anguish to be felt within you, completely.


Questioner: So you’re saying that would be a way of releasing the anguish?


Mary Magdalene: It is the first step. Then you have a choice. From that place, you have a choice of calling on God and asking God to guide you. Or you have another choice, which is to go to the source of that anguish. That source will be something that I call your inner divine quality or qualities, some part of your inner divinity that is not being fulfilled in this circumstance.


In this situation, the inner divine qualities might be something like love, safety, or protection of life. Do any of those resonate for you?


Questioner: Yes, they do.


Mary Magdalene: Let the anguish take you to this part of yourself.


What’s actually happened is that you have gotten disconnected from your own divinity by the shock of these events. What the anguish, the emotion, does is that it takes you back to the place where you can connect with your own divinity, the part of you that knows safety, that knows love, that knows protection of life.


Simply by becoming conscious of what’s at the source, you are reconnecting with that part of yourself. In this case, it’s the part of you that knows safety, love, and protection of life. That reconnection is where the healing happens.


Questioner: Thank you. That’s a lot to think about.


Mary Magdalene: You are very welcome.


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  • thank you for the guidance – anguish is a perfect description of how we feel when observing the news about these horrible events. I will continue to work with the emotion of things. Satnam

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