MARY MAGDALENE: Response to U.S. Election

Picture by By Globetrotter19

Picture by By Globetrotter19

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Mercedes: Hello my beloved Mary and Yeshua. I’m calling upon you because so many people have been disturbed by the results of the election in the United States and have asked for your guidance and help in this situation. What would you like us to understand and to do?


Mary Magdalene: Hello my dear one. We are both here in response to your request, and I will begin in offering our response.


There is so much to say about all of this. The first thing I feel moved to offer is that everyone’s feelings that have come up in reaction to the election are important. I encourage everyone, as I always do, to listen to your feelings and to open to them. They are trying to help you. I caution you against avoiding them or thinking that you shouldn’t “wallow” in them. Let yourself feel them all the way, which for many of you is hard to do.


Your feelings are there to help you. They have gifts and messages for you. Open to the feelings and let them guide you to your healing. Do not leap into action, which many tend to do as a way of getting out of their painful feelings. That will only lead to suppression and premature action, which will not be integrated with all of yourself, and won’t be coming from your wholeness, your divinity.


Many of you are feeling shock. You didn’t think so many Americans would vote for someone who expressed the ideas Trump expressed, especially relative to various populations (religious and ethnic groups, as well as women), and who represented himself and conducted himself in the manner that Trump did during his campaign. You thought that the majority of Americans valued care and respect for others, including those who are different from themselves.


Many people are also experiencing fear about the future of the United States and even the world. You’re afraid that the U.S. won’t be safe for many people, possibly yourself.


Here is what we want to offer. We hope that this is helpful to people in finding their way through their pain.


Your world is in the midst of a huge transition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, which we call the ascension process. Our desire is for this transition to happen as peacefully and easefully as possible. We and many other beings in the higher dimensions are deeply committed to that being so. But it is not in the hands of any one group.


Most of you who are reading this are at the forefront of this transition. You are aware of it and wanting it. Most of you have done a great deal of personal growth that is supporting you in making this transition.


While this group of people who are consciously involved in the ascension process is growing, it is still a minority on your Earth. The majority of people on Earth are not aware of this transition and are still committed to the third-dimensional programs of power, success, independence, etc.


For many in this latter group, Donald Trump represents the qualities they aspire to—power, success, independence, etc. He is a hero figure to them. For women, he represents the father figure or strong male hero. Men identify with him in a more personal way, seeing him as someone who’s gotten the “goods” of your society—money, women, freedom, power.


For these people, Trump represents hope and change. He represents change from government as usual, which hasn’t worked for many people, and hope that they can obtain the kind of freedom he has. Most of you reading this also want change and hope for freedom. The ways you want to obtain those things may be very different, but the motivations are the same. This is important to understand. All humans fundamentally want and need the same things, even if you have different ideas about how to obtain those things.


The reason this is important is because it opens your heart to others who are making different choices than you. You can feel that they’re fundamentally the same as you. You can care about their desire for hope and change and freedom. You may not support their particular ways of obtaining those, but you can still see them as beautiful lights of God.


Do not let this election polarize you into feeling “against” those who choose differently from you. Keep your heart open, even while engaging your free choice about how to respond. Then you are continuing in your fourth-dimensional path of growth. Do not let the choices of others draw you back into the fray of the third dimension.


The greatest gift you give to yourself and others is to maintain your highest consciousness and open heart. From that place you can choose what action to take. Different people have different soul callings, which will determine what response is most appropriate for you. Some people have the soul calling to be involved more than others in an outward, action-oriented way. But all are called to maintain your highest consciousness and open heart.


This election and its results is just one test of what is likely to be many tests in this process. You have a choice as to how these situations will affect you. We support you mourning to the fullest extent you need to. We also support you rising above the third-dimensional feeding of fear. Turn off the news and meditate or go in nature. Support yourself in reconnecting with God and your own divinity in whatever way you need to. And then act, when you’re ready, from your highest consciousness and open heart.


We love you and support you. Love and light have already won. It’s just the path to get there that’s still being determined.


In great love and holding,

WE ARE Yeshua and Mary Magdalene


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6 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: Response to U.S. Election”

  • Vicki Basta:

    Beautiful and soulful response to feel feelings all the way through, then acting and meditate, go into nature and turn off the news!!! To know that we all want the same things and to hold the hearty open; that’s the gift and the challenge. I do like how many people are coming together in peaceful demonstration response to discrimination pushed by DT.

  • And so it is, and so it shall be as incoming Ascension waves change all through fourth dimensional energies which are infused with the highest of Love frequencies that are of key value in activating manifestations of higher dimensional qualities which will result in the soon to be completion of Earths restoration back to where we were before being rendered amiss of who we really were, by the blocks put upon us,when Love was limited of the key that rules the infinite, Gods Love !, which is unlimited in this great cosmos. Prepare to be re connected !, As all will be made whole once again.

  • Raj Inder Khalsa:

    Dear Mercedes, Thank you so much for sharing your most personal story of your mother’ s passing. It was reaffirming for me. I am feeling full of love for you and your process and am grateful for your guidance with the Magdelene heart path course. Many Blessings to you. Raj Inder

  • Raymond:

    Please cancel my subscription to your newsletter. Until this particular message I thought we were in agreement in many ways. But now it is very obvious we are miles apart. I thought you would know better than to bring politics into a spiritual arena. It is not a good mix. And in reply to Vicki. If you think the democrats are having peaceful demonstrations you are a true democrat, blind to the truth. They are burning and destroying properties as well as hurting others. It is just really sad to see.

  • Albert:

    Excellent piece.

    The animosity, anger, and moral outrage over the election results has really surprised me. It was an election. One side loses. To vote for Trump is not necessarily a vote for hate. There are many reasons, including the desire to end US military interventions in the Middle East, to have voted for him. Who are we to judge? Work on your own light.

    Thank you.

  • C. A. Jobe:

    Thank you for this message. I am remembering our interconnectedness and to focus/identify commonality vs difference. It was a huge shock to me but I am calming down now with lots of quiet time & reflection. It was a shock but if you look at the message that all want change but go about it differently. (found out a good friend voted that way for that reason). I believe Trump is a mirror for us- we all have a shadow self, so let’s bring the emotions, etc we deny or suppress up to the light for healing. We always have a choice: Love or Hate, Peace or War, Anger or Kindness, Unity or Separation. Make your choice, thoughts & emotions of the higher vibration and positive. Let’s participate in the Kindness revolution. It’s taking place right now at work and in my neighborhood. We are matter and we all make a difference. This is a challenge and test. I’m up for it- what about you?

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