MARY MAGDALENE: The Way for Women to Become Empowered

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 19, 2014

Question: Is there any way you want to assist us in our path and journey as women—to remember certain things, or to help and guide us in moving forward and upward?


Mary Magdalene: I have given much instruction about this in the past, much of which is recorded in the book Mary Magdalene Beckons.


The women are the leaders at this time, especially the leaders in being in the heart. Yet so many women at this time are not fully connected to their emotional body, which is the center of the Feminine essence. Being connected to the emotional body is so important for everyone, men and women. But women have much more access to their emotional body than men tend to. So women very much need to connect to their emotional body, for themselves and also to help the men. Coming from the mind is rampant for women at this time, even in the spiritual world.


Most of your spirituality today is very mentally based spirituality. In many ways, it is not supportive of the Feminine, and women in particular. There is very little in your world, and very little in your spirituality, that is supportive of the Feminine. There are certainly small pockets and individuals who support the Feminine. But so much of what is needed to connect to the Feminine is at the very ordinary level of staying connected to your emotions and connected to your physical body. It is not so much about going into the higher dimensions, doing the complicated work of healing this or that, connecting to this or that. It’s very simple. It’s about what you all already are, emotionally and physically. But most of you are not incarnating it, being it, filling it, because you’ve been trained to separate. You’ve been trained to go into your Masculine, very, very profoundly. Very few women understand the depth of this indoctrination to abandon the Feminine that has occurred.


Your work is very much in life. It’s very much moment-to-moment. It’s about being the body, being the emotions, being your sexuality, which doesn’t mean animating sexuality moment-to-moment. It means being connected to your sexual energy. Then you are in choice how you manifest that sexual energy in the world. The same is true of your emotions. It doesn’t mean you’re constantly having an emotional upheaval. It means you’re connected to your emotions. All of these are pathways of connection to God. For women, they’re so important. They’re your gifts. But so many of you are still very much separate from these gifts.


Separating people from these Feminine aspects of the body, emotions, and sexuality was done as a means of control, because your power is in your emotions, your physical body, and your sexual energy. So it was done to take away your power. The mind is nothing compared to these Feminine parts of yourself. The mind is your partner. The mind is your lover. It will be your great companion, your partner—but not until you become your emotional self, your physical self, and your sexual self. This is a huge work for women in your world today.


This work of reclaiming the Feminine parts of yourself is always something that anyone can do themselves. But as women, it is so natural to do this together, to support one another in this. The more that happens, the faster this transformation can occur. And this transformation is essential. It is so important.


Questioner: Yes, thank you


Mary Magdalene: Through reclaiming the Feminine, you will feed the Masculine. The Masculine needs the Feminine. The Feminine is the source of nurturing and empowerment. It’s food for the Masculine. The Masculine needs that food—the Masculine within yourself as well as the Masculine in the world.


Many are afraid of the Feminine. Embracing the Feminine is a courageous thing to do at this time. But it is absolutely necessary.


Questioner: Thank you for that. Thank you.


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3 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: The Way for Women to Become Empowered”

  • Tanuka:

    Thank you for this message. Connecting to my emotional part with the help of Mercedes’ book on Mary Magdalene’s messages helped me feel feminine and thus in touch with my identity. It helped me to feel powerful as I overcame guilt and shame very often attached to being a woman.

  • Glenda:

    HI Mercedes, thank you once again for the profound message from Mary Magdalene, and the youbtube video of the bowling ball wave. It reminded me very strongly of the D N A spiral which is the building block of life.
    Love Glenda

  • I love Mary’s implicit message of wholeness for all humans, both those with gender certainty and those with uncertainty. In each gender, both the mind and the heart need to be fully developed and empowered as I see it. I think and feel that it is fear which inhibits wholeness…the fear that somehow our genitals and not our mind and heart should be the source of our identity.

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