MARY MAGDALENE: Trust Yourself

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: On this path of opening up to a different experience, I still often feel fear or a kind of negativity. At those times, I question, “Is this really real?” and “Am I really experiencing this?—especially when I get messages or when the energy goes higher. Sometimes I feel a discord and I cannot follow the energy.


Mary Magdalene: When this happens, there are different parts of yourself that are responding differently. There is a part of yourself that is opening and there is a part of yourself that has blockage.


The direct path is to embrace the part of yourself that has blockage. There may be wounding there. There may be a need for mourning a hurt that was never fully mourned.


Many of you were trained not to mourn, not to grieve. So the wound got stuck in you and lives in you as a blockage rather having gone through the natural purification of the wound.


Just like a physical wound has a process of healing that it goes through, which is very natural, an emotional wound has that as well. But if you stop a part of the healing, such as the mourning, it doesn’t complete itself. So there may be a need for mourning—to go back and allow the mourning, to be with it, to embrace it, to let it carry you to its natural completion.


This is like a child who has not been trained to suppress. When they cry, there’s a natural pathway through their tears. It comes to a completion and they are moved to a different place. They are clear, just like a rain that has ended and the light returns. There may be a need for this in you.


Or there may be fear there that needs to be embraced and followed to its source. There is something real in your being that you are disconnected from. It may be a need for a kind of safety, emotional safety or physical safety. Or it could be something else that you’re disconnected from, such as acceptance, inclusion, belonging, trust of some kind. Only you will know for sure what it is.


You will know when this work has fulfilled itself because you will come to peace. You will come to your wholeness. So this is guiding you to your next step of growth in feeling and openness. Does this answer your question?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: So many of you learned, and were taught, to do a kind of battle against these experiences. You learned to call it resistance. But they are gifts. What they bring is important. If you are open to receive the mourning or the fear, and let it take you to Source, you receive the gifts. Then you will have the peace and the wholeness you so desire. You will have clarity of your path forward from there.


This is your inner guidance. This is why it is so important to give yourself space from your mind, to hear this inner guidance and be with it.


In the third dimension, you have been trained that others know more than you, that you have to get your guidance from some authority outside yourself. Truly, you can be helped by others, and there are others who have helped.


But in the fourth dimension you realize that you are always your own authority, your own channel, your own vessel of God. This is your ultimate, true authority. From that place you can receive help, you can receive instruction, but it does not take you away from this self connection. It supports the self connection. If it is not supporting your self connection then it is probably not in your best interest. Many of you are in a transition of learning to trust yourself. But you have everything you need.


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