MARY MAGDALENE: What Was Taught in Mystery Schools


Part 8 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

[NOTE: This question was asked after someone had received a transmission of Mary Magdalene’s blessing, which was given through Mercedes Kirkel at a group channeling occasion.]


Question: In the last few years, I’ve spent a time of being in a different state. I’m seeing things more and more in this way, and I’m coming to prefer that space. How do I allow that to happen even more? Just now, after I received your transmission, first my crown opened. Then an energy came in and was going around me and I just felt shimmers. How do I increase that?


Mary Magdalene: There are processes that you can learn that will strengthen your ability to do this. Practicing these processes will strengthen the pathways within you that open you to that experience. Such practice will allow you to access this state more frequently and for longer periods of time, depending upon your frequency of practice or engagement. So I would recommend that you learn those practices.


It sounds to me that you are describing a fourth-dimensional space, which is similar to the dreamtime space. The dreamtime space is one way of accessing the fourth-dimensional space. Accessing this space requires the strengthening of four bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric (or energy) bodies.


Most of you are quite fully developed at the mental level and further development of the mind is not an issue for you—other than learning how to quiet the mind, which oftentimes happens quite organically through strengthening the other bodies. The ongoing talk, chatter, or disturbance that many people experience through the mind is more of a symptom of the other bodies not being strong and not being in balance, rather than a problem with the mind itself.


Most people are aware of their physical body and what they need to do to support themselves physically, possibly involving some kind of change or healing of the physical. The one area that many people still need to address is the area of shame relative to the physical body: not liking one’s physical body; not wanting to be in a physical body; or not wanting to have the experiences of being a physical body. This kind of shame creates a certain level of separation, or even divorce from one’s physical body. That is an area of healing for many people.


For most people at this time, the emotional and the etheric bodies are the two bodies that most need strengthening. In the instructions I gave in Mary Magdalene Beckons, there is a great deal of focus on the emotional body and what would help to strengthen that. That instruction may be valuable for you, to consider if there is more to do there.


The kinds of processes that I am suggesting are valuable to learn for strengthening your access to the fourth dimension are etheric energy processes. Through engaging these processes, you can consciously choose to open yourself to the fourth-dimensional state and strengthen your ability to remain in that state for longer and longer periods of time. I suggest that would be something of value to explore.


Some of the processes I recommend are connecting the sacred heart and sacred mind; opening up the pineal chakra; learning to open your third eye; activating your merkaba; and activating the light that creates the halo around the head. These are processes that used to be taught and practiced in the mystery schools, so that beings could move between dimensions—between the third and fourth dimension, and higher dimensions beyond.


This is not so outwardly accessible in your time. But there are those who offer it and teach it. It is available. This is what I would recommend you learn and engage.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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