My Ascension Report—Part 2

Image by Adityamadhav83 (Own work

Image by Adityamadhav83 (Own work)

By Mercedes Kirkel

In early May, I wrote a blog post titled AM I ASCENDING OR AM I DYING? In it I described some very dramatic experiences I was having. At the time, I wasn’t sure what had caused them, but my guess was that it was part of the ascension process.


It’s now about a month later and I’m a month further into the continuation of those experiences. I had no idea this would last so long, but it has. I’m now realizing this may not be a temporary state.


For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m referring to as “the ascension process,” it’s the process I believe is underway for all of us of transitioning from the third dimension into higher dimensions of reality. It’s what Mary Magdalene and Yeshua are most focused on in their communications to me and what they want to help all of us with. And it’s the focus of the new spirituality of COMMUNION™ and the channeling series I’m currently receiving from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.


My symptoms over the past month have seemed to come in waves, lasting from a few days to over a week, and then receding until the next wave. During the wave, my energy body feels like it’s vibrating at a very high frequency and I have the sense that a very big energy is moving through me and altering me. I’ve likened it to high voltage surging through a wire. During those times, I feel confused and fuzzy mentally, and have a hard time focusing. My connection to my physical body feels rather distant. My coordination is off, food doesn’t agree with me, and I feel lightly nauseous much of the time. I feel weak but not sleepy.


On top of all that, during these waves I feel extremely sensitive. I’m feeling things much more deeply and they’re affecting me much more than usual—especially emotionally and energetically. Now I’ve always been a very sensitive person. Ask anyone who knows me and I think they’ll agree. But this is taking it to a whole new level, and it’s been quite challenging to integrate.


In fact, all of these symptoms have been super challenging. Over the last month, I feel like I’ve been “riding the waves,” doing my best to stay functional in the midst of it, and basically just get through. It hasn’t been easy. Many times I’ve had to let go of functioning in the way I was planning or thought I needed to be doing. It’s requiring a whole new level of surrender and trust—trust that every thing necessary will get handled, even if I can’t do it in the ways I’m used to or thought it was going to happen.


For a very functional person (me), that’s hard!


Part of what motivated me to write this post is to let everyone know that I’m not fully functioning in the third dimension anymore. I’m giving my official notice. I’m doing my best to honor agreements—especially my soul agreements to bring this work through from Mary Magdalene and now Yeshua. But I’m not “all here” anymore.


For example, I’ve noticed that I’m not keeping up with email correspondence the way I have in the past. I’m doing my best, but I’m noticing gaps where I’ve missed something or failed to respond to something. I hugely apologize if you’re one of the people who haven’t heard back from me. If that’s the case, please write again and let me know that I didn’t respond.


This is just one example, but it’s part of a bigger pattern. It’s part of why I’ve been asking for help recently. I just can’t do things like I have in the past. I hugely appreciate all the people who’ve responded to my requests for help. It’s part of what I see as Spirit showing me it’s OK to let go and that things that need to happen will get taken care of in different ways. Fortunately, it seems to be happening.


This reminds me of what I hear people tell those who are dying. They help them to let go and trust that everything will be handled after they leave. I think a part of me is dying. My 3D-self is dying, or perhaps more accurately metamorphosing into something else. Is this what the caterpillar feels like when it’s inside the cocoon?


The other reason that motivated me to write this post is because I don’t actually know “for sure” why this is happening. I don’t personally know anyone else who has gone through this and heard the results. I’m not in contact with others who are experiencing it right now. So I feel doubt about my own conclusion that this must be part of the ascension process.


I’m fundamentally a skeptic. I don’t generally believe things until I experience them, or at least know others—who I trust—who’ve experienced them. While there’s a lot of general talk about ascension symptoms among certain groups of spiritually oriented people, I often wonder if if what they’re attributing to ascension or calling ascension symptoms is really what’s happening, or if it’s something else.


However, my current experiences are reminding me of something else that I do trust. They’re reminding me of what’s called “kundalini awakening” in the Indian tradition. I trust that kundalini energy is real and that people can have very powerful experiences when it’s stimulated or “awakened.” This is because of my own kundalini experiences in the past, as well as reports of others.


If I relate to my present experiences as a kundalini process, then I feel more trusting of what I’m experiencing. While this may seem like mere semantics to some, to me it offers reassurance from a long-standing tradition based on many people’s experience.


It also makes sense to me that “kundalini rising” may be another way of describing or explaining the ascension process. My understanding is that the ascension process is shifting us from being primarily physically-based to primarily energy-based. I see kundalini as a highly potentized form of life-force energy that moves in a specific current or channel in our nervous system. When that happens, people experience profound transformations in their physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


That sure sounds like ascension to me.


So perhaps ascension and kundalini awakening are very related. Perhaps the kundalini awakening is the process and ascension is the outcome.


Somehow I feel relieved and reassured holding it in that context. I think it’s because there is a precedent for what I’m experiencing that’s associated with spiritual development and evolution.


I would love to hear from others who are having similar experiences to mine. I have hope that hearing others’ experiences would give me more information about what’s really going on, and offer support and companionship in the process.


Are you having “symptoms” or shifts that you attribute to ascension? What are they? When did they occur?


I look forward to hearing your responses.


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20 Responses to “My Ascension Report—Part 2”

  • Thank you, Mercedes, for being open about it and share your experiences that are so unfamiliar to yourself, disturbing your usual functional self as you’d like it to be. I do resonate with parts of what you describe, though my experience is different slightly, for I believe we all have our own interpretation of our reality and learning curves that we attract.

    If those curves affect our physical curves it’s a bit harder to endure those
    conditions too. I’m blessed with an exceptional good health and condition.
    I do take care of myself with good food and a sober diet, much excersize.

    What I’ve learned recently, which was like a poleshift internally, was that I had to look at my style of receiving and living with the blessings that come my way more and more, or that I begin to discern more and more.
    I had to chew for quite a while on my tendency to want to change the world outside of me, to adjust it to my wishes and expectations.
    My sarcasm and snowqueen-comments grew tremendously and for the first time I allowed it to be present, without pushing it away.

    I’ve asked myself numerous times “Why is it that this issue triggers my fury and the sadness that is underneath?” Slowly and gradually, it began to dawn on me that I was playing God, trying to make the world around me exactly as I proclaimed it should be. Which was in fact a despotic attempt of my hurt inner girl, in despair for not getting a grasp on her reality. I wasn’t welcomed in this world by my parents, at the conception.

    My playing God went so deep, that I not only tried to command my world, but also I had found a way to do good and be good, so that others praised me, as a proof of my right to exist in this world.

    What I created was, a manner of receiving and immediately turning it into a gift for others, almost an obligation and an ingrained habit for sure.

    What I’ve found in these last months (April and May 2016) of sarcasm and fury, was, that when I received a kind gesture or word, I lashed out, like an animal that bites the hand that feeds it.

    What I found, gradually, is that I had great difficulty with receiving loving kindness! This touched too much hurting and feelings of loneliness, that were part of my younger life. Slowly I broke though that part of “my own dark night of the soul” and allowed the tears to flow.

    The physical symptoms are sudden painflares in the nerves of my wrists, ankles and parts of my creation-organs, a change of blood pressure with that typical high sound in my ears, sudden weakness in my knees or ankles when I stand up and sudden attacks of sleepiness and much yawning. Apart from that I’m fine, but often I sense that I’m entering a whole new experience of who I am. Many moments of solitude and silence, also in nature are enormously comforting. Simply sensing and being with all that what and who I am… becoming.

    Being functional, oh yes, on this side is a similar one. It’s disturbing,
    to say the least, when we find that we’re not the same anymore and have to adjust to change. I guess you could call it “dying to some aspects of ourselves” I do feel that happening in myself, at this moment I’m at ease with it. I feel that you should take great care of yourself, when you’re in such a process. Not being there for others is also okay, for being truly who you are is sufficient. What a learning curve, to discern doing from being, isn’t it? Maybe you find something in what I share here, that supports or comforts you, in some way.

    Blessed be.

    • Castley Sierociuk:

      Hello Marian,
      I totally relate to your posting. I am going through almost the exact same scenario! I have read that this clearing that is going on is very deep. So many lives/Karma that we are facing down. If I step back and look at the vastness that is my soul experience, it is much easier to forgive myself for the fury/sadness cycle I seem to be on.
      Bless you!

      • Hello Castley and thank you at the same time, for your response here. I had no idea if I was wise in sharing that much, but in a way I felt that this common process of awakening, with old sleeping dragons waking up too, so to speak, is valuable to be shared, due to the unusual nature of it.

        At times, when I look at this process of change in a lighthearted way, I see myself as if I started life as an old person, grew through my puberty as an adult person, lived like an adolescent until my 59th year as a strong functional woman, obeying to the rules of church and society, thrown out of all my comfort zones in that Saturnal 59th year of age, the start of an emotional and life- transforming process.

        Now, in my first year of retirement, at the age of 65th, I’m reversing the ageing and grow through 2nd puberty, probably ending up in the cradle, with burbs. Blowing bubbles until I dissolve and disappear with a “plop”.

        • Castley Sierociuk:

          WOW! I am also feeling as though I am “ageing in reverse”. There are BIG energies coming June 21st….hold on to your hat!

        • Beth Davis:

          I am in awe and amazement at you Angels. Wow what an honor to be in the company of you all. You all just dissipated tons of fear I have been dealing with. I just sat and screamed at Love! How much more evil can I become right? No more shame and guilt I know, but wow can this deliverance truly be attained? It’s as if I will not allow myself the promised land. I am begging myself for Mercy, pleading for my masculine and feminine to unite for good. I am tired, worn and spent. I love all of you.

  • Connie Huebner:

    Oh my! I have been feeling like all the stuff of this earth is fading sometimes. I’ve discovered a portal in the field behind my house and when I meditate with it, I begin to feel like I’ve left where I am in the process. Like I am leaving or something. But then, I get ‘back’ and things are not exactly the same. I’m a little more removed. And very charged. I’m much more able to stand up for myself and what I think. I think I’m less of an enabler/rescuer. I’m excited.

  • Amy:

    Hi Mercedes
    It’s very comforting to me that you are going thru this now, as it is another confirmation that I am not alone in this.
    On April 30, a man that I knew for a brief but highly significant time 40 years ago contacted me. Our connection and the parts of ourselves that have activated have been nothing short of miraculous. We have both woken up, and are sharing the journey together, from 3000 miles apart. The huge daily shifts and emotional growth since then is like nothing I have ever experienced. Its been exhausting. I have been so called into my/our ascention, that I found the courage to leave my marriage of 26 years. Today is my first day on my own.
    I have been experiencing exactly what you said, seeming to be residing in the 4th dimension, where this 3d world feels surreal. It is no longer my reality. Things are shifting and changing quickly. My emotions have been right at the surface all month, I am moved to tears and deep feeling all the time. I have allowed it. I feel it all deeply, but it does move through. Until the next awakening and the next wave. It is my process.
    I am grateful beyond words that the Creator and angels put this man and me together now, to grow together and share the journey.
    This has been the shedding of lifetimes of blockages. It is a promise from my spirit to me, that this would come. We are preparing ourselves to meet later this summer. The moment of the union of our divine masculine and feminine feels ordained.
    Its a powerful time.

  • Castley Sierociuk:

    Hello Mercedes,
    I got turned onto your blog because I am feeling some Magdalene energies lately, and your blog spoke to me!

    I started my ascension around 3 yrs ago with a pretty abrupt awakening that began with a severe case of vertigo. Long story short, I got introduced to the ascension movement by an acquaintance and knew that was the path I was now on. Since then my life changed and went on. Within the last 2 months I have been feeling something…it is different. I am not willing to “put it off” anymore. Secretly I will tell the universe that I am ready, but my 3d self is hesitant. Well the universe listens, and my life is changing again. I am torn between knowing what is right, and what society says is right. I am torn, my solar plexus is aching, even though I am trying to flood it with purple light.

    I appreciate your blog, and your journey/struggle. I am waiting for the time to come when it is all light…until then, I will hunker down.


    • Funny that you mention that, Castley “waiting for the time to come when it is all light” for I am pondering and wondering if I’ll have to learn the wisdom of being in the light with myself, while in touch with a world around me (not of this world but in it) that is in full process of change in fast forward mode, as a sort of wayshower, without having to DO anything, unless somebody asks for support (in that awakening process). Or could it be that those present in the Light will be separated from those present in Darkness, due to a difference in vibration and absence of resonance?

      It’s obvious to me, that when I choose to stay on this planet, witnessing the transformation towards a New Earth, standing in love and trust, daring to live with an open heart, is an invitation to being the best version of myself, without conditions that force me into roles and the obligation to perform in shining armor. No dresscode for this heroin 😉

      • Castley Sierociuk:

        The Golden Age of Gaia is a wonderful blog that has been helping me through this. Lately, the message to me has been, LOVE YOURSELF. Nothing else. Just BE in LOVE with YOU. The light will find us, and that is all that is needed now.

  • Vivian:

    It feels so good to know I’m not alone… reading these comments about changes in the way people are experiencing and perceiving themselves is very comforting! I have felt waves of not being quite my usual self, feeling a little depressed, set apart from things, feeling like I don’t quite belong in my skin any longer, and sometimes really tired or feeling a little nauseous. My usual reactions to people and situations are changing. Sometimes there’s a lag-time, and I stand there without anything particular to say. A lot of times I feel the need to be apart from people for awhile, as I sometimes get overwhelmed by large groups. I don’t get as triggered by people who are angry, although I’ve been more emotionally sensitive to beauty (feeling like crying when I see things that are really beautiful), and I am feeling very deeply for the animals and people needing help. At the same time, there seems to be more space around me. When I let go of trying to control my reactions, what comes out seems stronger, more sure, and more gentle. But it feels a bit like stepping into the unknown, and fear starts to come up. Can I rely on this new part of me? Is it really as strong as it seems, can I trust it? Will I find myself wanting to live my life differently, go different places, and will I still have my loved ones around me? The things that used to satisfy me don’t always seem to fill me up like they used to, and the funny thing is, I’m feeling a yearning to pick up where I left off, so to speak, when I was much younger– when I was still using much imagination, and felt closer to another, more playful reality.

  • Alan:

    I have been feeling energy changes in my body since the Fall of 2012 – which has made me believe that this Shift is for real! A tingling in the body, a feeling as if I have had too much coffee even though I don’t drink coffee, a lightness around the top of my head, sometimes extreme fatigue. It varies widely from week to week and I just assume it just has to do with natural galactic fluctuations.

    I have become more apathetic about what is going on around me. I get less upset by all the negative news. On the other hand I don’t get excited in a positive way by much either

    I am paying more attention to where my energy/consciousness is, if it is located in my head or my heart. I also try to send more love into conflicts I do encounter.

  • Darling One, per your writing:

    “The other reason that motivated me to write this post is because I don’t actually know “for sure” why this is happening. I don’t personally know anyone else who has gone through this and heard the results. I’m not in contact with others who are experiencing it right now. So I feel doubt about my own conclusion that this must be part of the ascension process.”

    …yup. I have been more and more leaving the matrix. My ascension process moved me to a necessity for lots of quiet and I needed to give myself the biggest gift I have given myself: Time. Time to follow the flow of my heart. Time to rest, time to drift and be available for the transmissions coming in, freedom from all the busy work to be in the quiet and be undistracted from the things that pulled my attention from my own process. I left work the beginning of December because I was dropping details, taking forever with my paperwork, and I simply didn’t care any more about office/guest services or any kind of work. IT is as if parts of my brain were slowed down and I was moving thru mud. I was spacey, and while good with being present with the guests, I couldn’t keep up with phones, computer work and any kind of multitasking. I felt all I wanted, and could do, was be present and slow and intentional. Having to move fast and do too much overloaded me and overwhelmed me and I could not function in the office as I had. I gave notice and left my innkeeper position.

    I traveled and took time for me, flowing where called and resting as needed. It’s been six months now, and I am deliciously still “flowing.” I feel I have left the matrix and am regrowing myself in the new world. I feel young and fresh and like a butterfly that still has wet wings and stays quiet with one foot still in the cocoon and smart enough to not fly yet and leave the cocoon.

    My experiences are that I no longer have energy to do the “doingness” that I once could do and juggle things effectively, even being present while I was effective. I float off easily now and can’t stay “busy” with details that actually really don’t seem to matter anyway! My heart being happy, my rest time, my being present with my space and feeling what comes up, loving what comes to me–especially if I see/feel/experience any kind of judgment or disharmony–I must take time to reach love with what ever it is, immediately.

    I have the time now, because I gave myself the time, and this is my work if I am to be at my highest evolutionary me right now. Timelines are converging, multi-dimensional me is having many experiences and they are over lapping… I am listening, feeling, flowing with the encodements and upgrades and transmissions. The Light is expanding us so fast, I feel many of us can’t function in “busy” frequencies anymore. Many of my friends on the same evolutionary path in sedona now are feeling the same. If it’s not most important to our heart and our expansion, it’s a distraction. If we don’t slow down and honor the call for “less is best” now, we are slowed down. Most of us have some sort of physical thing right now that is tied in to two things: releasing old stuck energies of karmas or timelines and/or slowing us down so we stay put in the ascension cocoon “feeling” and allowing and transforming ourselves to greater presence and love. Much rest and quiet seems urgent. Adjusting lifestyles to live simple and financially “skinny” if necessary seems urgent, and aligning ourselves with divine providence and creation principles rather than matrix “earn money” consciousness.

    Love to you dear Mercedes. Because of the work you have brought forth, I learned to love into my fears and feel the way home. Then, I gave myself time to leave the matrix and feel my way into the NEW WORLD emerging. I don’t feel like I am dying anymore– I did for over 5 years– now I feel the transformation and the excitement.

    If you ever want a sister to connect with, I am hear. I can listen. You are safe with me.

    Embrace the transformation. Give yourself time and unbusy-ness! You had to be so strong for your father and have had so much for awhile… I think there is a lot of quick “spin off” coming up from within you right now for release right now– it feels like dying when our cellular level is purging–as it is actually dying to the old programs as dna is activating with new crystalline codes… I think you are moving quickly thru this to get you attuned for the coming frequency increases and the new portal upgrades. Some of us had longer to “Purge”. Maybe this makes sense on some level. Know that no matter what, you are on schedule with your “upgrades.” Only what is in the heart matters now. The head is tired and actually wants to bow and surrender to the heart. Let it.

    Grace and Love Always,


  • Yes indeed, we are moving through it. So happy to belong to a community who can relate. I went through a Kundalini awakening a few years ago. I was home alone meditating and releasing emotional patterns that I no longer wanted to entertain. It was a good thing I was alone because I think my family would have been afraid for me. My sobbing was uncontrollable. I had been practicing Kundalini yoga for a few years prior to the awakening and also was a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza. I approached him at one of his lectures and told him that my meditations had become “physical.” He asked if he could monitor my brain at his next advanced workshop. The Heart Math Institute monitored my heart to see how the body responds to meditation. A team of neuroscientist watched as the Kundalini energy physically moved my body such as; my head would drop and my mouth would open with gasping sounds as if I were choking on something. When I attempted to lift my head I would feel a slight tug from the back of my head letting me know that the energy was not done with its offering. My left arm would move uncontrollably, and my legs would lift off the floor. My spine would curl from the tickling sensation as the energy moved up my spine. During that meditation I called on Mother Mary for protection and guidance. I felt her “kiss” and tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. The floor of the room began to vibrate. There were approximately 200 people in the room and several felt the floor vibrate as well. Dr. Dispenza shared the data in his latest book called “You Are the Placebo.” Kundalini energy releases gamma brain wave patterns which vibrate at 100 hz cycles. This can be exhausting. Dr. Dispenza explained that the cells in the body need time to catch up with the brain activity generated during a meditation or a lucid dream. I suspect a lot of you are having epic/lucid dreams too. I tell you all of this to confirm that this energy is REAL. We are not loosing it. We are not crazy. We are Ascending. The energy is so powerful that I allow myself to rest without GUILT. We light workers like to feel like we are having a loving impact on the planet, that we are offering healing to all in need and if we don’t do that every day then we feel like we are slacking in some way. What comes to me is “heal thyself” so I rest in love. What must be healed must first be felt and seen. Mercedes you are amazing and I love you for sharing your human experience with us. I say lets all twirl our skirts in joy, rest in love and give thanks for this awakening. Big love to us all.

  • Ha, yes, let’s twirl our skirts, shake loose our hair and dance, so that our physical excitment and joy awakes our sense of trust. We’re all together in this sacres journey, blessed be.

  • Garret:

    I read your message about being disconnected and you asked what others are feeling. I am feeling similar I am not sure if its ascension or something else. I feel like there is a level of fear sitting on one level, and I am finding it very very difficult to do 3d activities. I have no clue to what function is taking place anymore. No real direction and have little or no passion towards being here. But I am so much like you in the fact of not understanding or needing proof to what is actually going on that I am still plowing through this mundane process that we call life. You are the first person i have reached out to because your authentic doubt drew me in. I hope to find some relief from this place that I feel I have one foot in and one foot out, not really understanding how to walk in both places. Much love to you XOXO

  • Hello out there. Thank you for your honesty Mercedes. You are so beautiful and divine. We are not alone, however we are a small group of fore runners, leading the way .. and we are leaving behind our 3rd dimensional bodies, ego mind, emotional attatchments, and it feels scary and strange and we cannot put it into a “category”… we must let go and unhook from everything 3rd dimension if e are on our spiritual path of ascension… we ascend up and leave, then come back “down again and integrate…as we will be in a different form… Trust, surrender, breathe, drink water, trust the process … we are always held. It is only the 3rd dimensional human mind that cannot comprehend and then goes into freak out, causing our central nervous system to overload and go into the human flight, fight, freeze response to protect us. Our levels of functioning are being re-wired and upgraded – via the chakras and kundalini rising… We are becoming new humans on a new earth… so lovely and exciting. X

  • Hello,
    I am currently writing a book on spiritual evolution, as I have walked this path for many years, and am currently holding a vibrational frequency of upper 6th dimensional. This means I have worked through and shifted out of 3rd-5th dimensional existence. Reading vibrational frequencies is one of my abilities that awakened, and I use it diagnostically when I work with clients, to see in which dimension their consciousness is anchored, and therefore what depleting programs and attachments they are holding, so I can help them to clear, and learn to heal themselves, and therefore elevate vibration. I work as an etheric surgeon at the energetic blueprint level. My expertise is how spiritual evolution authentically unfolds, I have dedicated my life to mastering my path, so I could assist others to understand how the process works. There is so much information on the Internet that is untrue, yet people attach to it and believe it, and therefore remain at a lower level of consciousness. This saddens me, so this is why I am here posting this message, to help clarify and to assist. I am only here on Earth in service. True spiritual evolution entails clearing all within you that is not in alignment with the truth of who you are, which is a multidimensional being in physical form. The term “ascension” is a misnomer for this process, yet described in so many places on the web. We do not go anywhere upward. The correct term is “descension,” instead. To evolve, higher vibrational aspects of ourselves descend into our physical form, and therefore our consciousness is anchored and held in the higher dimensions, and also simultaneously on Earth. This process entails working on clearing all lower dimensional, perceptions, beliefs, programs, and patterns that prevent higher light frequencies from entering your energetic field and being held. These are dense perceptions which are nearly always fear-based. When higher light frequencies try to enter the energy body, and meet lower vibrational patterning, they bounce off and are not held, and vibration does not elevate, and we cannot access higher perceptions. When we diligently dedicate ourselves to clearing our primarily 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional (astral) programming, we then are able to allow more clear 5th dimensional and above frequencies to descend into our forms, be held, and then our conscious awareness is also that of the dimension that we are holding. So, the key to spiritually advancing is dedication to clearing. It is not done any other way, and there are no shortcuts. You must be willing to dedicate yourself to evaluating your depleting patterning, and most originates from childhood wounding and resultant fears, which many times translate into self doubt, worry, co-dependency, anything that is the antithesis of self-empowerment. When you clear fear, you grow. When you hold on to mass consciousness programming and New Age beliefs and attachments (such as believing you need a guru or pendulum or something exterior to yourself to evolve, or that kundalini rising is essential–it is not, this is another misperception–I have not had a kundalini experience yet I hold a 6D consciousness), you stay in a 4D astral consciousness level, and usually remain there. The astral realm is the realm of distortion, humanity’s thoughtforms, and attachments, it is not an elevated dimensional level, although proported to be. 4D is sticky and depleting and will hold you there unless you truly desire to embody higher awareness. If so, please set your intents on accessing and embodying 5th dimensional consciousness, and ask yourself to clear all structures that are 3rd and 4th dimensional, and you will be shown what needs to go, so you are clear (as YOU do it all yourself, there is nothing outside yourself, ever, that dictates any of your experience, you are the Prime Creator of your life, you are “god” incarnate, and very powerful). To evolve, you move through dimensions 3-6, and their associated levels of consciousness. When you reach 6th, you have purified and mastered yourself to the level where you are not required to reincarnate, and you remain to teach others, or you can leave. This is the level at where I am, it is a level of mastery that everyone is called to reach at sometime. However, you must choose to work on yourself to clear what is preventing you from knowing yourself to BE self-contained, and self-validating, which is lower vibrational (3D-4D) programming. So, again, I am writing this message to help clarify to all of you that there is nothing to “ascend” to. You, instead, release energetic layers (patterning) of yourself that are disresonant with holding the highest level of conscious awareness, and when you do, you then anchor (descend) higher aspects of yourself into your form and live with a multidimensional conscious awareness. I sincerely hope this information helps at least one person to understand how evolution proceeds, and makes their path easier. All that I have written here is directly from personal experience, it is not conjecture, it is Truth. Work on clearing yourself, and your abilities will awaken and perceptual awareness will expand. This takes implicit trust in yourself, and no dependencies on anyone or anything exterior. The path is of self mastery, and you know how to do it, it’s already within you now. Much love to all. (Although this is Universal information, if you distribute this post, or information within it, please act in integrity and credit the author, myself, thank you 🙂

    • I think there’s truth in the 2-way motion of ascending and descending energies, in our present change and awareness. A mirroring of our 1st, our root chakra “grounded” in planet Earth and our 7th “I know” chakra, connected to our higher self and higher vibrational levels. Both are providing balance and embodiment, I believe.

      Regarding the 4th dimension, I’ve understood the stepping on that path so far, that moving through the several layers of the 4th dimension, is a sort of transition point, never meant to be our destiny but a transfer towards the 5th etc.

      The 4th dimension is sometimes called “purgatory” for it holds our/all illusional thoughtforms, our fairy tale mock up of self made realities in survival mode, ruled by instincts in our set ways as creatures of habit.
      The nature of the treadmill or box that we need to think ourselves out of.

      The 4th dimension is at the same time the best practice class for no nonsense and the piercing through our balloons of illusions, our letting go of mirages. When entities in that realm feed on our emotions, we’re offered challenge upon challenge to address our emotional issues and to clear our energy system, explore our life story and find our soul purpose.

      There’s a valuable presentation about the nature of densities and dimensions here:

      Let’s not forget to keep a sense of humour, for that’s offering elasticity in mind and body.

  • Milena:

    Hi, dearest Mercedes,

    I have been reading with interest your ascension posts. What your write is definitely true for me. I am experiencing a speeding of my karma/shadow play, it is becoming almost a roller coaster and everything is in my face – I met several strangers with the exact same imprints, as the deepest issues that I had to release. I also have revelations about prior situations that I have been entangled in for a couple of years.

    I am also noticing almost instant manifestation of my questions, heightening of my intuition, Here is just one instance of my intuition from three weeks ago – I am seeing my friend after months of separation, I think, I am bringing her something why not bring also a book for her son. She has two sons, yet I pick one book & it turns out the day before was the birthday of that son, who I brought the book for. I did not ‘know’.

    Further, to your point, I am convinced that ascension is the kundalini rising. I have been working with my mind and emotional body for a while, including with your process. Recently, I had a spontaneous clearing pranotthana experience, which started as a panic attack. I had no idea what was going on, I just felt I was collapsing within and I could not breathe. I was breathing, but no air was going in. Once I surrendered to it (I was on the street) it cleared my chakras, the energy overflew like a fountain out of my crown and then came back to rest in my heart. Then my body felt like plugged in the electric socket and all cells were alive and glowing with energy. Then the energy expanded and my boundaries disappeared and I was one with all. I have been reading about kundalini, but my energetic practices were not aimed at raising it. Rather, I am doing integration of the energy and clearing work… And apparently it is all the same.

    As for death, that has been my realization – I have been having spontaneous experiences of starting to drown while swimming, and then I had a panic attack facing the emptiness while diving… It seems that part of me knew, this was ego death, yet there was struggle. I read about the experience of facing the void and its effect on the light body and mind in the Sorcerer’s Crossing by Taisha Abelar (one of Carlos Casteneda’s students). And yesterday I had a revelation what she was talking about and I connected the dots with what I saw when diving. I have been fascinated with death over the years and had several accidents. Yet, I was not aware at the time that the death that I was fascinated mentally by and that I was directed towards was the ego death, the death of self. I feel this is what happens as we move in the 4th and 5th dimension. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie describe it as a complete withdrawal of consciousness from the ego structure. And the 3rd dimension is based on duality and the ego.

    I am also noticing thinning of the veils between dream and reality and how the world is becoming a lot more fluid. I sometimes wonder (and I used to wonder as a kid, too), if I dreamed something or if it was an actual experience. I also seem to have information coming to me, which relates to other people. I know/feel what they have experienced (including trauma) and I can see some of their experiences. My heart resonated with a book I read by Drunvalo Melchizedek, where he said that the Native Americans knew that we could communicate with our hearts. This feel very much like my experience from a time forgotten and I wept when I read it. It feels this is what we are moving towards again. It also feels that my energy body is becoming more porous to life and as a preparation
    my intuition is leading me towards less dense foods and herbs.

    As for keeping 3D communication and appointments, I have started slipping a while ago. I seem to have a very hard time, besides keeping my word, to direct my energy towards 3D. I feel more at ease just letting things happen, such as chance meetings. It is harder when it comes down to keeping a working schedule, which is why I recently started taking periods working and periods off to integrate my process. I am also clearing past commitments, which I have not kept, as I was swooped in by my process. And I almost feel there is a need for new language for that, as it has nothing to do with 3D, commitments and being normal any more. Normality differs between the different dimensions for me.

    Lots of love your way!

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