The Yeshua and Mary Magdalene Channelings

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In April of 2016 I received the guidance that I was to do a series of channelings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, so they could elucidate the foundation principles of the new spirituality of CMUnion™. I was told these channelings would eventually become a course, somewhat like A Course in Miracles. However, the content would be different from A Course in Miracles. This course would be teaching about uniting the Christ Consciousness and Magdalene Love within all of us.


I was also told that these channelings should be offered live and online, so that everyone around the world could participate in these sessions when they were actually being given. What’s more, all the people participating online could ask questions that pertained to the topic of that session and thus contribute to the creation of the course.


To watch the initial channeling session, click below:



To participate in the ongoing

(including getting to ask your questions and hear the responses from Mary and Yeshua)





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