What Did Mary Magdalene Look Like?

By Mercedes Kirkel

This week I found something intriguing on the internet. I learned that some Brazilian scientists are using 3D imaging technology to reconstruct the faces of various saints. Based on that, they’re producing life-size busts of what they believe the individuals actually looked like.


One of the people they’ve done this with is Mary Magdalene.


Working from a preserved skull that’s kept in a church in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in southern France—claimed to be the skull of Mary Magdalene—they eventually came up with this image of Mary:


Saint_Mary_Magdalene_-_Digital_facial_reconstruction by Cicero Moraes

Image by Cicero Moraes (Own work)


What I was first struck by in seeing this image was how close it was to the picture of Mary that’s on the front cover of MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS. Mary personally guided me in the creation of that cover image. Here’s a comparison of the two:


Layout 1

Mary Magdalene Beckons © Mercedes Kirkel

Image by Cicero Moraes (Own work)


Beyond that, I really liked how the image the Brazilian scientists came up with had dark skin and hair, as I think this is probably accurate. I believe Mary very likely came from Egypt, and perhaps was a descendant of the Queen of Sheba, who came from Egypt/Ethiopia. Since coming to believe this, I’ve wished that the image of Mary on MARY MAGDALENE BECKONS had darker skin. But Mary didn’t guide me to that. Perhaps she thought having dark hair and eyes was enough, as even that is a great stretch for many people.


What I do know is that Mary has cautioned against getting caught up in the external details of her life in the past. She views that as a distraction from her actual work and gift to us as spiritual teacher and guide.


Why is it that so many of us want to know the human details surrounding Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary’s lives? What will knowing those “facts” really give us? How much does it actually matter what color their hair or skin was? Where they were from? Whether they were married or had sex? How many children they had? And on and on…


What all that really tells us about is ourselves. If we’re drawn to those parts of their lives, they’re likely reflecting aspects of ourselves and our world that we’re not yet at peace with.


Are we at peace with a God-man loving a woman? Being sexual? Having a family? Are we at peace with a Goddess-woman being equal to a God-Man? With her having dark skin and coming from Africa? What does that say about us?


Mary’s focus with me has always been upon our spiritual growth. She has always shone her light on all of us rather than herself. This seems completely consistent with what I understand about what she and Yeshua did during their incarnation two thousand years ago. Their interest was in helping the people of that time grow spiritually. They didn’t talk about themselves and their background. That’s why we know so little about them. They spoke about us and our relationship to God.


My interactions with Mary have been just the same. She has endless passion for God and for helping us realize the same depth of connection with God that she lives and radiates. When I’m in her presence, that’s what I feel, very powerfully. I’m transported into her exceedingly blissful state, and any questions about who she was or other mundane aspects of life melt away. I’m blessed to regularly experience this and I find it to be tremendously satisfying.


Am I still curious about what she looked like and where she came from? Yes. I see that as a natural part of being incarnated in human form, to be interested in the details and lives of other incarnated beings, especially those you have a profound relationship with. But I’m also aware that these “details” and “stories” aren’t the real substance of my relationship with Mary. For me, it’s the help she brings to me and so many others—through her profound wisdom and the transmission of her state. That’s the real gold, the gem inside the wrapper, regardless of the form the “wrapper” takes.


My recommendation is: Enjoy the wrapper, but don’t mistake it for the gem inside.


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One Response to “What Did Mary Magdalene Look Like?”

  • jayne:

    Hi Mercedes-
    I wanted to say that if you think about how Joshua taught- and Mary as well as many enlightened teachers from many ages..it is through story telling– we love stories, we learn from stories and the details of the characters, circumstances surrounding the teaching are always specific, the details of which have their own significance in transmitting, transmuting and communicating great truths..
    As an actress..these details invoke and create the depth of my performance and create the synergistic, charismatic message of the journey I am representing..
    both as a single character in the story and as part of an ensemble —
    So..that’s why I love the details..

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