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Merkaba Meditation By PhilAuckland, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Merkaba Meditation By Phil Auckland

Advanced Training to Become
A 4D Light-Manifestor

Led by Mercedes Kirkel

Join us for this advanced training to


This is what used to be called a MYSTERY SCHOOL. Mary Magdalene has said it should now be called an ASCENSION SCHOOL because it’s no longer a mystery and should be openly available to all.


Module 1: MAGDALENE HEART PATH (Video course)

• Shift from head to heart

• Enter 4D consciousness

• Master judgments and emotions

Connect to inner divinity

• Live from heart-peace

• Open to deep compassion

For more information about Module 1: CLICK HERE

Module 2: HEART ACTIVATION (6-month program)

• Personal angel

• Mother-Father-Child trinity

• Temple of the heart

• Higher self

• Double serpents

• Angel wings

Module 3: 4D ACTIVATION (3-month program)

Heart-mind union

• Pineal chakra

• Third eye

• Halo

• Light-body grid

• Merkaba

• Access the 4th dimension

• Manifest in the 4D way


I’m very excited to share all this because I LOVE these practices! in fact, these are my daily practices.

With these processes, you’ll be able to become a 4D Light-Manifestor—creating for the highest good in your own life and manifesting blessing for the whole world. I believe that through this service we can become a powerful force for the highest good, which could greatly benefit our world.



  • Live guided instruction from Mercedes to learn and integrate all the transformational processes
  • Weekly online MEETINGS
  • 1 in-person WEEKEND workshop for each module
  • One personal COACHING session with Mercedes during Module 2
  • One personal GUIDANCE FROM BEINGS OF LIGHT reading with Mercedes during Module 3
  • Peer support
All modules must be taken sequentially.


“Mercedes teaches the deepest form of spirituality. The training exceeded my expectations—in fact, it blew me away! For the first time, I was able to conceptualize our true form as spiritual beings and how to use that knowledge to become a creator being. This is what I’ve been searching for, for so long.”

“The material is right on—just what we need to know for our ascension. Mercedes, is so loving, pure-hearted, and clear in her teaching. I recommend this to everyone who passionately wants to move forward on their spiritual path toward ascension.”

“This is ‘the course’ I have been waiting for all my life. Mercedes is a great teacher and healer.”

“I recommend this course for anyone trying to heal and reach higher consciousness.”

“I am grateful to have been part of this ‘Life-Altering Mystery School.’ I loved the support that Mercedes and other students gave each other and cherish my connection to this amazing group.”

“This course gave me tools for deep inner work. I felt greatly supported by Mercedes and my online class for this journey.”

“I truly felt I was learning exactly what I have been guided towards. But until I met Mercedes I had no idea where to learn this.”

“Totally opened up my heart’s awareness.”

“Mercedes was very precise in the way she passed the information to the group. I would definitely recommend it to others.”



This program is a modern-day version of what used to be called a Mystery School. Those were secret organizations for initiating people in the “mysteries” of the ascension process. Mary Magdalene has communicated that the term mystery school is no longer appropriate, because this material no longer needs to be held in secret, nor should it be deemed a mystery. It now can be openly available to all who want it.

Yet there are important prerequisites for receiving this information and manifesting these processes. One of the biggest is making a spiritual commitment to the program. This was definitely a part of the mystery school system, where initiates-in-training made vows of commitment and support to the school in order to receive the instruction. This insured that the student was fully present and available, energetically and practically, to receive the entire transmission they were being given. It also safeguarded the purity of that transmission.

This kind of commitment has largely been lost in the transition to our time, where information is openly available to all. While there is much that’s wonderful about that shift, it still remains that making a commitment to a path plays a huge role in how far you will be able to progress.

As an advanced training, I ask each registrant to make an advanced spiritual commitment to the program. In actuality, you’re making a commitment to yourself and your own growth. It’s also a commitment to me and all the other people in the course, because each person’s participation affects all the others. This is the beginning of stepping into the role of co-creator and saying “Yes!” to Spirit.


1) You commit to attending ALL the trainings, including the in-person weekend workshops.

Your attendance is essential for you to keep up with the learning process. If you absolutely must miss a session, video recordings of all sessions are available. Nonetheless, something important occurs when you  participate live that’s necessary for your development. Please be clear that attendance is an essential aspect of the program.

You’ll also find that there’s a deep bonding that occurs with all the program participants. Your presence feeds each person in the group and your absence also affects everyone. We all contribute to each other in doing this work and your participation is a necessary part of the group process.

In spite of this, there may be reasons why you need to miss a meeting. Optimally this would only occur rarely, if at all. Reasons for missing sessions include:

    1. If you live in a time zone where the  online trainings are in the middle of the night.
    2. If the weekend workshop is financially unaffordable for you to attend in-person.
    3. If a training conflicts with a work obligation you can’t reschedule.
    4. If a personal emergency arises.

In these situations, you commit to contacting Mercedes as soon as possible to let her know in advance of the extenuating circumstance and watching the recording of the missed event as soon as possible (and definitely before the following session). It is imperative that you stay current with the material. You may be asked to discontinue the program if absences from meetings become too frequent.


2) You commit to a daily practice throughout the program of engaging the processes being covered.

The daily practice will generally be approximately 20 minutes/day, but may require longer periods of time on occasion.


3) You commit to engaging the weekly course assignments throughout the program.


4) You commit to a weekly meeting with your practice buddy throughout the program.


5) You commit to paying for the program as a sacred energy exchange, regardless of your attendance or circumstances that may arise in your life.



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