Guidance From Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and Other Beings of Light

In these sessions, I call upon my Spirit-Guides to offer messages, guidance, and instruction for your highest good. The higher beings I work with are Mary Magdalene, Yeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Isis, and Archangel Michael.

You can request to communicate with a particular being among my Guides, such as Mary Magdalene. Or you can leave it up to them to decide who is moved, for your highest good, to communicate with you. The session focuses on receiving answers to questions that you ask. All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion or denomination.

“You seem different from others I’ve encountered who channel messages—you seem to be an exceptionally clear channel.”

These readings are especially valuable for directing you forward in your spiritual growth, as well as being in the company of a higher-dimensional being and experiencing their reality. The information provides healing and personal growth in ways that are tailored for each individual.

Readings are done via Zoom.

“Thank you so much for the amazing reading and time with you and Mary Magdalene. The information and experience were like none I have ever had before. Mary’s messages touched me so profoundly and deeply, and are what I have been seeking. What a gift and blessing.”
—Tammy Braswell, Healer and Intuitive & Spiritual Coach, Michigan

“Your channeling for me was transformational. I am still in awe. I have downloaded the wonderful recording and I learn more each time I listen. Please receive my heartfelt thanks.”
—Louise Alcott-Lutz Ed.D, retired teacher and principal, Alameda CA

“I’ve listened to the recording again and it’s just as amazing as it was the first time!  The wisdom and understanding are huge. I feel much more comfortable now and even excited about where this situation (as discussed with Mary) is taking me. Thanks again, with much love.”
—Teresa, semi-retired IT Business Analyst, U.K.

“What words can I say to express the gratitude of an eternity.  What occurred during our session, I have been waiting for for 2000 years. This was not like any reading I have ever had because so much was happening on an etheric level. The code in my etheric body was being re-written. The energy was compressing so strongly into my physicality, and Love and Compassion filled my Beingness. I felt so solid in myself and felt my energetic-spiritual boundaries so cohesive.  I felt Me as an Individualized Being, instead of me having to filter others out.  

“At one point during the session, I was being supported into feeling the distinction between my path and the other being I had become enmeshed with. I literally felt my etheric body and nervous system unraveling from the enmeshment and saw two distinct columns of Light and again. I felt so solid in that.  I have never had a reading in which it did this so clearly.  The readings I have had have only reached me on the mental plane and some on the emotional plane.  I am so grateful to you!!  I have been feeling difficult emotions since then, and I suspect integration will occur over time.  I am allowing myself to be right in it and do the process we were instructed to do in the session.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Your work is so powerful and I am honored that we got to be with you at this time.  When I saw the photo of Yeshua and Mary on the table, the feeling that came over me is that you are a special incarnation of Mary herself.”
—Carol, Santa Fe, NM

“In a remarkable healing session with Mercedes, she anchored a powerful presence of love, wisdom, and compassion, plus utilized her mastery to assist me in releasing cords and attachments relating to the past. Angels spoke through her, offering me gracious recognition, gratitude, and awesome unconditional love. The power and sweetness of this experience was life-altering.”
—E.O., nurse, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“After our channeling session, I was reveling in and processing the divine experience I had. The clarity I had after receiving the message has been phenomenal. I have always found Mercedes to be a loving soul with a determined power of a spiritual guru. The same was reflected in the channeling session.”
—Tanuka Gupta, Clinical Psychologist, Dubai United Arab Emirates

“The information helped a lot. It was information I needed in my healing process. You seem different from others I’ve encountered who channel messages—you seem to be an exceptionally clear channel.”
—N.B., retired, Santa Fe, NM

“THANK YOU SO MUCH. I feel so blessed, that I could call on these VERY SPECIAL GUIDES, talk to them, and hear their answer through your voice. The messages are so TRUE. All my questions were answered and more. I am thankful to you and to THEM for the help you are giving me at this moment of my life.”
—Levi Belanger, Stuart, FL

“I am practicing the tools that Mary gave in the session. Two nights ago, I let the fear and panic arise within me. I let myself feel the intensity of that moment—crying, panicking, and splitting off. I then did the process Mary described and kept reaching and breathing into “trust.”  What a profound practice for me. As I felt myself settling down and in, some part of me came flying back into my body. Thank you for such a profound healing! I am feeling more in myself than before.”
—Carol, Santa Fe, NM

“Oh Mercedes, what a reading! Thanks for being such an important part of my evolution.”
—Dru Wheelin, artist, Ithaca, NY

“I received a session with Mercedes to inquire more deeply into some poignant issues in my life. My guardian angel came through and her responses to my questions blew the doors open for me. They literally changed the way I have been perceiving myself and what my life is about. This was a life-transforming event for me and I am deeply grateful to Mercedes and my guardian angel and other Spirit guides for their unconditional love and eternal support.”
—Sophia Sutton, Domestic Goddess, Lee’s Summit, MO

“I feel very grateful you did this for me! When somebody wants such a channeling, I will certainly recommend you.”
—Stephan van de Mortel, paranormal therapist, Valkenswaard, Holland

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful session. I feel stronger, lighter, fuller and much happier. The recording is an invaluable gift that will nourish me for a long time!”
—Isabella Lewis, Consultant, Santa Fe, NM

Click below to listen to a channeled message from Mary Magdalene on January 22, 2011.


Click below to listen to Mercedes channeling a message from Isis on March 7, 2011.


Click below  to listen to Mercedes channeling a message from Yeshua on May 9, 2011.



from Archangel Michael

Received March 28, 2011 through Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I would like to understand how it is that people are addicted to drugs or alcohol or obsessed with gambling. What’s the best way to help them?

Archangel Michael: Yes. Well, first of all it is important to understand that everyone has come into this life for certain learnings, certain experiences. And we choose all different experiences in our life to support us in our growth. And so, those who have chosen to experience addictions made that choice at a soul level, because it was part of their exploration of this dimension, this particular way that the Divine is manifesting in this realm. Similarly, those who choose to be involved with others who are having what you term “addictions” chose that as well, as part of their experience of having the learnings, having the soul growth of being involved with those experiences in this form of the Divine manifesting itself.

It is very important that you do not get into the consciousness of right-wrong, good-bad, thinking that there are certain things that are bad, certain things that are good, certain things that are wrong, certain things that are right. This is not to say that there are not choices that make it easier for you to experience your connection to the Divine — this is not to say that that’s not the case, because it is true: certain choices do make it easier for you to experience your connection to the Divine. That is part of the soul learning as well. But with labels such as “addictions” and things like that, it’s very easy to get into the mindset that that individual is stuck, is somehow lower, is somehow inferior, weak, whatever it is. These are your growth lessons, if you are caught in that way of thinking, and it is your opportunity that you are having, to grow beyond that.

Truly, in this realm, the challenge is to see every being, every experience as nothing but God. Nothing is ever separating you from God. And that is part of the great challenge, the great growth in the third dimension. So ultimately everyone chooses every experience here. Then when you die, you will remember that you have chosen this. You will have a chance to reflect upon it. You will have an opportunity to see if this has served you, if you are complete with the learning or if you choose to have more learning in this arena. And you will continue from there. Of course, I am not meaning just you. Every soul will engage this, will have this opportunity.

So, for those who are involved in these particular behaviors that you call “addictions,” it is really no different than any of the rest of you in this realm. You are having your limitations that you have chosen to assume, and you have an opportunity in every moment to find God in the midst of that.

Now at a more practical level, at a more perhaps third-dimensional way of viewing things, what you call “addictions” are safe havens, you might say, resting places, often times from parts of reality that are scary for people to deal with. These parts of reality often involve some form of emotional pain that someone has experienced, often in this lifetime, but it can be from another lifetime. So, as a soul choice, someone chose to have a certain experience of soul pain, and then they are having their experience of how to find God in the midst of that. One of the options that people have at this third dimensional level is to have other experiences to see if that can support them in this process of exploring soul pain and exploring how to connect with God in the midst of soul pain.

So people who are involved in these behaviors are generally doing that. But it’s important to understand that everyone is generally doing that. It’s not just the person who’s going out and having a drink or obliterating themselves with alcohol or whatever else they’re doing, whatever substance they’re using to do that. But people do it in every moment. They do it through talking. They do it through thinking. They do it through achieving, and working, and becoming good citizens, and whatever else you’re spending your life doing, watching TV, or eating popcorn, or whatever it is, listening to the news, staying current, all these things that people are doing. They’re all different forms of experience that people are doing, and much of it people are doing because they’re trying to find a way to reconnect with the Divine. They have a remembrance of the peace and the joy of connection with the Divine. And in this third-dimensional realm, it’s not so easy to find that path. So they’re exploring different avenues of trying to find that path. That is all that most everyone is doing.

People who are involved in addictions are exploring avenues of reconnection that, you might say, are kind of detours. Some of these avenues of reconnection, you might say, might even be dead ends. But that is part of their soul contract to do that.

If part of your soul contract is to have a relationship with people who are doing this kind of thing, or to try to help someone who is doing this, first and foremost your work is to recognize whether your response to your soul contract is helping you to connect with the Divine. That is the tricky part for many people, because helping others, teaching others, being in relationship with others who you are seeing as doing addictive behaviors could be your form of addiction. You could be just as equally addicted as they are.

Always, the path is to connect with God. And then ask God what is your work to do. It may be to have nothing to do with these people. Not that you have to shun them, but it may not be your work to be involved with them. It may not be what serves you. It may not be what serves them. It may not be what serves life. If it is your work to do something with these people, it will be shown. But it will only be your work if it comes from freedom, if it comes from your complete connection to God first. And it will always respect their free will, because you do not know their soul choice. You do not know what is serving them. Your guidance is through God.

Are there other questions?

(Archangel Michael pauses to receive questions, and none are asked.)

Thank you, dear ones. Shine your light. Shine the light of God. Receive that light most fully. Let it be your primary food. And indeed it will become more and more your food. Ingest that light and become beings of light. And as you do that, your reality will change. It will become a new reality, a reality of light and love. And it is underway.

And know that you are blessed and enfolded by so many beings who love you and support you, who thank you for all you do, and whose great joy it is to help you. Call on us. We are here for you. We love you greatly.

I AM Archangel Michael, and my blessings are yours.

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Mercedes Kirkel is a multi-award-winning author and channel for Mary Magdalene and other beings of light.  She is the author of Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love, which is available at

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