Heart Coaching / Instruction

Based on all the instruction I’ve received from Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, and others, I guide you to live from your heart and release “stuck” situations and dynamics in a gentle, yet powerful way.

The result is healing, transformation, and growth!

“I felt comforted and held as I dared to face my most inner fears, and then watched them dissolve into pure, spacious love.”

I specialize in:

  • Personal growth
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family patterns
  • Conscious and grace-filled dying

Sessions are done via Zoom.

“Mercedes has shepherded my exploration of the depths of my soul, and has helped me to find some of my deepest parts. She has led me to many profound teachings found within myself—and assisted in the healing of five decades of suffering. I am watching my world transform in front of me, from my own shifting view of what is.”
—Nan L., Environmental Educator, WA

“Mercedes is a natural at emotional healing work for others. Her work is skillful, subtle, and profound.”
—L.O., LPCC Art Therapist, Santa Fe, NM

“I felt I was stuck when I met Mercedes, who is an incredible person. She shed light on familiar concepts from such a new angle that made me understand things a lot better. What is more important, she gave me practical guidance—steps I can take in my everyday life, steps that help me rewrite old patterns. A lot of therapists tell you what is wrong with you and what the causes are, but that is it. You are left alone in the process of how to go on. Mercedes helped me with getting back my inner strength. She didn’t give me a fish when I was hungry, but taught me how to fish. I am tremendously grateful for having had the chance of meeting her. She is a true blessing.”
—Dia, Hungary

“I want to thank you for the sessions we did. I am feeling amazingly good from the inside out, and I know there is some deep healing that has occurred. I feel kind of newborn. I am sure it has to do with our sessions and your method for how to deal with pain.”
— Tina Daley, Ashland, OR

“I am not sure what all happened after our last session. I just know that I am different, and people are responding to me differently. It’s quite amazing and work has become even busier.”
—Bridget Engel, Life Coach, CA

“Mercedes Kirkel helped me travel gently into early experiences and coping strategies which no longer serve me well. From there we went deeper, touching my connection with divine qualities to cultivate my true purpose. Unlike many other practices, Mercedes encourages me to honor any thought or feeling that may arise, to find the deeper wisdom that it points to. This was very powerful in our sessions. I recommend her highly.”
—Hope Kiah, Web Designer, Santa Fe, NM

“I have experienced tremendous release and changes after just one session. I am deeply grateful for the unlocking of the subconscious that you are helping me to do and appreciate the compassionate, steady guidance that you give me.”
—Tanuka Gupta, Clinical Psychologist, Dubai United Arab Emirates

“My session with Mercedes touched me deeply. Her compassion manifests a profound grace, which she combines with a bold readiness to hold your hand on a path to wholeness. I felt comforted and held as I dared to face my most inner fears, and then watched them dissolve into pure, spacious love. I feel deeply grateful for her work.”
—Eytan Salinger, Social Worker, Taos, NM

“During my interactions with Mercedes I discovered the pathways to the divine by listening to my feelings. It was a profound shift for me because I was mostly engaged in my thoughts and often found it difficult to break away from the mental noise. Through Mercedes’s loving guidance, I’m today able to find clarity in shifting from reaction to response—a huge transformation within me. I strongly recommend a session with Mercedes to anyone who wishes to break away from debilitating thought patterns and the clutches of conditioning, or even someone curious to understand why we feel what we feel and discover the joy of presence and the divine.”
—Tresa, India

“Mercedes helped us go beneath the surface, speak our truths, and bring our feelings and needs into light. She skillfully directed us away from conflict and led us into heartfelt communication and connection.”
—Dona Willoughby, FNPC, RN

“I continue to be in awe at the depth of insight and healing that Mercedes guides me to in our sessions. Her courageous presence in the face of deep emotions, delicate mastery of empathy, and authentic understanding of human experience support and inspire me in discovering new depths of wholeness and empowerment.”
—Anon Shine, Innkeeper

“I feel really different since our last session, more settled and at peace with myself. Thank you for your presence and skill.  I feel like I’m learning a new way of being and it is really quite profound.  More than that I just feel lighter and more free.  You have been a blessing.”
Sita Flammer, Santa Fe, NM

“I’ve seen more counselors than I care to remember, and most of it is worthless. This is different. This really helped.”
—teenager, Hawaii

“Mercedes has never ceased to surprise me with the clarity and closure she’s led me to. I know she’s helped my partner, too. I’m grateful for all her love, wisdom, and kindness.”
—Greg Bookout, Keau, Hawaii

“You helped me to move from living my ‘secret’ life to one of connecting with people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me connect with people whom I can chat to whenever I please. And I am coping better with the issue with my neighbors that originally brought me to you.”
—Teresa, U.K.

“Mercedes has a very clear mind and an ability to empathize and understand others’ emotions that makes her a truly excellent healer. Her patience and fearlessness in working with difficult emotions makes her work both deep and effective.”
—Amara Karuna, Teacher of Peer Counseling for 15 years

“I’ve known Mercedes for ten years. Recently, I’d been going through some intense feelings around old hurts and Mercedes worked on it with me. I was amazed at her skill in helping me navigate through a tangle of feelings and thoughts that therapists and friends had not been able to. Experiencing Mercedes in this way reminded me of Gandalf the White, who suddenly appears as a more powerful wizard than ever. Whatever Mercedes has done to get to where she is now, she is a truly transformational guide.”—Krista, TN

“Our session was indeed very helpful to me. I feel grateful and fortunate to be exposed to your healing energy.”

“Mercedes combines the warmth and smiling laughter of a little child with the wisdom and insight of an ‘Elder.’ She seemed to compassionately understand what was going on with me on a deeper level then I was aware of, and called forth my consciousness with perfect questions that led me to what began as a small breakthrough, then grew in the days that followed into greater openings and insights that continued to speak to me. I look forward to our continued exploration of how I might expand my love and awareness.”
—Roark Barron, Harpist and Sonic Sculptor, Santa Fe, NM

“Mercedes’s intuitive sense of what each individual is needing and her clear, insightful communication, have helped us have more understanding into each other and compassion in our relating.”
—Briah, Intentional Community Member

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