Spiritual Direction

Meditator in Gold Light Mercedes KirkelIn these sessions you receive personalized coaching from Mercedes to deepen in living Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s teaching.

Mercedes will guide you in:

Growing your connection to your heart and the divine.

Overcoming obstacles within yourself that are holding you back.

Activating Christ Consciousness and Magdalene Love.

Growing into higher dimensions.

Seven-Chakra Tantra™.


“In the wake of each of our sessions together, the floodgate within me opens further, and more divine love and power flows forth.”


What these sessions ARE NOT:

  • SPIRITUAL DIRECTION sessions do not include channeling Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, or any other higher being. (Instead, Mercedes will guide you in following Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s teaching.)
  • SPIRITUAL DIRECTION sessions do not include telling you about your past incarnations. (Everything you need for your spiritual growth is manifesting in the present.)
  • SPIRITUAL DIRECTION sessions do not include telling you what will happen in your future. (The future is not fixed.)
  • SPIRITUAL DIRECTION sessions do not include telling you what to do. (Instead, you will be supported in connecting with your own guidance of what is right for you.)

For each session, bring one situation in your life that you’d like help resolving or healing. We then work together to apply Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s teaching to that situation.

“My work with Mercedes has been deeply profound and moving, in the most literal sense. In the wake of each of our sessions together, the floodgate within me opens further, and more divine love and power flows forth.”
—Cliff Bain, Arroyo Hondo, NM

“I just had a spiritual instruction session with Mercedes Kirkel and am exuberant about the results. She is an excellent teacher and delivered more than I was hoping for. I really felt met and cared for, and she delivered the goods! I highly recommend Mercedes!”
—Mark Alahumbra Courtman, Mora Valley, NM

“My personal retreat with Mercedes was simply astounding. The time spent with Mercedes was and continues to be life-altering.”
—JS, Executive Educator, Chicago, IL

“Mercedes has shepherded my exploration of the depths of my soul, and has helped me to find some of my deepest parts. She has led me to many profound teachings found within myself—and assisted in the healing of five decades of suffering. I am watching my world transform in front of me, from my own shifting view of what is.”
—Nan L., Environmental Educator, WA

“I felt I was stuck when I met Mercedes, who is an incredible person. She shed light on familiar concepts from such a new angle that made me understand things a lot better. What is more important, she gave me practical guidance—steps I can take in my everyday life, steps that help me rewrite old patterns. Mercedes helped me with getting back my inner strength. She didn’t give me a fish when I was hungry, but taught me how to fish. I am tremendously grateful for having had the chance of meeting her. She is a true blessing.”
—Dia, Hungary

“I am not sure what all happened after our last session. I just know that I am different, and people are responding to me differently. It’s quite amazing.”
—Bridget Engel, Life Coach, CA

“I have experienced tremendous release and changes after just one session. I am deeply grateful for the unlocking of the subconscious that you are helping me to do and appreciate the compassionate, steady guidance that you give me.”
—Tanuka Gupta, Clinical Psychologist, Dubai United Arab Emirates

“My session with Mercedes touched me deeply. I feel deeply grateful for her work.”
—Eytan Salinger, Social Worker, Taos, NM

“Mercedes is a truly transformational guide.”—Krista, TN

Sessions are online via Zoom.

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