The New Spirituality of UNION™

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UNIONTM is a new spirituality for those who feel the call of awakening. It’s from the higher beings we know as Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene.


UNION is a body of essential instruction for activating our God-Consciousness and Love-Power. This body of knowledge explains so much about our world and our spiritual purpose here. It also clarifies what we need to do.


The teaching of UNION is NOT CONNECTED TO ANY RELIGION OR SECT. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene are acting freely as spiritually advanced beings, just as they did when they taught in 30 AD. Their focus is purely on our growth into higher states of being.

UNION is about activating the inherent God-Consciousness and Love-Power that lives in all of us.


This is what humanity has been preparing for for 2000 years and longer. We’re finally ready and the teaching of how we can activate Consciousness and Love is available.


The profound demonstration of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene is the guiding light for UNION. Yeshua and Mary were human embodiments of God-Consciousness and Love-Power, in union with each other. Together they illuminated the path for all of us to become divinely human beings. Now they are offering new instruction for our current stage.


The teaching from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene has come through Mercedes Kirkel, who continues to receive guidance from them. Mercedes has great passion for sharing this body of enlightened wisdom with all who are interested.


The name “UNION” evolved out of looking for a single word that expressed the profound union between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. The name also refers to the divine magnetism between the Masculine (as Consciousness) and Feminine (as Love). As such, it describes the union of God-Consciousness and Love-Power in all of us.


The life practice of UNION is described in Seven-Chakra Tantra™. UNION also offers a full cycle of holidays and celebrations of our life-experience.


UNION welcomes you on your spiritual journey into Consciousness and Love. ♥


©2019 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. 

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