Yeshua-Magdalene Love Journey in France, 2021 Itinerary

Led by Mercedes Kirkel

Love-Journey: Sep 17-27, 2021
Add-On Trip: Sep 28-Oct 2

Join us for an amazing journey into the love-field of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, guided by multi-award-winning author and channel Mercedes Kirkel.

Together we’ll experience the union of two potent spiritual paths: the MAGDALENE HEART PATH and CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. The result is a profound dance of love—for ourselves, others, and God. And it all happens amidst the blessings of Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s sacred sites in southern France!

The journey will include:

  • Presentations by Mercedes to deepen your understanding of the MAGDALENE HEART PATH and CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS
  • Visiting the sacred sites of the area that are powerfully connected to Mary Magdalene and Yeshua
  • Engaging in ceremony together, magnifying the blessing and transmission available to us
  • Initiation into The Christ-Magdalene Heart-Light at an empowered site
  • Live channeling of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua by Mercedes at a very special location
  • Staying in the heart of the Yeshua-Magdalene love-field for 11 days!

Plus we’ll savor delicious food, have fun, celebrate, and enjoy a community of like-minded people.

The journey will be limited to 12 people, to keep it personal and create connection amongst everyone. We’ll be based at a lovely chambre d’hote (French style B&B) for nine nights, right in the center of the Magdalene-Christ field, with the hotel entirely reserved for our group. Our hosts will prepare wonderful, French-country-style meals for our group. And in the morning you’ll be served a French-style breakfast.

At the end of the journey there will be an optional ADD-ON TRIP for 5 additional days. We’ll drive to Paris as we visit additional pilgrimage sites associated with the Divine Feminine and Masculine: the Gorges de Galamus (a spectacular gorge and hermitage church of St. Antoine), Rocamadour (with its moving black madonna), Orleans (made famous by Joan of Arc), and Chartres Cathedral (with its renowned labyrinth).

Join us for this life-changing experience of THE YESHUA-MAGDALENE LOVE in France!


Day 1 – Friday, September 17

Fly into the Toulouse airport and take the free shuttle to our Toulouse Hotel (included in Journey price), which is 5 minutes from the airport. Get a good night’s sleep and prepare for diving deep into the Christ-Magdalene love-field the following day.

Day 2 – Saturday, September 18

Meet Tina, our wonderful Trip Manager, in the hotel lobby with your luggage at 9:00 a.m. Please be prompt as we’ll be loading luggage in the vehicles and taking off for Limoux at 9:30 a.m. sharp.

In Limoux we gather with Mercedes for a welcome and introduction to the region. Mercedes will talk about the black madonna and how it relates to Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, in preparation for the sacred sites we’ll be visiting. This will be followed by lunch on the traditional French square

notre-dame-de-marceille-black-madonna_1455-editWe then visit a famous black madonna at the Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Marceille. Local lore has it that a farmer found this statue in his field and took her home with him, but she mysteriously returned to the field during the night. This happened on three consecutive nights, so they built a church over the site where she was found to honor her.

We complete our afternoon with a special ceremony of cleansing and invocation, in preparation for our transformational Journey.

River and Hostelerie, Rennes les Bains_2589Afterward we check in to our hotel in Rennes-les-Bains, where we’ll be staying for the next nine nights (included in Journey price). Rennes-les-Bains is a spa town, with baths dating back to Roman times. It was also a Celtic settlement. Most important of all, this may well have been the place where Mary Magdalene and Yeshua lived upon arriving in France after the crucifixion.

We’ll have the first of many delicious dinners provided by our delightful hosts to our group. (included in Journey price).

Day 3: Sunday, September 19

In the morning Mercedes will lead a discussion on the MAGDALENE HEART PATH and CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS—what each one is, how we engage them, and what the union of the two looks like.

Lunch will be at a favorite restaurant on the Place des Deux Rennes, (the square in the center of Rennes-les-Bains).

In the afternoon, we visit the Isis and Osiris Seats, two high-energy stone “chairs” dedicated to the ancient Egyptian goddess and god, Isis and Osiris. There we receive their blessings and messages.

In the evening dinner is provided by our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains (included in Journey price).

Day 4: Monday, September 20

Tour Magdala w:path_2372Today we begin with a presentation from Mercedes on the famous town of Rennes-le-Chateau and its connection to Mary Magdalene. Then we drive to Rennes-le-Chateau, thought by many to be the center of the link to Mary Magdalene in southern France. We’ll spend time in the church dedicated to Mary Magdalene, which is reported to be built on an ancient temple of Isis.

Mystery surrounds this church, which is filled with fascinating figures and symbols. At the center of the mystery is Berenger Saunier, the 19th century village priest who may have discovered a treasure related to Mary Magdalene, perhaps even proving the existence of a bloodline descending from Yeshua and Mary.

We lunch together at a lovely cafe in the village, followed by personal time to take in the Villa Bethania Museum and the Tour Magdala, both built by Saunier.

Afterward we return to Rennes-les-Bains for dinner on your own at one of the local restaurants.

Day 5: Tuesday, September 21

Fountain of Lovers pool, Rennes les Bains_2418

In the morning, you’ll have personal time to engage your own spiritual practices, revisit a sacred site in Rennes-les-Bains, soak in the outdoor natural warm springs, enjoy the thermal pool and jacuzzi at the local bathhouse (not included in Journey price), or receive a massage from our host (not included in Journey price). Lunch is on your own at one of the local restaurants.

In the afternoon we head to the beautiful Fountain of Lovers—a heart-shaped pool nestled within a forest. Legend  says it’s an empowered spot for one’s relationship with their lover. We’ll call upon Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to fill us with the blessing of their union, as we enjoy the waters through swimming, soaking feet, or sitting peacefully at the water’s edge.

In the late afternoon, Mercedes will offer a presentation on the Cathars, in preparation for our visit the following day to the castle at Montsegur. The Cathars are possibly the only historic Christian sect that venerated Mary Magdalene as Jesus’s wife or partner and as a spiritual leader.

Dinner is provided by our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains (included in Journey price).

Day 6: Wednesday, September 22 – Autumn Equinox

After breakfast, we travel to one of the last strongholds of the Cathars at Montsegur. Here, in 1244, over 200 Cathars peacefully walked into a fire and died rather than renounce their faith. Legend claims that several Cathars escaped the night before with a secret treasure. Some say the treasure was the holy grail, or The Book of Love, or a descendant of Yeshua and Mary.

We climb the steep mountain to the castle at the peak, as we experience the power of a group of people whose faith was remarkable, and who many believe were deeply connected to both Mary and Yeshua.

After our time at the castle, we’ll co-create a ceremony in the field below for healing and blessing of all involved, calling forth a new age of safety and peace, where the Masculine and Feminine are in union, and Mary and Yeshua’s teachings of love-consciousness are fully realized on Earth. We end with a group picnic lunch (included in Journey price).

We return to Rennes-les-Bains for personal time and dinner on your own.

Day 7: Thursday, September 23

Today, is an integration day to rest, engage your own spiritual practices, revisit a sacred site in Rennes-les-Bains, soak in the outdoor warm springs or the thermal pool and jacuzzi at the local bathhouse (thermal pool/jacuzzi entrance fee not included in Journey price), or receive a massage from our host (not included in Journey price).

Lunch is on your own at one of the local restaurants.

Dinner is provided by our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains (included in Journey price).

Day 8: Friday, September 24


The morning is spent in group retreat time, in preparation for your initiation into the MAGDALENE-CHRIST HEART-LIGHT. A silent picnic lunch (included in Journey price) at a spot of your own choosing continues the preparation.

From there, we go to what is locally known as Le Benetier (the “baptismal font.”) This is the alchemical meeting place of the Sals and Blanque rivers, where the salt and fresh waters come together. Many believe Mary Magdalene performed baptisms at this site and her energy is palpable. Here you receive your baptism and blessing from Mercedes into the MAGDALENE-CHRIST HEART-LIGHT.

Dinner is provided by our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains (included in the Journey price).

Day 9: Saturday, September 25

Today we travel to the very special Magdalene cave that’s across the valley from Rennes-le-Chateau. Within this sacred cave, Mercedes will offer a live channeling of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. You’ll get to ask your questions and hear their responses.

Afterward we head to a beautiful lake at the base of Mt. Bugarach, known for its powerful energy of the Sacred Masculine and connection to Yeshua, for a picnic lunch (included in the Journey price). If weather permits, we’ll swim in the lake.

Dinner is with our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains (included in Journey price), and includes a celebration of our time together with personal offerings from our group.

Day 10: Sunday, September 26

In the morning, we enjoy the lively and colorful Esperaza market for experiencing the local culture, buying gifts for ourselves and our loved ones, and having fun, with lunch from your choice of local vendors.

After lunch, we drive to Alet-les-Bains for a closing ceremony and final blessing at a very special site, thought by some to be a portal.

We enjoy our final dinner of our journey with our lovely hosts (included in Journey price).

Day 11: Monday, September 27

For those departing, you’ll be driven to the Toulouse airport, for travel home or to your next destination.

For those continuing on the Add-On Trip to Gorges de Galamus, Rocamadour, Orleans, and Chartres (5 additional days — see below), this is a personal day for rest, returning to local sites, soaking in the warm springs or thermal pool (thermal pool entrance fee not included in Journey price), or receiving a massage from our host (not included in Journey price).

Dinner will be provided by our hosts in Rennes-les-Bains for Add-On Trip registrants (included in Add-On Trip price).

Optional Add-On Trip
Sep 28 – Oct 2
Day 1 – Tuesday, September 28

Image by Jcb-caz-11

We begin our Add-On Trip with a visit to the stunning Gorges de Galamus, a 7th century hermitage church dedicated to St. Antoine and known for its strong presence of Mary Magdalene.

In the afternoon, we visit Puilaurens, one of the Cathar castles of the region.

Dinner is on your own in Rennes-les-Bains.

Day 2 – Wednesday, September 29

Today we drive to the medieval village of Rocamadour, known for its breathtaking monastic-church complex built into a cliff above the Dordogne River. There we visit the black madonna, which pilgrims have journeyed to for a thousand years, and which is associated with miracles.

Legend holds that the wooden figure was carved by St. Amator/Amadour (mentioned in the gospel of Luke as Zacheus, the tax collector, and husband to St. Veronica, known for wiping Jesus’s face when he stumbled under the weight of the cross). Persecution forced Amator and Veronica to flee Palestine in the 1st century and they were said to have been guided to France by an angel.

We stay overnight in a hotel within the city walls (included in Add-On Trip price).

Day 3 – Thursday, September 30

We head to Orleans, a World Heritage Site in the Loire Valley. It’s best known as the place where Joan of Arc broke the siege of Orleans in 1429. Joan was responding to visions and voices she received from Archangel Michael, St. Margaret, and St. Catherine of Alexandria, telling her to drive out the English invaders and restore the French king to full power.

In Orleans, we visit a small church housing the black madonna Joan of Arc actually prayed to. We then drive to our hotel in Chartres (included in Add-On Trip price).

Day 4- Friday, October 1

This day is devoted to experiencing the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres. This pilgrimage site has long been venerated for its ancient goddess and druidic roots, honoring of the Divine Feminine, sacred geometry, breathtaking architecture, and meditative labyrinth. We designed the Add-On Trip to be at the Cathedral on Friday, the one day of the week in which the labyrinth is uncovered, so we’ll be able to walk it.

In the evening, we enjoy the light show at the Cathedral.

For our final night we stay a second night in our Chartres hotel (included in Add-On Trip price).

Day 5: Saturday, October 2

You’ll be driven to Charles DeGaul Airport, for departing for home or your next destination.

Journey Leader:

Mercedes is a multi-award-winning author and channel for Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

On the Journey, Mercedes will be our guide for sharing the history and legends of the region, informed by Mary Magdalene’s and Yeshua’s wisdom.

Mercedes will share personal instruction in the teaching of Mary and Yeshua; lead ceremony at sacred sites; and offer a group channeling of Mary and Yeshua. All the messages Mercedes brings forth are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.

Mercedes lives in Rio Rancho, NM, offering online programs and private sessions. Her specialties include Guidance from Beings of Light, Heart-Coaching, and spiritual mentoring. Find out more about Mercedes at

Tina Hartzell pic

Tour Director:

Tina took her first trip to this sacred area of France five years ago and was immediately smitten. She has since become devoted to bringing people to these magical lands to experience the Magdalene energy. This retreat will mark her 12th trip!

In addition to arranging and leading tours to France and other areas, Tina is a certified reflexologist and herbalist, and a Jin-Shin-Jyutsu practitioner. But she is truly happiest behind the wheel of a 9-passenger van, gently driving small groups through Southwest France.

Tina recently resettled to Santa Fe, NM.

What Past Participants Have Said:

“The France trip was the most meaningful, transformative and memorable trip I have ever had. I am so grateful to Mercedes and Mary Magdalene for a retreat that deeply touched my heart and soul. I recommend this journey to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding and practice of the Magdalene Heart Path.”
—Iris, Atlanta, Georgia

“My experience during the trip was profound, joyful, inspirational and provided healing and opportunities for diving deeply into the sacred. Mercedes is a highly skilled teacher, healer, and facilitator. I highly recommend this journey for those who seek a deeper connection with the divine, with Mary Magdalene and her healing work, and with the sacred and beautiful sites of southern France.”
—Suvani, Benicia, CA

“This was such a heart-opening experience for me. I loved the many sacred sites, and enjoyed deep connections and much joy with the community.”
—Martina Daley, Ashland, OR

“This trip offered a giant daily dose of Love, both for self-healing and for expansion in the amount I can share with/send to  others. It was a very nurturing experience.”
—Red Wolfenbarger, Albuquerque, NM

“The places and natural environments helped me reconnect with my Feminine energy. I am deeply grateful for this enriching and transforming experience.”
—Silvina Povarchik, Argentina

This is going to be a small, personal Journey.
Early booking is highly recommended!

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