5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #1


By Mercedes Kirkel




I certainly don’t “know” what’s happening. All I have are my experiences and beliefs.


What I trust are actual experiences—my own experiences and the experiences of others.


I hold beliefs much more lightly. I evaluate beliefs to see if they match my experiences and intuition. I see if the beliefs support me in being the kind of person I want to be. If they do, I make space for them as possibilities, perhaps even likely possibilities. If not, I let them go.


But even if I resonate with a belief and choose to keep it in my collection, that still doesn’t mean I “know” that thing to be true. It remains a belief until it’s my actual experience.


I haven’t met anyone in the third dimension who I believe “knows” what this ascension process is all about or where it’s leading. Many of us have ideas, including things we’ve heard from others. But that hasn’t convinced me that those things are facts. They might be possible. They also may not be what is happening or is going to happen.


I think it’s critical to differentiate beliefs from experience. If we’re aware that what we’re thinking is a belief, rather than something that’s been experienced, we tend to be much more balanced in how we hold that idea.


Having that kind of relationship to our own beliefs leads to being aware when others are expressing beliefs—even if those others think the things they’re expressing are “THE truth.” We can see those others as equals with their own beliefs, just like us. Doing so, we can stay in our own power, rather than giving our power away to them (through submission or rebellion).


We can also be respectful of others’ beliefs, even if they don’t match ours. Respect and agreement are two different things.


I believe that kind of balance, awareness, equality, empowerment, and respect are all signs of the ascension process being underway. They’re also some of the inner divine qualities that Mary Magdalene talks about as being bridges to our own divinity.


One way of seeing the ascension process is that we’re shifting from being mind-and knowledge-based to being based in our own divinity, which we connect to through our heart. That inner divinity is something we can experience.


That deeply resonates with me and calls to my soul.




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5 Responses to “5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #1”

  • Mark Zinzow:

    I particularly resonated with this post. Particularly the phrase “own divinity, which we connect to through our heart”. I’ve recently had some unusual feelings of peace and love rise up in my heart lasting for a few days, that gave me a strange faith that no matter what happens everything will be all right. It is hard to describe, but if I could feel that all the time, it would be one of the greatest blessings I can imagine.

    My own beliefs also seem more fluid than ever before.

    Thank you Mercedes for this and all your sharings. Much love and many blessings to you!

  • Grace:

    Hi Mercedes
    My thoughts about the unknown and the anxiety walking the unknown path can bring up gives me incentive to tap not the divine nature Mary speaks of. For me that is TRUST. It takes sense to me that I only don’t know about what I haven’t experienced. I am used to making decisions based on my past experience, however, that process is not comforting to me any more. I am grateful for your bringing the insight and messages from Mary. That is my source of comfort and it gives me courage to take the next unknown step Blessings

  • Thank you Mercedes for keeping it real. For me the energy is to continue to “trust and allow,” from one moment to the next. I agree – no one knows what’s to come or knows what’s happening and just saying that out loud ushers in a freedom of not “needing to know.” Being free of needing to know allows me to breathe in presence and patience and acceptance and love – all heart based emotions. Each day offers me another opportunity to be still and be an extension of Love in the midst of all the horrors that we see being played out all across this planet. We cant get this wrong. God has given us a goal to reach and has made certain that we cannot not fail. I let it Be.

  • Thank you Mercedes, reading this letter and the 3 replies above, gives me a sense of expanding and fluidity, for I recognize much in all of it. There’s a groundtone of calm, peace, joy and trust present in me, all of the time. When I wake up and when I walk in the beautiful scenery of Dartmoor’s landscape in Devon UK, like this day. Connecting with the ponies, sheep and cows, seeing the white puffballs of clouds sail by in the sky with the sun warm on my face. Nature, the energy of lady Gaia, is becoming more real or rather “an experience” and less an admiration as if I look at a beautiful picture in a frame. I’m of it, in it, with it and part of it.
    When I started writing this reply I had no idea that I would end with saying this, but it’s the love for planet Earth and her creations, that brings great joy in my heart. And now the tears rise up, it’s been so long that I was with HER in this way.

  • Tim Gega:

    For myself, I believe that I had begun the ascension process in 2006. It has been a long road to this kingdom here on earth. I discovered this text (below) just last week which describes this process.

    The Apostle’s Protocol

    “When you make the two into one,
    and when you make the inner like the outer
    and the outer like the inner,
    and the upper like the lower
    then you will enter the kingdom.”

    (The “kingdom” he referred to is “Christ Consciousness,” the Self):
    the ego has died to itself, the “perfected” man or woman, Divine Mother,
    matter, the Buddha nature, pearl of great price, or as a treasure buried in a field.

    (When you align and merge these three energies into one,
    The inner, (mind) with the outer, (physical body)
    And the (physical body) with the (intelligent-emotional mind),
    And the upper, (Spiritual Energies) with the lower, (Human) Experience,
    Then you will have entered the Awareness, (Christ-Consciousness) or, Kingdom of ONENESS inside and out.
    (When you mean what you say and say what you mean, you have aligned all your energies accordingly.) (Translation by TG)

    This verse was a quote Jesus said directly to his apostles.
    This is the ‘lost medicine’ for healing the Mind and Body.
    These are the ‘lost words’ of Jesus not found in the Bible,
    but are in the Gospel of Thomas.

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