Sublime Union Book

Book 2 of the Magdalene-Yeshua Teachings

SUBLIME UNION presents a profound journey into the world of sacred sexuality. The book follows a series of messages author Mercedes Kirkel received from Mary Magdalene, revealing the ancient sexual practices of the Temple of Isis—which have remained largely hidden until now.

Interwoven with Mary’s guidance is Kirkel’s stirring story of applying Mary’s teachings with her partner. Together, Mary’s guidance and Kirkel’s narrative offer a path to greater fulfillment in relationship, while also deepening our spirituality through intimacy.

This fascinating account brings the “master-awakening-the-student” genre into the bedroom!


“Beautifully written and juicy, to put it mildly, SUBLIME UNION is a landmark book—a poignant, courageously vulnerable love story and finely illustrated manual for sexual practice in the realms of communication, energy exchange, and more. I recommend this book highly!

—Saniel Bonder, author “Healing the Spirit/Matter Split” and “While Jesus Weeps”

“SUBLIME UNION is the book we’ve all been waiting for. I highly recommend this thrilling read.”

—Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”

“Mercedes Kirkel is one of the clearest channels of Mary Magdalene known to humankind. . . . SUBLIME UNION is an extraordinary and thorough work, covering everything from metaphysics to honoring emotions, life in the ancient Holy Land, and how to experience sacred sexuality in our lives and relationships.”

—Michael Mirdad, author “An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality” and “Creating Fulfilling Relationships”

“Awakened sexuality is an opening to the Divine. I applaud your courage for sharing your sacred sex life with the world in order to teach this, so people will have an opportunity to have a much more fulfilling and spiritual relationship.”

—Joanna Prentis, coauthor “Power of the Magdalene” and “The Magdalene Version”

“For those who choose sacred sexuality as a path to touch enlightenment and embrace sublime union, Mary Magdalene and Mercedes Kirkel offer clear and timely guidance pointing the way.”

—Claire Heartsong, author “Anna, Grandmother of Jesus” and “Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes”

“A multifaceted jewel of a book that shimmers with light and love. Candid and intriguing personal transformation is delicately interwoven with profound wisdom and amplified by valuable energy-raising practices. Compelling and convincing.”

—Diana Richardson, author “The Heart of Tantric Sex” and “Slow Sex”

“Passionate, powerful, and, best of all, extremely practical, SUBLIME UNION can help couples open to the sacredness of sex and love, and heal their bodies, minds, and souls.”

—Stephanie Riseley, author “Love From Both Sides”

“The words within Sublime Union flow like exquisite poetry, wrapping around you like a cloak from the Divine Mother. This book is a ‘must read’ for all those on the Magdalene path.”

—Anaiya Sophia, author “Sacred Sexual Union” and “The Rose Knight”

“A great manual for creating sacred, healthy, and loving relationships, and a perfect prelude to attracting just the right partner in one’s life.”

Elizabeth Wright, author “I & Eye”

“Sublime Union is a giant leap forward in assisting humanity to overcome taboos and negativity about human sexuality.”

—Ronna Herman, author “Revealed Cosmic Truths for Ascending Humanity”

“A divine love story . . . where passion and the sacred are one.”

—Caroline Muir, author “Tantra Goddess”

“These teachings bring illumination to the sacredness of sex for all of us—integrating passion, pleasure, and love in a sacred way.”

—Diane Riley, coauthor “Tantric Secrets for Men,” author “Sexy and Sacred

“A must-read for anyone interested in sexuality as a sacred practice. With Mary Magdalene as her guide, Kirkel boldly explores practices that have not previously been revealed. Readers can dive in and discover simple, yet powerful energetic practices that awaken the hidden power within.”

—Claire Sierra, author “The Magdalene Path”

“SUBLIME UNION takes us to the next level of spirituality. Much more than a book, it’s a spiritual instruction manual on relationship building—given in a first-person style that makes it simple to incorporate into our interactions and connections. I couldn’t put this book down and plan to give copies of it to all of my friends.”

—Sherri Cortland, author “Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age” and “Spiritual Toolbox”

Reader’s Responses to SUBLIME UNION:

“Utterly compelling and inspiring. . . . almost impossible to put the book down. It has everything: love, loss, sex, and spiritual transformation. Unless you’re already enjoying the ecstacy of sacred sexuality, you want this book!”

“WOW! A powerful, engrossing, deeply personal, amazingly detailed journey.”

“A breathtaking narrative from the heart. . . . We are reminded that sexuality is truly a form of worship and shown just how a sacred sexual relationship works.”

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