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In the summer of 2010, Mary Magdalene began communicating with me on a daily basis. Over the course of thirty days, I received twenty-five messages from her, each one packed with transformational wisdom. I knew right away these messages weren’t intended just for me; rather, I was quite sure Mary wanted them to be communicated to many other people. By the end of the thirty days, she had clearly let me know that she wanted these messages to become a book—and that was the birth of Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love.


Serving as Mary’s representative on Earth presented me with a completely new role. One of my first questions was, “Why me? Why did Mary choose to communicate with me?” In an attempt to provide an answer, I would like to share some of my life story.


One of my earliest spiritual experiences occurred when I was twelve. At that time images and memories began to surface of having been with Jesus in the desert. I clearly saw him being followed by about a hundred people, and I was one of them: a young woman, perhaps in her twenties. It never occurred to me to tell anyone about these memories, as I didn’t think anyone would understand. I kept them to myself, and over time, the images receded into the background of my memory.


During that same time, I became fascinated with East Indian traditional spirituality and began studying books on Hinduism. Later in my teens and early twenties, my life path continued to include spirituality, first through studying the writings of Mahatma Gandhi and then through practicing hatha yoga, Indian meditation and chanting, and Zen Buddhism.


At twenty-one, I was introduced to the teaching of the American spiritual teacher, Adi Da, and I became his formal devotee. I actively participated in the Adi Da spiritual community for seventeen years—meditating, studying, serving, living the life disciplines, birthing and raising a child, teaching in the community’s spiritually based schools, and passionately engaging in the whole process.


In the mid-nineties, I moved on to another spiritual community, culminating my spiritual quest with Saniel Bonder in the Waking Down community. There I had a profound awakening into the unity of the two parts of reality that had always seemed fundamentally separate: my ordinary, mortal, limited self and my inherent Self-nature as infinite consciousness and unconditional love, nonseparate from all. I experienced a shift at the core of my being into a new sense of who I am, characterized by inner knowingness of my oneness with God. The sense of subtle disturbance that had previously driven my life dissolved in this fulfillment of my spiritual search.


After that spiritual awakening, I continued for another year as a teacher in the Waking Down process, helping others in their spiritual journey. During that time, a new sense of direction began to grow in me. I started yearning for greater connection with the earth and to be living in community with others who valued Earth-based spirituality. I studied with a Native American shaman whose instructions awakened memories from previous lifetimes of engaging in the ancient pagan tradition of Goddess-based spirituality. I also studied belly dance, and the dances triggered memories of past lives as a temple dancer. My body remembered that the dance was a record of esoteric knowledge for awakening kundalini energy (spiritual energy that rises up the spine).


Around this time, I began having visions in which I was leading spiritual rituals at a beautiful lake and on the side of a volcano. In 1999, I moved to Hawaii, close to a gorgeous lake that looked just like the one in my visions and was less than an hour away from the actively erupting volcano of Kilauea. Over the next few years, my identity as a carrier of Tantric wisdom began to reveal itself. Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that reveals the unity of the Divine with all forms of manifest life, including sexuality. I’d been engaging in Tantric practices for twenty years, yet I’d never particularly focused on Tantra as special or unique. To me, it just seemed natural. However, during this time, I was introduced to many contemporary Tantra teachers and schools, and to my surprise I found that I already knew more about Tantra than what was being taught in these schools. I began remembering past lives as a temple priestess, during which I had taught and practiced the sacred path of union and ecstasy through mastery of sexual energy. It soon became clear to me that I had a mission to once again teach Tantra. But the form of Tantra I wanted to share with others differed from what was generally being promoted as Tantric sexuality: I wanted to emphasize the integration of sexuality—and all our human ordinariness—with awakened love and consciousness.


The year 2008 initiated the most recent chapter in my spiritual unfolding. At that time, a friend introduced me to a channeled book about Mary Magdalene. In the book, Mary reveals that she was a priestess of Isis—a goddess worshipped in ancient Egypt—who was prepared for her relationship with Yeshua so that together they could engage in the sacred, esoteric practices of divine transformation. I was powerfully drawn to the practices she described and found myself immediately and easefully engaging in them. These practices activated a deep process of remembering as I connected with my own past as a priestess of Isis. My long-dormant memory of having been with Yeshua in the desert once again came to life, and I saw I had also known Mary Magdalene and Lady (Mother) Mary during that same time.


For the next year, I connected directly with Isis, who guided me to begin leading priestess-training groups. I didn’t feel qualified to instruct others when I myself was just re-awakening to my own priestess roots, but thankfully, prior to each group, Isis told me exactly what to do. The trainings turned out to be very powerful.


In late 2009, I received a message from Spirit that I was to leave the Big Island of Hawaii, where I had lived for ten years. I was quite happy in Hawaii and thought I would live there for the rest of my life, so I checked the message out three times, wanting to be sure. The communication remained consistent, so I chose to follow it; I’d seen from past experiences that following Spirit’s guidance always worked out for the best.


Thus, in spring of 2010, I headed for the mainland, not knowing where I was to settle. I spent six months traveling, spending time with my family, and visiting sacred sites. Eventually, I was guided to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

 Within days of settling in Santa Fe, Mary Magdalene began coming to me every morning, bringing her impassioned messages about what we need to do at this moment to move forward in our spiritual evolution. I recorded these messages faithfully and watched as, over a month, she transmitted a book to me. The whole process seemed miraculous, and I knew without a doubt that sharing Mary’s phenomenal wisdom with others was to be the new direction of my life.


Mary’s communication with me seemed to open the doorway for me to receive messages from many beings of light. I suddenly was able to open up consciously and by choice to beings such as Archangel Michael, Yeshua (Jesus), Lady (Mother) Mary, Isis, and many others. I also found out that I was able to read the Akashic Records (the record of each individual’s soul journey through all time) for myself and others.


In retrospect, it seems that much of what I’ve done in my life prepared me perfectly for the work of communicating with Mary Magdalene and other Spirit-beings. However, I’ve been told by several psychics that I’ve been with Mary for many lifetimes, so it may be the other way around: Perhaps my history with Mary influenced me—in this life—to make the particular choices I’ve made. Either way, I’m extremely grateful to be where I am now and to be the messenger for such abundant spiritual treasures and blessings.


I believe we’re living in a unique and powerful time of transformation, a time when more and more people are responding to the call of spiritual evolution. In the midst of this awakening process, it is my greatest honor to share my gifts and wisdom, and to serve others in whatever way I can. Blessings to you and to all on our journey into Divine union!

© Mercedes Kirkel, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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