The Heart Path of Mary Magdalene Book

Book 4 of the Magdalene-Yeshua Teachings

For those wanting to understand Mary Magdalene’s teaching more deeply, this handbook is your guide. Powerful practices—along with Magdalene quotes, life examples, and 14 illustrations—illuminate the Magdalene way of living from the heart.

This universal instruction speaks to all who love Mary Magdalene and desire to evolve.

Praise for
The Heart Path of Mary Magdalene

“Reading The Heart Path of Mary Magdalene, I felt I had been transported into a world of mystic women’s insight. The wisdom streaming from this book is both earthy-useful and universally expanding my mind.”

—Kelly Bryson, author of Don’t Be Nice, Be Real

“An excellent guide to applying and living Mary Magdalene’s heart-centered teachings—from a woman who deeply understands these teachings.”

—Suvani Stepanek, co-author of Grow Your Healthy Relationship Cards

“This is my favorite book from Mercedes so far! Mercedes shares her secret ingredients to the recipe of ‘How to Connect to Your Divinity.’ Read this book and enjoy the beautiful blessings of the Magdalene.”

—Rachel Goodwin, author of Sarah’s Little Book of Healing

“Award-winning author and channel Mercedes Kirkel once again brings Mary Magdalene to vibrant life in The Heart Path of Mary Magdalene. Reading these teachings is like sitting with a trusted counselor who knows your heart and illuminates your personal path through the mundane to the spiritual.”

—Carly Newfeld, Producer and Host, “The Last Word: Conversations with Writers”

“The Heart Path of Mary Magdalene deepens our connection with Mary Magdalene’s messages of love, offering practical steps for living Mary’s guidance. Kirkel invites us to a clearer, truer, more loving version of ourselves.”

—Loren Swift, author of The Earth Keeper’s Handbook

“This book is a fantastic resource for anyone who would like to go deeper into their relationships and themselves. It has the potential to revolutionize how people speak and, more importantly, how they listen, enabling richer and more meaningful lives.”

—Kevin Miller, author and filmmaker

“If you want to inhabit wisdom, this book is a must!”

—Rosemary Eads, psychotherapist

“Mercedes Kirkel has woven the divine wisdom of Mary Magdalene with the grounding of exercises. This practical workbook inspires and guides.”

—Francesca Gentille, co-author of The Marriage of Sex & Spirit

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