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Living From Your Heart

An Online Course
Led by Mercedes Kirkel
Based on Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love
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Join us for this transformational course of teachings given by Mary Magdalene to Mercedes Kirkel: 

Week 1: Remove Blame and Judgments

Week 2: Your Body-Emotion Pathway to God

Week 3: Reconnect Your Inner Divinity

Week 4: Become a Co-Creator

Week 5: Individual Sessions with Mercedes

Week 6: Source Your Natural Compassion

Week 7: Heart-Based Relating

The course includes a weekly, one-hour recorded presentation that participants listen to prior to the weekend coaching call. This is followed by a 90-minute live, group coaching session on that week’s topic on Sunday morning. The coaching sessions are recorded, so if you can’t participate in the live session, you can listen to the recording later.

Plus, everyone receives a one-hour, private coaching session with Mercedes to personally guide you in mastering the skills.

Saturday, April 15 — noon ET / 9 am PT

“No other online spiritual growth course has been so clear and practical for me. This course seems to be deconstructing my old learning and rebuilding a better, more accurate and loving way of being. While the course work is serious, there are often moments of natural humor that make it great fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mercedes. You have helped me to transform.”

“I experienced huge breakthroughs back into my heart and received answers to questions I’d been asking for a long time. This is work I will take with me my whole life.”

“Each session has been incredibly powerful for me. The content is so rich, my Being needs extra time to process it.”

“I recommend this course, especially for people wanting to discover how emotions can connect to our divinity.”

“I would like to live my life in this way.”

Saturday, April 15, 2017 — noon ET / 9 am PT

First Recorded Presentation:
Available April 15, 2017

6 Live Group-Coaching Sessions:
Saturdays, noon ET / 9 am PT

April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27; 2017

Individual Session with Mercedes:
Week of May 29, 2017

Entire Course:
6 hours of recorded presentations
9 hours of group coaching
1 hour of individual coaching with Mercedes
$365 USD

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A 3-Month, Intermediate Level Program
Led by Mercedes Kirkel


CosmicHeart by Willow Arlenea,

CosmicHeart by Willow Arlenea,

Continue your process of living THE MAGDALENE HEART PATH with this intermediate level, 3-month Coaching Program. We’ll go more deeply into THE MAGDALENE HEART PATH as we practice the skills in our real life situations.

Program includes:

Three once-a-month group coaching sessions with Mercedes

A one-hour, private coaching session with Mercedes to personally guide you in mastering the skills

A weekly phone meeting with your Heart-Path-Buddy

Coaching Calls: Third THURSDAY of the month

Thursday, October 20th
Thursday, November 17th
Thursday, December 15th

3:00 pm ET / noon PT

Coaching calls are recorded for listening later if you can’t make the live call.

Private session with Mercedes to be scheduled after the program begins.

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An Online Series by Mercedes Kirkel

2017 Dates to be announced

Sunday, Noon ET, 9 am PT
Hear Mary Magdalene and Yeshua channeled live, as they reveal the new spirituality of COMMUNION™. Ask your questions and hear their responses. Receive a CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS + MAGDALENE-LOVE blessing from Mary and Yeshua.


Mercedes Kirkel is one of the clearest channels of Mary Magdalene known to humankind. Her material seems to access the same aspect of Magdalene as found in the original Gospel of Mary Magdalene—one of the ‘lost’ books of the Bible.”—Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Director, Unity of Sedona

Mercedes is the real deal—I felt the unconditional love of Mary Magdalene and Jesus filling the room. Mercedes’s transmission to each person was very powerful and there were many tears.”—PC, Sedona, AZ

The message from Mary Magdalene resolved key questions I’ve had all my life. The energy was palpable and the message entirely accurate. I’m still reeling from the internal shifts and realignments!”—Trinity Thomas, Austin, TX

Dates to be announced
Plus access to the library of all previous channelings in the series

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Tantra Lovers Vietnam Mercedes Kirkel


Open your heart to greater love

Open your body to true ecstasy

Open your being to total unity

…with your partner
…your highest self

…and the Divine!

For Couples & Singles

Led by Mercedes Kirkel

Treat yourself to a space of deep safety and love for exploring the ecstasy of Whole-Being Intimacy™, including:

  • Integrating spirituality and sexuality
  • Tantric practices for expanding your sexuality into deep heart-connection and bliss
  • Creating greater closeness with your partner
  • Communicating to increase passion
  • Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine
  • Techniques for realizing Whole-Being Orgasms™

This workshop will enrich your relationships, sexuality, and overall life.  In the workshop, there are no explicit sexual activities and we remain fully clothed. You might think of it as rated “PG,”with a lot of safety built into the structure. You will learn internal energy practices — similar in some ways to practices in a Chi Gong, yoga, or martial arts class — but which are based in the sexual energy and can be engaged with a partner for more fulfilling and spiritually-based intimacy.

“A great introduction to a life-changing practice.”

“A wealth of powerful material. I learned more in one weekend than in years of reading books!”

“The weekend fulfilled a dream I’ve had for many years — to learn how to combine deep spirituality with Sacred Sexuality. It is a beautiful, loving weekend full of safety, communication, intimacy, and powerful healing and acceptance.”

“I wasn’t new to Tantra, yet I learned so much more in this course. This experience helped my partner and me in our path towards synchronicity.”

“Very transformative. I loved the way you created a safe and sacred space where everyone felt comfortable.”

“This workshop made sacred sexuality accessible, fun, and easy to understand. It expanded my worldview to believe that there are so many possibilities! I’m much more excited for life!”

“If the weekend is as good as the Albuquerque one last year, no-one should miss it!!!”

Friday Evening – Sunday
Next Workshop Dates: TBA

Early Registration Discount:
$345/person, $645/couple

Regular Registration:
$395/person, $695/couple

For more information,
including a 20-minute audio description of the workshop,

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For further information and to register: Contact Mercedes.


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