MARY MAGDALENE: Letting Go of the Third Dimension

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Part 6 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 19, 2014

Question: Mary, I feel this spiritual quickening in my life and I’m having trouble keeping up. Do you have any advice how to keep in balance with this? Things are just coming so fast. How do I integrate my physical life with the quickening of the spiritual life? The physical life is so slow and the spiritual life is so quick. I don’t know how to integrate that so that the physical life is in balance with the spiritual.


Mary Magdalene: It requires letting go. The more you’re holding on, the harder it will be—the more impossible, ultimately, it will be. The more you let go and surrender, then you will be able to do everything that is necessary to do.


Questioner: I don’t know what you mean by surrendering and let go. Can you explain that a little more?


Mary Magdalene: It’s calling for a greater degree of letting go, which is ultimately letting go in God. The first step is to become aware of how you may be holding on, trying to do it by third-dimensional, mechanical means. That is becoming less and less viable.


Part of this spiritual process is that you are in a process of transforming how things will get accomplished. More and more you’re being called upon to let go in God and let God direct you as to what to do. That will be the way that will be perfect.


Questioner: (Taking a big breath) OK, I can do it.


Mary Magdalene: You’ll get instant feedback whether you are doing it or not! (She laughs.)


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: This process of letting go of the third dimension is not easy. Your attachments to the third dimension are profound, profound. It is a kind of a death process. It is what beings experience when they let go of the third dimension in dying, and how difficult that is for many. This is part of why you practice things like meditation, because meditation is a form of that letting go, that release. Meditation trains you to more and more come from that place. There are these processes, and there are many various forms, but if it is a true meditation it is helping you to let go. That may be something to do more of.


Questioner: Right, absolutely. Thank you.


I still would like a little bit of clarity about how we are in the third dimension but also letting go of it. It sort of sounds like a contradiction.


Mary Magdalene: You’re letting go of the third dimensional process of being.


Questioner: Process of being vs. actually being here. We aren’t dying, we are just…


Mary Magdalene: Right. You’re more and more integrating a higher-dimensional way of being, even while you’re still here. You may be partly in the higher dimension. It may be a percentage of being here and being there.


The third dimension is very much about power. The way in the third dimension is about bringing power, or you might say “force,” to doing things. Many people are familiar with this when they think about willpower, doing things in a willful way. You’re now learning a different way and seeing that, more and more, the willful, forceful way causes great conflict and tension, and ultimately doesn’t work. As things get faster and faster, it will work less and less.


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