Yeshua: What Happens To Our Body At The Fourth And Fifth Dimension

Part 1 of a Message

Received Through Mercedes Kirkel on February 17, 2013


Greetings beloveds. This is Yeshua and I am so deeply happy to be with you. I acknowledge Lord Melchizedek and Sananda, who are both present with us today and who are overlighting and communicating through me, as well.


I have so much compassion, gratitude, appreciation for all of you and what you are going through. I realize it is not easy much of the time. I know this from my experience on Earth. Earth is not an easy place in the third dimension.


You are starting to rise above the third-dimensional energies. This is not an easy process. In some ways it is a kind of a death process—not in any heavy, negative, mournful, sad way; but in a very real way. When people are in the process of dying—especially if it is a more natural, easeful death it is easier to see this process—you see people releasing, you might say, the shackles, the bonds that they have to the third dimension. They are preparing themselves for leaving this dimension and generally going into a fourth-dimensional space. It is not an easy process. It is why it generally takes a period of time for people to die. Sometimes people die quickly, in accidents and those kinds of things. Generally this is shocking to the being because they have to go through so much so quickly. In general, it is preferable for a person to have a longer space of time to adjust to the change that they go through when they die and release the third dimension, including their physical body.


But this process is greater than just the physical body. It includes all the aspects of the third dimension that you are tied into—aspects of thinking, aspects of feeling, aspects of energy, all sorts of things. In some ways you are going through that process now, to whatever extent you have not already gone through it.


Many spiritual beings have noticed the connection between dying and spiritual growth. They have noticed that there is something about the death process that seems to support people in their spiritual growth. They even have techniques of embracing a certain way of relating to living that’s connected to relating to dying, which seems to support people in their spiritual growth. Spiritual growth and relating to the death process are very connected. These are very similar things. And you are going through that now in this process of ascension.


Everyone is at slightly different stages. Everyone has different arenas that they are working with. Whatever still holds you, binds you to the third dimension is what you are working with, and you are feeling the challenge of releasing that. You might experience things such as being more emotional than you’re used to; having your energy feel heavy or difficult; having circumstances show up in your life that you may need to complete your work with in some way or other; having thoughts, patterns in your thinking show up that you still struggle with. They are all opportunities to complete this work and release your ties that limit you in a third-dimensional way.


There is an aspect to this that requires your conscious participation, requires you to make certain changes, to change certain behaviors. And there is an aspect of this that is going on that mostly just requires your support, your opening to it, your not interfering with it—but you don’t necessarily need to be directing it, understanding it, consciously involved with it in a way that you might think of as “working on your stuff.” (He laughs.) But you may need to support the process in ways such as resting more; staying balanced physically, emotionally, and mentally; not getting concerned about the process and doing things that help you to release concern, such as talking to other people about it. Support yourself to stay in the light in the midst of your experiences. This is where doing your spiritual practices, which support you, are very important, whatever those are for you—meditation, study, connecting with spiritual sources, connecting with spiritual gatherings, whatever things support you to stay in your highest vibration and light. All of these things are things you can do to support this process while it moves forward on its own. It will make it easier, possibly quicker, and it will make it so that you feel more comfortable and balanced and confident in going through this.


You have great help in this process. There are many beings who are actively directing tremendous energies of blessing, light, help to you, to all beings of the Earth, and to the Earth herself, to make this shift and this transformation. So it is easier than it has ever been. And there are a great many people who are going through this, like never before. It is a wondrous time and the process will start to feel more and more joyful and easeful to you over time. You are still in the somewhat early phases, so your experience is more one of difficulty or purification or challenge at this point. That will not always be the case. But it is the characteristic at this time. Just as in the death process, those who have gone a bit further into it report exquisite experiences of merging with light, with light-beings, with other beings that they know, of being in incredible, blissful, beatific spaces. And this, too, will be something that will more and more be your reality. But the early phases of the dying process are the phases of release and letting go. And this is the more challenging part.


When I and other beings come to you, it is to help you in any way that we can, through our blessing, through our clarification, through our guidance. That is my motive in coming to you right now, as always, and as so many beings are moved to do.


There are amazing signs right now all around you. I encourage you to be aware of them and to trust them. Things are changing. It is a reflection of your change, your change at the level of consciousness. You are becoming conscious of the fact that you can change anything. As more and more people become conscious of that, you are going to see so many things change. You are going to stop being controlled by a power structure that you feel you have no influence over and that determines the course of your life. This controlling power structure has been possible because you have been bound by third-dimensional consciousness, where you felt powerless, you believed in authority, and gave all the power to those authorities.


You are waking up, somewhat like Dorothy in your story “The Wizard of Oz,” to see that you have always had the power within you. You must simply recognize that and claim it, and in so doing you will stop giving that power away. It is so simple but so hard to see from the third-dimensional perspective. But there are those, like myself, who are committed to help you to make this transition. And it is underway.


You are going to see amazing changes in your world, which will be a reflection of the changes within yourself. Believe in these changes. Do not doubt them. Believe in what they signal. Your world is changing immensely. In a very short time you will have the kind of world that you have dreamed of and have thought, “If only…” but felt powerless to create. You will find your power.


But that is a few steps ahead, even though it has begun and is underway. But the full manifestation of it is a few steps ahead. The primary thing for you is to do your inner work, because that is what will allow this outer manifestation to shift.


This inner work is different from what most of you have focused on in the past. It is why my beloved Mary Magdalene is coming forth to help people. She brings a different voice, the voice of the Feminine, which is so important now, and which so many need help strengthening. The Feminine will help you immensely for what you specifically need to make this transition. Look for those who can help you with this Feminine transition within yourselves. That will be an enormous support for most people. And I am not only speaking to the women. This is for the men as well. We men will manifest the Feminine in a different form, but we need it as much as we need water to drink.


I feel complete in my speaking my thoughts at this time. I would like to hear what you are wanting help with. Please ask me your questions that I may help.


Question: Can you explain the fourth dimension? Does the body die when there is a transition to the fourth dimension?


Yeshua: In the fourth dimension you have a much lighter body. You are familiar with this body. You visit it when you go into your dreams. When you die, you also will move into the fourth dimension. You release your physical body at the earth level, but you maintain a fourth dimensional body.


Question: So in essence it is a death of the third-dimensional body.


Yeshua: Yes, or in some ways like a birthday or a graduation into your lighter body. In the ascension process, you do not need to die to do this. You are transforming your physical body into a fourth-dimensional body. That’s what’s different.


You also can choose to die and move into the fourth dimension. You all have done this before, in-between lives. But you can choose to come back in a fourth-dimensional incarnation. That is another option.


Question: When people people ascend, do they let go of their third-dimensional bodies, which means death in this dimension? Can one be in the fourth dimension and still be in a third-dimensional body?


Yeshua: You can visit the fourth dimension, and that is what you do when you dream. You are visiting the fourth dimension. Or you can ascend, where you go into the fourth dimension and don’t come back into the third dimension, unless you choose to visit the third dimension from the fourth dimension.


It won’t feel the same as dying. It will feel somewhat like going to sleep, and then you wake up and you are in the fourth dimension. But you will recognize it in a different way, because this is your home now, as opposed to feeling that you’re visiting. And you will have that awareness when it becomes your home. You will know.


Question: Does everyone who dies go into the fourth dimension?


Yeshua: They go into a fourth-dimensional space that is a between-life space, yes.


Question: And then what’s the fifth dimension?


Yeshua: The fifth dimension is the beginning of becoming a pure light being. You’re still individuated but you are not so much in a recognizable bodily form as at the physically based third dimension. So there is this graduated process, you might say, of becoming increasingly lighter and lighter.


At the fourth dimension, the lightness is more of an energetic lightness. It has the quality of dreaminess, which makes it very emotional. It also is very much connected to your mind. That’s called the astral aspect. It is very much like your dreams and the way people in appear in dreams. They have bodies. You see people. Yet they can do things that make them not seem physical—the way they come and go, instantaneously travel wherever they choose, things manifest instantly. You know this from your dreams. So that is a help to you to have that reference.


The fifth dimension is what many people imagine when they think of heaven. It is a place of great light, love, compassion, forgiveness.


At the fourth dimension, you are starting to realize your full ability to manifest. Whatever it is that you put your awareness on manifests. This can be things. This can be emotions. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to be strong in your emotional development at the fourth dimension. If you are a person who tends to fall into the lower frequency emotions—such as fear, anger, sorrow—you will manifest this. You will manifest the things that you are fearful of. You will manifest the things you are angry about. You will manifest the things you are sorrowful about. This is what happens in your dreams. This is what you call nightmares.


Part of the mastery at the fourth dimension is mastering being able to stay at the higher frequencies. This will be evidenced by your emotions. When you’re in the higher frequencies, you experience the higher frequency emotions. These carry more light. These are the ones that you tend to enjoy more, such as joy, bliss, peace, tranquility, inspiration, all of those kinds of things.


This is also very related to your thinking. It requires more discipline of your thinking, because whatever you think will manifest. You have some stories in your mythology, or your fairy tales, or even your jokes, where people are granted wishes and the first thing they think about is what manifests. Sometimes this is something very wonderful. Sometimes people think about the things that they don’t want to manifest and suddenly they’re dealing with that reality. This is an aspect of the fourth dimension that’s coming through.


So your thinking must be disciplined, it must be strong, to support what it is that you’re calling in. However, it is much easier to do that at the fourth dimension than at the third dimension. Your mind has a great deal more freedom, just as your body has a great deal more freedom. You are not locked into things that you are familiar with and used to at the third dimension. An example of this is that your thinking in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, will not be binding you at the fourth dimension. Your thinking in terms of competition, of me-versus-them, will not be binding you at the fourth dimension. Thinking in terms of things like judgment, which is really based in right and wrong—judging things as right or wrong, good or bad, appropriate-inappropriate, all the ways that you do that—you will be greatly released from this at the fourth dimension. All this will release you to a purity of mind that is much more supportive and much more easeful mentally at the fourth dimension.


Your work that you do now is part of what is going to determine where in the fourth dimension you gravitate towards, what your frequency will be. Your emotional work and your mental work will very much determine whether you will gravitate towards the lower frequencies or the higher frequencies. Those who tend to gravitate towards the lower frequencies don’t tend to stay at the fourth dimension, because it is too unpleasant. They return back, most often to the third dimension, where they have more stability and can work with greater stability to raise their frequency. There is help at the third dimension because of that stability, even though you’re in a polarized realm of the difficult along with the supportive.


The fourth dimension is generally understood, and rightly so, as a transitional dimension. You are preparing yourself for the fifth dimension. It is a kind of continuum. When you go to the fifth dimension, you are able to hold a high enough frequency that you can stay in the frequencies of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, stay in the light continuously. That is what is required for the fifth dimension. That allows you to start to do the higher work at the fifth dimension, gradually releasing your need for embodiment. Then you become a full light being that doesn’t require the same kind of body that is necessary at the third and fourth dimension.


The primary thing for you to understand at this point is your present work, your present stage, and what will assist you with that. But it can be helpful and reassuring to know where you are moving toward. For that, primarily the fourth dimension is sufficient for your understanding at this time. It is very difficult for you to understand the higher dimensions in any depth or detail because it is so different from where you are now. In many ways, it is not necessary and could even be a distraction to focus on that. It is most helpful to maintain your focus at your current level and what is necessary for you for moving forward into your next step.


[End of Part 1]





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