5 Ascension Insights Most People Aren’t Talking About: Insight #4


By Mercedes Kirkel


We’re dying to the third dimension.


We’re dying to our old way of being. We’re dying to our previous beliefs of what our life would consist of.


Some of what people are experiencing seems remarkably similar to what people go through who are physically dying. There can be a sense of loneliness. There can be increasing ambivalence about things that used to seem important. There can be increasing difficulty functioning in the old ways that seemed necessary to survive. Things you used to enjoy socially don’t seem attractive or important anymore.


You don’t seem able to “do your work” anymore. You may feel anxiety about covering your physical and financial needs, perhaps alternating with apathy about your old life and/or increasing acceptance of the changes occurring.


There may be an intensified longing to go “home.” You may sense a need to finish some soul-work, as part of completing your soul contract for this lifetime.


When I told one of my friends about what was happening to me, he said, “You’re not going to die on me, are you?” My response was that I didn’t know what was going to happen.


Physical-death may be one of the avenues this transition could take. It certainly seems to be a kind of spiritual death.


I believe one of the main things holding us to the third dimension is the belief in death as the opposite, or end, of life. This is possibly the most fundamental form that duality takes in this dimension—perceiving death as the enemy or opposer of life. A great deal of our energy in 3D is spent “fighting” to survive and live. This consciousness is reflected in what doctors sometimes say—that they “won” or “lost” the battle, when referring to a patient living or dying.


Through the ascension process, we move into a whole different relationship with life and death. We come to understand death as part of life, a continuation of the process of our soul in another form. As Mary Magdalene said in Mary Magdalene Beckons:


There is a veil over your remembering of all the lifetimes you have lived and of all the other realms you have been in between your lifetimes. There is a veil over your remembering of your greater self, which is so much larger than the part of you that you’re aware of in this third-dimensional reality. And there is a veil over your absolute connection to, your absolute inherence in, God. If you could remember all that and know it as your present-time and never-changing reality, you wouldn’t have the idea of death that so many of you have. You would see death as a change of clothes, like a snake shedding its skin. When you die, you’ve outgrown your physical circumstances and you’re ready to move on to something that’s going to serve your next phase of your soul’s journey. You might think of it as being something like getting a new car.


For the ascension process to occur, we must stop fighting death—be it physical or spiritual death. Instead, we allow our relationship to reality to transform. Then we begin to experience what is being born anew, in and through and as us.




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