MARY MAGDALENE: Changing the Course of the Feminine on Earth

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

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Question: Can you talk about how one can love, honor, and protect Mother Earth?


Mary Magdalene: This is a very important question because it points to a transformation of your world from 3D consciousness into 4D consciousness. The suppression of the Feminine has everything to do with 3D consciousness. And Mother Earth is a very strong aspect of the Feminine in your world. The way that Mother Earth is being treated is a reflection of the way the Feminine is being treated, which sadly is not very well in your world.


It’s valuable to take a stand for protecting Mother Earth, to support programs that protect Mother Earth, and to work against forces that seem to be not supporting Mother Earth. For some people, that is their soul work to do and it is absolutely important for them to do it, just as it is important for everyone to do their soul work. For some people that is completely appropriate and important. But to be the leaders of that cause, or to be dedicating your life to that kind of struggle and transformation, is not the soul work for everyone.


What all of you can do, first and foremost, is work with yourself. Do whatever is required in your path of transitioning from the third-dimension into the fourth-dimension. And know that healing the Feminine is a huge part of that. As you do the work with yourself, you will be changing the dynamics on planet Earth and even beyond. The Feminine will go from being suppressed, damaged, and hurt in so many ways, to being fully protected, honored, celebrated, and supported.


This will change the course relative to Mother Earth, along with so many other things in your world. This is what will allow the necessary shift to occur. Until that happens, it is very likely that even for those whose soul work it is to change the course of how Mother Earth is being treated, it is very unlikely that they will have that significant of a success. This is because what’s happening is rooted in the third-dimensional power grid, which your world is still deeply entrenched in.


The strongest thing you can do is your own spiritual work and personal transformation to grow beyond the third-dimensional limits into the next higher phases of spiritual growth. For most of you, this is moving into the fourth-dimension.


The spiritual practice you have learned for connecting with Mother Earth is really important—for Mother Earth, as well as for many other areas. It is a way of feeding Mother Earth, giving life to Mother Earth, giving space for Mother Earth to feed you the way she loves to do. It feeds her to give, as well as receive.


Each person who connects spiritually with Mother Earth helps to tip the scales. That’s what it will ultimately take. So you are already making a difference in the most powerful way by doing that. But if it is your soul path to contribute in other ways, then I greatly support you in doing your soul work and the two will work hand-in-hand beautifully together.


Does that answer your question?


Questioner: Yes, thank you.


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