MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Feminine/Masculine Difference

Jupiter_et_Junon_2_by_Annibale_CarracciReceived by Mercedes Kirkel

Question: I recently heard the difference between the Feminine and the Masculine described this way: the Feminine is afraid of abandonment and the Masculine craves freedom. Is there a way to heal this or to bring it to union?


Mary Magdalene: I thank you for your question.


The highest understanding of the Masculine and the Feminine is that the Masculine is the force of pure consciousness, that which transcends all that is arising. This is the ultimate freedom and is so important. This is the Masculine form of God. It’s connection to pure consciousness.


The highest form of the Feminine is the vibratory energy of manifestation. The Feminine is consciousness made manifest, consciousness in form. Everything arising is the Feminine. Your entire world is the Feminine, in many ways. Yet at the same time it is nothing but consciousness.


The Masculine and the Feminine can never be disassociated from each other. They can never be apart from each other. It is only in your separation that you relate to them as different, as separate. They are always in union. They are two different aspects of the same oneness, completely loving each other.


To your mind, in the third dimension, they seem like opposites. The force of transcendence and the force of manifestation seem like two opposite forces. But this is simply a reflection of your mind. It is a reflection of your state of consciousness.


It is not that you are wrong. It is not that you are bad. To assume this kind of duality is a characteristic of the third dimension. Assuming the position of the Masculine and Feminine as being in opposition is one of the fundamental dualities of your dimension.


You could say that the Masculine and Feminine are polarized sides of the same oneness. That polarity is a great magnificence, a great joy, a great wonder, if you understand it as such. A great deal of the work before you in transcending into your next level of spiritual evolution at this time right now—and specifically in moving into the fourth dimension—is to realize the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine.


For most of you the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine will come as a progression. It will come in stages. It will not necessarily come all at once in its ultimate form. Initially it will come within yourself. It will come from knowing your inner Feminine and Masculine.


You’ll know your inner Feminine as the beauty of manifestation—as this beautiful body, energy, sexuality, emotions, love, heart, and your endless creativity in form. This is all part of the sheer beauty and magnificence of the Feminine.


The Feminine is nature. She includes everything you see in nature. The Feminine includes all beings that you know in the third dimension. The Feminine also includes all the beings in their higher form—the beings of light and the angelic realm. All of this is part of manifestation in its different degrees of frequency and vibration. It is all the beauty and magnificence of the Feminine.


At the same time, there is the glory and magnificence of the Masculine as pure consciousness, transcendence. Truly, everything is both. It is like the symbol you have of the yin-yang sign. Everything is both. You are in the process of realizing this. But first you will realize it within yourself. You will realize this wonder of the Feminine, which has been so greatly suppressed for so long in your culture and understanding, in your own connection to yourself, your world, and ultimately to God.


For many of you there is great healing to do relative to the Feminine to even understand and open to the Feminine, first within yourself. This is so whether you’re a man or woman. Then there is opening up to the Feminine in your world, as she manifests in so many ways.


The opening to the Feminine within yourself will allow your inner Feminine and Masculine to come into union. This is where it all begins. You will see the beauty of both. Neither the Feminine nor the Masculine are negatives. They are incredibly glorious aspects of God. And they are who you are. When you know these parts of yourself, when you fall in love with them, you will fall in love with yourself, truly.


Then you will be able to manifest these magnificent parts of yourself in your life and world. As all this happens, you will begin to transform. And as you transform, your world will transform. It is a great path before you, and you are somewhere in the midst of this journey, this process.


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2 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: Healing Feminine/Masculine Difference”

  • As I have previously said, I view each human body as a physical container with both female and male energy. In a meditation, I saw my male energy in the form of a Norseman and my female energy in the form of female harpist. He wanted her but she wanted nothing to do with him. After long fighting, they discovered they each had part of the whole and rode off to the world on a black stallion.

  • Thank you for a great message! Very inspiring and clear, it’s food for my soul. I’ve felt that magnificence of polarity in flashes for some time, a lot in last year 2015, and it fills me with joy. It’s as if a little golden box is opening, with a treasure that lay hidden for a long time. Mary Magdalene puts in words what I sense is in the process of unfolding. I didn’t have the words yet, I am a writer.

    In giving words to inner stirrings, there seems to be a masculine and feminine aspect, when I feel words present from pure “knowing” as a consciousness that is in itself above the human level, it seems. I think that this says more of who I am with my mind, connected to perfectionism and being untouchable. But alas, that’s for me to explore, more with my heart than with my mind.

    I can sense that when I join my heart in giving words, as company to that “knowing” that is pretty “cold” and factual as I sense it, I’m able to connect and relate to others. Even in a state of being without words, which is a humbling experience for me. I’m shouting my love into the Universe, ha ha.

    That joining of “knowing and heart” is part of bringing my Heaven on Earth, as I see it. There is a use and practice of my feminine voice in this for me, in this little box. I’m so happy with this lovely answer of hers and specially this part:

    “You could say that the Masculine and Feminine are polarized sides of the same oneness. That polarity is a great magnificence, a great joy, a great wonder, if you understand it as such. A great deal of the work before you in transcending into your next level of spiritual evolution at this time right now—and specifically in moving into the fourth dimension—is to realize the uniting of the Masculine and Feminine”. Thank you Mary Magdalene!

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