MARY MAGDALENE: How to Change Threatening Circumstances


Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On April 27, 2014


Question: This point of time in human history is uniquely important because we are facing an ecological crisis and industrial collapse. The main reason for this threat is an outdated story/dream that economic exploitation of natural and human resources is beneficial. It seems that somehow this story/dream has to be changed in order for the planet to survive. However, you have said that changing someone else’s story is not productive. How can we bring forth the story that will change the current threatening situation in time?


Mary Magdalene: Hello my beloved one. Thank you for your question. I sense this is an important concern for you and that others share your question. The answer has some complexity to it and I will do my best to clarify the different aspects.


From my point of view there are many “stories” or beliefs that people are operating out of that are creating your world to be the way that it is today. Many of these stories are shared belief systems, which many people have agreed upon. Usually people are indoctrinated into these beliefs at a young age, through the beliefs that their parents hold, which are later reinforced by your various systems of education, religion, social norms and cultural beliefs, etc. Some of these beliefs are more obvious than others. For example, a belief that “You should follow the Bible” might be a more obvious belief structure that is shaping someone’s life. A less obvious belief might be that “You have to follow what the authorities tell you to do.” An example of an even deeper and less obvious belief is “Right and wrong are real” or “You get rewarded for doing the right thing and punished for doing the wrong thing.”


I would suggest that everything in your world is determined by beliefs. Your whole third-dimensional world is a creation of both the mass beliefs of everyone involved and the individual beliefs of each person participating. If any particular person—in this case you—would like to change your reality, you have the power to do so. The key is through your own beliefs.


If you change your beliefs, the reality you experience will change. If you are not happy with your present reality, your work and your opportunity is to look at your own beliefs that are creating that reality. This is not an easy thing for most people to do. It takes spiritual strength and skill to do this. This is why people often enlist the help of others to support them in this kind of work—their guides and higher self, other friends who they trust to provide good counsel, or professionals such as counselors or spiritual teachers.


A huge part of the consciousness that creates third-dimensional thinking is the belief that one’s reality is being created by others, or an “other” in particular. If you listen to people talk about their relationship challenges, most often you will hear people recite a long list of shortcomings on their partner’s part that created all the difficulties. If it’s a political problem, it’s always the other side who’s at fault. You can see this in almost any human interaction in the third dimension. Of course, I’m exaggerating to say this is always the case, but it’s the hallmark of third-dimensional consciousness. There’s a sense of being separate from others, which is one story or belief system. There’s also a sense that right and wrong is real, which is another story or belief system. And there’s a sense of threat or deprivation—that your fundamental needs, beginning with survival, are at stake and you need to fight for these or you will be eradicated. This is possibly the deepest story or belief system in the third dimension and its attendant consciousness.


When you put all of these together, the result is a pervasive story of “me versus the others,” with the others being wrong, which is the primary form that fighting for your own survival takes in the third dimension. The story is that if someone can prove “the other” to be wrong, then the person who is now “right” is entitled to get their needs met, whatever those needs are in that particular circumstance.


This obviously is irrational when you look at it this way. Why should some be entitled to get their needs met and others not entitled? This is another story that is pervasive in the third-dimensional consciousness. When you bring it to the light of consciousness, you can see that it’s the kind of story that a young child, who doesn’t have very much relational sophistication, might create. Yet it truly is a story that pervades your world.


It is absolutely true that one aspect of everyone’s spiritual work in the third dimension is to become conscious of the stories that are creating your reality. But you must realize that ultimately they are all your stories. This might be very hard medicine to take in. You might prefer to see yourself as the innocent victim, suffering the effects of powerful forces that you have no control over. But that is not actually the case.


If you are telling yourself that others are creating the situation in your world of exploitation of human and natural resources, and you want to change that, you must go further in your enquiry. You must discover your own personal story that is creating that scenario. Is your story that you have no power? Is your story that you must oppose others and fight to have your own needs met? Is your story that you must prove yourself to others, attain their validation in order to have what you want? Your work is to unearth your own story that is creating this circumstance in your life. To do so, you will need to release your focus on what others are doing to create this. In other words, you will need to disentangle yourself from the story or belief that your life is controlled by others. This alone takes great spiritual fortitude. Essentially you are releasing yourself from the third-dimensional consciousness.


This is the ultimate work that all of you have come here to do—to grow beyond the third-dimensional consciousness. The issues you see around you that might seem like crises or dire circumstances are really just vehicles for that growth. That is not to say that you should dissociate from the world, because then you would be dissociating from your opportunities for growth. It is to say that you should participate in the world at the greatest spiritual depth you are capable of. Perhaps your current level of depth will lead you to oppose some others, which may be for your highest growth at this time. Eventually you will see that it is not necessary to oppose others. Eventually you will see that there are no “others” to oppose. It was all you all along.


But this is something to be realized. It is not another belief or story to adopt through the mind. All of the true stories are profound parts of yourself that you integrate through your experience. If not, the story just becomes mental clutter that blocks your true growth.


I hope this has been helpful to you. I commend you for your obvious dedication to your own growth as well as to serving your world. I fully trust this is leading you to the perfect experiences for your growth and evolution, which does not mean your experiences are easy or pleasurable. Nonetheless, at the deepest level I believe all experiences are guided by the benign forces of the great plan of spiritual growth and evolution that is leading all beings forward in our reunion with God.


In great love and fullest blessings,

I AM Mary Magdalene


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  • James:

    Thank you x

  • Grace Troye:

    The is an eloquent analogy that brings practical and powerful information. It is the foundation from which the journey will shift from helplessness to personal empowerment. Thank you Mary Magdelen and thank you Mercedes for bringing this message. I have felt a strong supportive connection through all the messages, that gives me a great deal of comfort. Many blessings.

  • julianne:

    i am so very grateful for you and the information you bring forth. i feel a deep connection to mary magdalene and find you a source of validation for insights and direction that i know occur from Her. i appreciate the work you have done to be the steward of the eloquent grace our lady speaks of and transcribe her poetry with dignity and light. may your journey keep you in bliss.

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