MARY MAGDALENE: How Women Will Change Your World

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

[Note from Mercedes: This channeling is addressed to me personally, but the message is universal.]


Blessings Dear One,


This is Mary Magdalene. I’m responding to your call for help in processing what you witnessed in the recent Judicial Committee hearings with testimony by Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.


I understand that it was very difficult for you to watch what occurred because it stirred up great pain for you. You had memories evoked of the kinds of trials of women that occurred in the Inquisition. You had memories evoked of your own sexual assault. And you also felt the pain of your cultures’s orientation toward women: the discounting, the suspicion, and the double standard between the way men and women are related to.


I am aware that you have done much work to heal your pain since the Senate hearing and I acknowledge and commend you for that.


Part of what came up for you through your healing process afterward was the awareness that humans, in general, have played all roles in their many incarnations. This caused you to be aware that in other incarnations, you had probably taken the role that privileged men in your culture are now taking. This led you to consider what would cause someone to act in that way toward women, or toward any group of people.


You accurately identified that being driven to uphold and maintain power comes from fear. There is fear on the part of the privileged group of what might happen to them if they lost the power that they currently hold.


This fear, which is driving many at this time, and particularly men, to treat women in the way that they do is what I wish to speak about.


There is generally the assumption among men in the privileged position that they would be treated poorly if they lost their privilege, just as they have treated others poorly. There is fear that they would not have enough, either to thrive and be happy or perhaps even to survive.


Underneath this is an even deeper fear. It is fear of the Feminine itself. Ultimately it is fear of the Feminine within themselves. It’s a fear of their own feelings and tender side. A fear of their own vulnerability. A fear of their own heart.


This fear drives them to try to cover up that vulnerability, that tenderness, those feelings. So they act as though they do not have these things. That was the display you saw in the second half of the hearings, first from Judge Kavanaugh and later from the Republican senators, all of whom made a dramatic display of their righteous anger at the “villains” (the women and Democrats) who they asserted have so wronged them. But you, Mercedes, and probably many others, felt a lack of authenticity in what they were portraying. There was a nervousness behind it all, a desperation.


That was their fear of the Feminine, the Feminine that comes from the feeling heart and whose heart knows the truth. Feminine feeling and heart is strong, and that strength is part of what men who fear the Feminine are aware of. Dr. Ford was strong in her admission of being terrified. Judge Kavanaugh was not able to meet her in that strength, and instead attempted to use aggression to deflect from his lack of strength.


There is an inconsistency in this that is not understood. Those who fear the Feminine realize the Feminine’s strength. Yet they mistakenly assume that opening to their own Feminine will make them weak. So they cut off from their inner Feminine and compensate through an outward show of force. This is what happened at the hearings.


What would happen if they opened to their Feminine? They would start to feel and be informed by feeling. A feeling person cannot treat another person as “less-than.” A feeling person who has injured another person feels this and is disturbed by it. That disturbance motivates the one who carried out the injury to make amends. This is the basis of emotional responsibility.


The question for all of you at this time, beyond the immediate situation of Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, is this: How can it become safe for men to open to their Feminine aspect?


You see, the women’s movement empowered women to open to their Masculine side. And now it is time for men to open to their Feminine side. Certainly some men are already doing this, but many are not, especially those who have been in the dominant role in terms of holding power in your society.


The biggest way that women can step into the leadership position at this time and support this next step will not be by telling men what they must do. That would be coming from their Masculine and most men do not want to receive from a woman in her Masculine.


Rather, women must demonstrate to men what it is to open to feeling, just as Dr. Ford did when she expressed her terror of testifying and her fear during the original incident. You must show your feelings, especially when you’re experiencing emotional pain, and do this without crossing the line into blaming others for those feelings. Saying what happened isn’t blame. Blame is where you seek to punish or hurt others because of your pain. Dr. Ford did an excellent job of demonstrating this. She revealed her experiences and feelings, without going into an overlay of power by directing anger or blame at others.


Beyond expressing and showing feelings, women can support men in opening up to their Feminine side by guessing what men are feeling. This is using women’s emotional intelligence to help men identify their feelings, because men often aren’t aware of what they’re feeling. It is important to do this sensitively and respectfully. This can be done through asking if such-and-such is what someone is feeling, rather than telling them that this is what’s going on with them (which puts the “teller” in the position of being the authority over them through knowing more about what’s going on with them than they do).


These two things—demonstrating your own feelings and helping men to identify their feelings—can make a world of difference in supporting men in feeling safe to open to their Feminine. And this will change your world.


This isn’t a magic wand that will change things overnight. You are undoing thousands of years of programming. But it can happen extremely quickly in the big picture of things. This is the greatest power that women have. But most aren’t yet aware of this or skilled at using it. Most are still trying to use their mind to change things. But that’s not where this change will come from.


I want to address something else about what so many women experienced in watching the hearings. The majority of women in your world today have been sexually violated or assaulted in some way. Because of this, many women experienced a very personal kind of pain in watching the hearings. It brought up their own pain from their experiences, which have not fully healed.


For many who are abused or assaulted, there is often an initial survival instinct that occurs of blocking out what happened, both functionally and emotionally. Over time this blocking out becomes a habit which turns into suppression. But the memories and pain will break through this suppression at times. One of those times is when hearing someone else describe a similar situation, especially if it’s done in a vulnerable and feeling way.


This is what happened for many women in listening to Dr. Ford recount her trauma. It allowed their own trauma to come forward and be felt in a deeper, fuller way.


In such a situation, I strongly urge any woman (or man, for that matter) who is feeling their own pain being stimulated, to allow themselves to feel it. This is what I call grieving. It is to fully feel one’s emotional pain. Until this is done, full healing won’t occur.


This is not easy for most people because most people at this time have been taught not to feel their pain. This is actually very damaging to people because it prevents healing from occurring. Allowing the emotional pain to be felt will inevitably lead to healing.


So for anyone watching the hearings who had this reaction, I urge you to allow yourself to grieve and heal your own pain. Do this before you make any attempts to change what’s happening, either in the hearings for the Supreme Court position, or in the interplay between men and women in general. Take care of yourself first, however long that takes. When that is complete and healed, then you can consider contributing to changing your world, if that’s right for you.


There are many ways to contribute to changing the world. It is a very individual process and choice. But all of you will benefit from opening to your Feminine—women and men. And women are likely to be the leaders in this. Most women have a ways to go before they’re fully acting out of their own Feminine. This means showing their feelings and allowing that to be enough, without going into the mind with analysis or bringing anger and blame.


Your world is shifting from head to heart. Feelings are the key to this shift. Find the key and make use of it. This is what I recommend.


In great love and care,
I AM Mary Magdalene



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8 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: How Women Will Change Your World”

  • Thank you and Mary Magdalene as well. Taking you’re message to heart.

  • Pat French:

    I am wondering how those of us who have had our emotional responses trivialized by men (and those women who have chosen to stand on the “winning side”) can get back to expressing only in the emotional. For us, translating our pain into logical “strategized” responses has been the only way to be heard. The alternative to that was to risk being accused of emotional malingering. I feel it takes enormous courage to allow our emotions to be shared, or even felt, for that matter, under that kind of judgement. Interesting how something as basic and innate as emotion could be socially criminalized so successfully by simply using this tactic. Rings a familiar note, doesn’t it? Intuition and healing were criminalized, even demonized, in a similar fashion centuries ago. While Mary offers some heartfelt advice on how to allow men to connect with their inner feelings, I honestly feel that it will be up to a critical majority of men to honor the candid display of emotion of one of their own, preferably one already in a position of power, to enable this trend to become accepted. Then again we have had it with other presidents, Carter and Obama to name two, and look who’s holding that office now? I honestly feel we have all been exposed to emotional malingering by congressmen on both sides of this aisle, pushing for a political victory. The outcome to this scene (in which we have all agreed to perform our respective roles) will be, once again, a test of whether we as a society have advanced to the point of elevating heart over will, love over power. Crossing my fingers…

    • Marian van der Veen:

      Yes, Pat French, I can feel how you feel the depth of this subject, this power-game in the energetic playground we all use to find out how it works. Life on planet Earth. In the depth of this shift that is occurring now, that I feel so strongly and that is rejoicing me at the same time, in between tears, I believe that all people, from within, are and will be triggered by the hand of live and life, simply for this reason. Planet Earth, our whole Galaxy, with living beings in it, are entering a frequency of energy, a quality of vibration, that can’t move us otherwise than triggering our hidden shadows, our covered up light. It’s obvious to me, that president Trump is the exact right president for the US now, for he mirrors the state of consciousness in many Americans. The Simpsons are now living in the White House, the whole performance in the public eye seems like a cartoon, isn’t it? At the same time, there are forces underneath it all, moving in invisible currents, that are changing the reality we live in, together. I can see and feel it. What I’m pointing at is, that we, as women, may be surprised by the willingness in men to change and become whole in mind and heart. Some are killing themselves, for they see no way out. Others surrender in acceptance of the pain and suffering they caused and received both. We all harvest what we’ve sown and harvest is upon us, as I perceive it. We need courage in vulnerability I believe and that’s something that the Western modern mind can’t grasp almost. Isn’t it?

  • Thank you for a most helpful message, Mercedes and Mary Magdalene. Grieving is the key word for me. Each day there are moments when deep sadness is felt and it seems to be for all that is being wounded in the present moment and in the past. I’m not ignorant to the possibility that this is my own inner affair, but it feels as if it’s for the whole planet and the collective human consciousness. When I feel and reach the depth of it I mean. It helps when I allow the tears to flow and surrender to the feelings. Like right now. Each time, afterwards, I feel better and my sense of humour is restored. Seeing things in a right perspective, acknowledging myself for the work I’m doing, the efforts I make, within and without, is what I remind myself of very often. For deep inside is this cry: when is enough enough?

  • Kootje Koppe:

    Thankyou very much Mercedes Kirkel and Mary Magdalena
    with LOVE, Kootje

  • Constance Huebner:

    My dear friend, Mercedes, I have been needing a place to process, and this feels right. My husband and I were on a little vacation, touring around in our car on Wednesday and Thursday. We tuned into CNBC’s live open mic broadcast. Listening (not seeing it) transported me back 47 years emotionally to the beginning of my 2nd year of college. I was naive. Raised in safe suburb. I was drinking too much beer. Going out on too many dates. That night I was with two guys I didn’t really know. I vaguely remember the back of a car in a wooded area before blacking out. Next memory: morning in my dorm bed. My virginity was spilled out onto the sheet. I was told I had been dropped of at the dorm and was helped to bed by an adult. After that, I couldn’t focus. I dropped my hardest course. I found a guy who felt like a father figure. I dropped out of school and married him. He was a jerk too. Thankfully, I divorced, found the love of my life and went on….until last week, when the shame was re-lived. My breathless heart won’t stop pounding. I will try to follow Mary’s advice and grieve for an experience stuffed away for so long. Thank you, Mercedes. xoxoxo

  • Louisa:

    Uuuffff ! Mercedes, it is incredible what Mary Magdalene says !!
    I AM so happy, because I was decreeing Violet Flame (*) for everything in Congress align itself with the Divine Plan.
    And I AM sure it did. And I will go on and on at least after the end of November, whenever we know what God wants for this situation.
    (*) I don’t know how to really meditate, but I work spiritually with the Violet Flame that is transforming and cleaning everything, so it can align with the Divine Plan –in this case for America.
    The result was obvious. Women to power !!!

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