MARY MAGDALENE: Opening Your Throat Chakra

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Part 7 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

Question: When I feel my heart opening, sometimes I’ll start coughing. I have the feeling that something isn’t so open in my throat chakra. I would like to know what that’s about and see if there’s something I need to work on.


Mary Magdalene: This is something that many people experience, though it might manifest in different ways.


In general, when there’s a blockage at the throat chakra, it’s a sign of suppression of your voice, your expression, your speech in some form or other. Many people have a history or past where they were told, perhaps as children, to be quiet and to not express themselves in some way. It could have been from parents, or school, or from many “corners.” So that may be involved.


Regardless of where it came from, the healing can be done in the present. It’s not necessary to return back to the source or even to understand the source. The source may not even be in this lifetime. It may be from previous lifetimes.


You can do all the things that are available for any kind of healing. First and foremost, I recommend that you pray. Ask for healing, for clarity of anything you need to understand about this, for guidance of what you need to do relative to this. That would be most valuable.


With the throat, in general, you can simply practice expression. Practice speaking up, when you notice yourself holding back. Or perhaps it involves a different type of expression. Perhaps it’s about expression of your work or your creative energy, your creativity and creative force coming through. You can practice those different forms of expression and see if that changes your experience.


You can certainly receive healing from others relative to your throat and your throat chakra.


Questioner: I’m very creative. I write and I speak, often too much! But there’s this other part, this kind of divine voice that comes through. It feels like it’s that voice that wants to be expressed. And I do want to express it. It comes through often. But I think it’s asking for more.


Mary Magdalene: It may need more space. It may need some setting aside of some of the other forms of expression, so that there is openness for this voice.


Questioner: Yes. I think I need that. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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