MARY MAGDALENE: Practicing Sacred Sexuality Without a Partner

Image by atarax42 sri yantra designer

Image by atarax42 sri yantra designer

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: For those men or women who do not have a partner, how were you taught at the Temple of Isis to practice sacred sexuality, loving yourself and honoring yourself so that that life force doesn’t stop?


Mary Magdalene: Sacred sexuality is an energy practice. It is a practice of the kundalini life force, in the form of sexual energy—for they have the same source, the same pathway within the body. It does not require a partner to engage the sacred sexual energy, any more than it requires a partner to engage a kundalini practice. Truly there is a great deal in common with both.


For many people, the partnership aspect of sacred sexuality empowers the energy more. It ignites the energy. It charges the energy through the polarized interactions of the Masculine and Feminine, so the energy can become even stronger. That is the reason to engage with a partner, because it ignites the energy, making it even stronger and thus potentially much more powerful and effective in its effects.


This polarized charging is also a challenge because that energy has its own pull, its own draw. One who is going to truly engage sacred sexuality must master that energy so that you are not simply drawn into the course of that energy, which in its more ordinary form is the energy of procreation.


So sacred sexuality takes a certain level of training or development—perhaps that is a better explanation—a certain level of skill and commitment to utilize this energy for the highest purposes.


This can all be done at the individual level as well. It can be done with a partner long distance, engaging both of your energies. It can be done with someone who you are not in a relationship with, either sexually or in a non-sexual way, where you are simply sharing the energies and moving the energy between the two of you. There are many ways this can be done.


Sacred sexuality is a most valuable practice, just as in India the kundalini has long been recognized as a most valuable spiritual practice and pathway. The same is true of the sexual energy and the sexual pathway.


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