MARY MAGDALENE: The Experiment of the Third Dimension


Part 5 of a Message
Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On November 16, 2014

At Unity of Sedona

Question: Up until four years ago, I was in a process that felt like a really nice spiritual opening. Then suddenly, things changed very quickly in one day. I felt like I had this incredible anger at God. I’ve also gained a tremendous amount of weight since that point. I’m trying to see if there’s an understanding of what happened and how I can release what’s left of that anger and the weight.


Mary Magdalene: Thank you. This is an important awareness you have, of that point in time. It is your great help. People go through this in many ways in life, which are not exactly the same but there is great similarity, where at a certain point, they’re suddenly having a very different experience. If they remember that point and remember what was happening at that point, that will be their great support in understanding what got tapped into within them. It is always some place of wounding or darkness within yourself that have been connected with.


So you were ready. The spiritual opening that you were experiencing prior to that time was a strengthening, which prepared you for doing deeper work. You had achieved a new level, which enabled you to do this work.


You may need the support of someone helping you to see what happened from the outside. Often it is very difficult to see for oneself the things that are blocking one’s self. Whereas an outside person can be a great support in helping you get to that place. If it has been a number of years, it may be a sign that such outside support would be especially valuable.


I would say that you are completely equipped with everything you need to feel this. I suspect it is not a healing of that initial incident alone. It is tapping into something very big and significant in your soul process. So it is a most valuable thing to put your attention and energy into. It will move you forward greatly.


Questioner: For me, I know that a big part of that anger came out of both my own suffering and seeing extreme levels of suffering on the Earth. On an intellectual level, I think I understand why that’s part of the spiritual process. But at some deeper level—I think I probably share this with a lot of people—I wonder how an all-powerful, all-loving God allows suffering to occur at such extreme levels on Earth. For me, I think that’s the source of the anger.


Mary Magdalene: (speaking slowly, quietly, and gently) This realm that you are manifesting in, which is often referred to as the third dimension, you might look at it as a kind of experiment, perhaps a kind of a science experiment. It was an experiment in power and duality. And suffering is an inherent part of duality.


It may not seem this way, but the beings who are here chose to be part of this, chose to participate in this experiment, sometimes not knowing altogether what that would mean. And it has involved great suffering.


At this level, in this realm, suffering is part of the process of opening of one’s heart. You might say that opening one’s heart is the beginning of the end of this realm. It is a pathway of fire. It is a pathway of suffering. And not everyone experiences it in the same way.


At some point, you will realize you had the option of doing something different with the feeling of suffering other than projecting it outward as anger. You will choose, when you are ready, to allow yourself to feel the pain within yourself, rather than projecting it outward as anger. That’s what you might call the dark night of the soul, because it can be a very terrifying process to open to that kind of pain within oneself. However, it is your pathway to deliverance. It is the pathway to the transformation of the pain and the suffering.


Questioner: So when I see suffering in the world, it’s really a reflection of where I’m at internally. Is that part of the message?


Mary Magdalene: Ultimately, yes. But the pathway will not necessarily take that form. The pathway is more likely to take the form of opening yourself to the pain of the suffering. Through opening yourself to the pain of that suffering, it will take you to the source, the essence within yourself.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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3 Responses to “MARY MAGDALENE: The Experiment of the Third Dimension”

  • June Oliver:

    Interesting this should be in my mailbox today because just this morning I had an insight about anger. It is (perhaps always) related to fatigue, a shortage of energy to accomplish what seems like needs accomplishing.

    We know from childhood that children get grumpy when they stay up past their bedtime or miss their nap. It’s not so different for adults. In this persons case, where there is weight gain, it may be because they are turning to food for energy. Certainly you do get energy from food. But if there is not enough energy, rest is a healthier option than extra food.

    This is something I am going to do next time I feel angry – notice whether I am actually tired. Anyway, it is important to get enough rest for any kind of work including spiritual work!

  • If suffering creates the path to enlightenment, opening one’s heart, etc. etc., then WHY must animals suffer?

  • I’m not trying to challenge this…would really like to know why animals have to suffer if they have no cognition of a “soul.”

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