MARY MAGDALENE: Yeshua and The Earth’s Ascension


Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: There are many explanations about why Yeshua accepted to be crucified and to go through that. I’d like to hear the answer from you, please.


Mary Magdalene: Yes.


It was a sacrifice in the greatest sense of the word. Yeshua came to change the course of the Earth, to shift the Earth into the process of ascension. The Earth and the people of the Earth had descended to the lowest extent imaginable and there was concern that it would remain this way for a very long time, or perhaps it would not be able to turn itself around. So Yeshua came to do this work, to turn the evolutionary process and reset it so that the Earth could begin its process of return, of ascension, and no longer be stuck in the place of the lowest densities.


The crucifixion was a part of this, a very essential part of this. The spiritual force Yeshua had manifested within himself was released into the Earth and also into humanity through the crucifixion, allowing a new level of light and love to take root and take hold in this world. This was the most fundamental reason for the crucifixion.


The cross that he was crucified on was a conductor of his blessing force into the Earth, allowing this blessing to be fully received and the Earth to fully be charged through his life force with his blessing power. This blessing power would be held in the Earth and would be available to the people and the beings of the Earth. This is why you have seen such immense changes in your world since the time of Yeshua and this continues to this day.


This is why the ascension process is happening now at the incredibly rapid pace that it is. This would not normally be the case at all. What is happening on the Earth is exceedingly unique and it has everything to do with the work that Yeshua did here. That work came to fulfillment and was completed through the crucifixion. Do you understand?


Questioner: Yes. He didn’t die on the cross, did he?


Mary Magdalene: No, he did not die on the cross. He was taken to the tomb and revived. The healers were ready and prepared, knowing that this was what they had been called to do. It was all set in place beforehand and the inner circle were all there. He was revived and removed.


The story that was told was prepared in advance so that the prophecies would be fulfilled. It was also told so that the people who were ready for that level of opening, that level of relationship to Yeshua’s work and who he was, could accept him in that form. The story was also told so that he would be safe, that people would not realize or suspect that he had lived. But he did not die on the cross.


Is there more you wish to ask about that?


Questioner: No. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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  • Sandra Stoddard:

    Dear Mercedes – I have been following your talks and messages from Mary for several years now, and just want to say a very big Thank You with much gratitude for all the love, information and inspiration she has given us. I so enjoy reading all that she has given, partly as I attend a group in the south of England whose teacher is a member of the White Brotherhood in spirit, he speaks through Sally Pullinger, in Glastonbury, an experienced medium, singer and musician who also studied homeopathy. Mary Magdalene has also come through Sally to us on occasions, as well as other leading White Brothers, including St. Germain, St.Michael, White Eagle, and others from higher dimensions. I once was fortunate in that Yeshua came through to speak to me of my committment when I had a personal session with the spirit teacher, White Brother, whose name is Chung Fu – from Ancient China – taking his name from the 61 Hexagram of the I Ching. From being with him for several years I learned of the life of Yeshua as Mary tells us now, so I am doubly grateful for the confirmation of her knowledge and life with him. It was wonderful to have him speak to me – quite unexpected – and live with it daily. So thank you all – Mercedes for all you do. I’m sorry I cannot be in America to visit and thank you personally. Many, many blessings to you, Sandra

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