MARY MAGDALENE: You Are the Second Coming of Christ

Christ photo by David Hinchen, Lamb Window, First Presbyterian Church of Albany

Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On March 10, 2015

Question: Can you offer any insight about the second coming of Christ?


Mary Magdalene: The first thing to understand is that all of you are the second coming of Christ. It is not that a being is going to be incarnated. It is that you are incarnating Christ consciousness and this is the time that has been chosen to do that.


It is not a given as far as when that will occur. It remains to be chosen by the ones who will be appearing as the Christ consciousness. It certainly would be wonderful if it would occur this year. It is more likely that it will take more time.


What may seem like a long time in human time is seen very differently at the higher realms. To us it appears that this transformation is happening very rapidly, which is difficult for many people. This is one of the reasons for sickness among people, because of the rapidity of the transformation that human beings are going through. It is unparalleled.


Questioner: So you are saying that you do not believe that a second coming of Jesus Christ is happening, where the being who was physically Jesus in a past life will be incarnating again to help save the planet?


Mary Magdalene: It is not my understanding that the being who incarnated as Jesus will be incarnating again.


There are many, many ways that incarnation happens. It is not the form that matters. It is the consciousness and the love that you manifest on the Earth that is important. At the time that Jesus incarnated two thousand years ago, it was necessary for that to be in the form of an individual human. This is not the case any longer.


There are many who are deeply connected to the one that you know as Jesus, just as there are many who are deeply connected to myself. Oftentimes this is through a soul group connection.


Many of you carry the soul group essence or lineage within you. Many of you have access to Jesus (Yeshua) and to the whole soul group in some form or another, through your direct connection to spirit. This is a stronger form. It is a very good sign that this is the case. It is a sign of humanity’s growth and evolution.


Questioner: Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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