Why I Was Drawn to France

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel
On June 16, 2015

[Note from Mercedes: This is a personal message that Mary gave to me while I was traveling in the south of France. I’m sharing it because so many people have communicated that they find Mary’s personal messages to me also speak to them and are quite valuable.]


Mercedes: Mary, why was I drawn here to France? What did I need to come here for?


Mary: This is a very good question. Ultimately it is not necessary to go anywhere for spiritual purposes. Spirit is not limited to any particular location.


Yet there is no question that you are affected by various environments. Different places on the Earth have very different feelings and energy. You are aware of this. So it is the energy of the Earth in France that you are drawn to, not to find me in France.


What do you feel here?


Mercedes: I feel happy. At the site at the river where it is said you did baptisms, I felt ecstatic, overjoyed.


I love the land. It feels like home. The weather feels good to me. The people seem beautiful and authentic. The women are more Feminine here and also strong. Everything seems natural and “right” here. My heart is peaceful.


Mary: This is a sign of soul connection to the land, as well as being fed spiritually by the land in this location.


Mercedes: I also feel a natural balance of Feminine and Masculine. I like the way it feels less materialistic than what I’m used to, more Earth-based, less consumer- and possession-oriented.


Mary: Yes.


So why do you think you were drawn here? What has happened for you since you’ve been here?


Mercedes: My body is straightening out. I’ve found the source of the twists in my body that’s manifesting as my scoliosis. It feels like it’s sourcing out of the base of my pelvis on the left. It’s like my Feminine hasn’t been willing to fully descend into manifesting on Earth, especially bodily and sexually. So my Masculine is dropped in my pelvis and my whole right side of my body. The Masculine is collapsing because the Feminine isn’t forming the foundation, isn’t willing to fully be here.


My Masculine is collapsing at the pelvis (sexuality), in my shoulder (responsibility), and dropping forward at the shoulder (moving into the world in a collapsed way). My Feminine is lifted at the shoulder (moving forward in the world with tentativeness and tension, not fully willing or available, not easeful but rather apprehensive and cautious). My Masculine is coming forward in the pelvis (sexuality), but my weight is all on the Feminine, not shared with the Masculine.


I’m learning about myself through my body and I’m willing to change who I am and what I manifest. It has all showed up here in France. It’s like I’m able to see myself clearly and simply here.


I bought a Feminine dress at the market that everyone thinks is quite beautiful and that feels connected to Isis. It feels easier for me to be Feminine here.


I feel much more accepted here as a channel of you, Mary.


I think it’s easier to be myself here and I fit in better. I can see me offering my work here and I have more clarity about what my work is.


I feel like I’ve come home. I know these places, especially at Rennes les Bain and the church at Rennes le Chateau. I feel you there. It’s not in all the mystery and church artifacts. It’s in you, your presence, or maybe the temple of Isis that used to be there.


My heart is here and connected to the Earth here.


Mary: It sounds like you are very clear.


Mercedes: Yes, I think I am.


Mary: Your work is to anchor the Feminine within yourself. If that is supported here, then that is important. For you, the history of these places is a distraction. The direct work in your body and energy field is what is guiding you and all that you need.


For many people, connection to the past can help them to bring in more of who they are, more of the wholeness of their soul. History can be helpful for those reasons. It is like going into the Akashic Records, to understand who one is and what one’s soul path and work is.


That aspect of connecting to history can be valuable. Not everyone needs it, but for some it is supportive. However, often people get distracted by history, by focusing on the ideas and “facts” of what happened, when, by whom, and so on. That can clutter the mind and obstruct the work of the soul. In general, it is not necessary. But many people use history in that way, as an avoidance of the heart and the path of the heart by staying in the mind.


Allow the gifts of this place to unfold. Don’t fall into doubt. You are on course.

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4 Responses to “Why I Was Drawn to France”

  • Trinity Thomas:

    Thank you so much for this msg and for finding a way to broadcast from France! I am feeling more richness related to why/how Mary Magdalene was drawn to that area, what she experienced that let her know it was where to anchor, perhaps what Isis had anchored there and how Gaia supports this Divine Frminine/Masculine balance there.. What remains and how we can welcome the transformations into us individually. Would love to hear what MM has to share in these topics perhaps. Much love from my heart to yours!

  • Tanuka Gupta:

    Dear Mercedes,
    The first thing that struck me in your picture was how feminine, French and petite you appeared to be. There was almost a girl like quality emanating from you.
    I was amazed at the interpretation you have given about your physical condition and its link with the acceptance of feminine and masculine.
    Thank you as always. Have a blessed time in France, one of my favourite places on earth.

  • Mercedes, I have never before heard and felt you so whole and complete. Mary’s
    questions elicited introspection which felt to me that you and the universe were one … part of God, Goddess and All That Is. I had that feeling on my trip down
    the Nile visiting the old cities of ancient Egypt, especially Karnak.

  • This message spoke clearly to me. I went on a solo trip to France in 2011, visiting Chartres and other places around Paris. I didn’t have time to go where you are but would like to later. I hear her telling me to open my heart and get out of my head, to quit assuming I need to read yet another book – rather, I can allow her wisdom to guide me in my heart, trusting guidance. Thanks for sharing your messages.

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