YESHUA-MARY MAGDALENE: Attracting a Partner

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: I’ve been divorced twice and a single mother for almost twenty years. Though I’ve done a lot of personal and spiritual work over the years, I yearn for a partner and a soul mate. Is there anything I can do to attract this special man into my life to practice a conscious love relationship? Do twin flames or twin souls have anything to do with this?”


Mary Magdalene: Thank you for this question. We know that so many souls at this time are longing for what you might call your “soul mate.” You’re longing to be fed in the outer dimension by another who complements you in your manifestation of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and who feeds you in this outer way.


This is so natural in your realm, and really in the whole scheme of manifestation, because of the way manifestation is all a reflection of Mother-Father God. There is a naturalness to wanting to be in union with your Divine complement, you might say. It is part of the grand picture, which most likely you are only seeing a portion of at this time.


As you access higher dimensions, you will see more and more of this grand scheme. You will also see more and more of how the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are constantly manifesting in myriad ways. At this point it may be less obvious to you how that is going on. That, too, is completely understandable when a being is manifesting in the third dimension.


The first thing I want to say is please don’t negate yourself for this heart longing. Ultimately what someone is longing for when they’re longing for this kind of partnership is union with God. The ultimate form of knowing your wholeness in God involves knowing the Divine Masculine and Feminine as always in union with each other, as well as what is prior to Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine or that union.


I can imagine some may be thinking I’m saying, “Just unite with God and forget about your desire for a partner.” I imagine that might feel frustrating.


What I am saying is that, very likely, your desire for a partner will never be satisfied, even if you’re in a partnership, until you unite with God. This is because God is the source of the fulfillment of your longing. God is what that longing is really pointing you to. I always—and I am quite sure I speak for Yeshua, as well—we always urge you to do whatever supports you in connecting with the Divine Masculine and Feminine, Mother God-Father God in union with each other, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, however you term it or relate to it. Support yourself in that. When you do that, your reality is going to change.


First of all, if you are not in a relationship, your level of frustration is going to change. You will be much happier and much more at peace. If you are in a relationship and you do that, your level of frustration will also probably change tremendously. You will support your relationship. You will enjoy your relationship. And you will benefit from your relationship so much more if you source your union through God rather than your partner.


The true function of a partnership is to celebrate your prior union with God. It is also to support you in your spiritual path and your manifestation of your spiritual service in this incarnation.


If you are looking to a partnership to fulfill you in your longing for the Masculine or the Feminine (depending on which you tend to long for), we suggest taking that as a sign that your work is with God, not with another human being, or even a being on a subtler plane. Do your work in God. Then you will be guided to what is right for you in partnership. Very likely you will manifest a different reality at that point.


If you find you’re not in partnership and you are wanting to be, that is very often a sign of something you are creating. Somehow you are creating yourself to not be in partnership. Your longing to be in partnership is part of your guidance for your spiritual growth. It’s showing you that there is something for you to work and evolve with in yourself, which is somehow keeping you from being in partnership in the way you might like. That is clarifying. It’s like a light shining on this arena to help you to know what your work is to do.


Perhaps you are still healing from wounding. Perhaps there is some way you are protecting yourself from being open to a relationship because a relationship requires vulnerability and openness. Perhaps there is fear on your part of what would happen if you truly opened yourself. Perhaps there is grief you have not completed from a past relationship.


In general, it will come down to emotions that you need to complete. This is the emotional work that was talked about in the messages recorded in the book Mary Magdalene Beckons. For most of you, the emotional work is the biggest area you are deficient in. It is your biggest block to the Feminine. It is your biggest block to having your Feminine be strong enough to allow you to live in your heart, stably, and unite with the Masculine. which is a stepping stone to the ascension process.


More than anything else, we urge you to do this work. Become the emotional masters that you on Earth were intended to be. This primarily refers to understanding the pathway when you are in emotional pain, for letting that pain connect you to your divinity. That pathway will change you, just the way a river carves out a beautiful canyon. Your painful emotions were meant to grow you. Most of you are still living in fear of your painful emotions—avoiding them, trying to get out of them, or trying to never have them. You are robbing yourself of the great gift that you still require from your emotions in order to make the spiritual transition of ascending into the higher dimensions.


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