7 Signs of Completing the Third Dimension

By Mercedes Kirkel

Ever since I began receiving channeled messages from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus), they’ve been talking about our spiritual growth into the higher dimensions. They say that humanity is in a process of completing our work at the third dimension and beginning to shift into the next dimension of consciousness, which they refer to as the fourth dimension.


Part of what they describe is that each dimension has a particular focus of growth, which beings who manifest in that dimension are working on mastering. You might look at it as a kind of school. When we learn our lessons and receive the growth that particular dimension offers, we then “graduate” to the next dimension.


In the third dimension, the focus is on learning lessons relative to power. If you were to describe the third dimension through the lens of power, the purpose of life would be to acquire enough power to survive and thrive. Power can be in the form of money, status, knowledge, or authority. Part of 3D is that there’s a sense that there isn’t “enough” for everyone. Thus you have to struggle and fight to gain and maintain power. This leads to competing with others and exercising “power over” each other.


Our relationship to power dramatically changes as we complete our lessons and “work” in the third dimension. Here are the signs I’ve learned from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua of this completion relative to 3D:


1) You stop giving your power away to outside authority. You stop thinking there are others outside yourself who know more about you than you do. You stop consulting others to see what you should do or letting others make decisions for you. You assume your own authority relative to yourself and what’s right or true for you, whether others agree with you or not. And you honor everyone else’s authority to do the same relative to themselves.


You can still learn from others who have more skill or knowledge than you, but you don’t give your power away to them. You can still consider others’ points of view or ask others’ opinion when you’re in the process of coming to clarity. But you’re in charge of you and your decisions.


The exception is if you’re a parent or the caretaker for someone who’s mentally incompetent, because they aren’t capable of being their own authority and need your support. With children, your job is to progressively prepare them to be their own authority in a responsible way, which optimally fulfills itself in the later teenage years.


2) You stop thinking of life as a battle that you have to win in order to survive. You stop seeing death as having “lost the fight.” You stop dealing with situations or problems by overpowering them. You see situations and circumstances as working with you, rather than opposing you. You trust life as supporting you and relate to death in trust, as well.


3) You don’t enjoy winning if others are losing. Cooperation and collaboration with others become more attractive than competing. You look for solutions that support everyone, rather than supporting some at the expense of others. Life becomes about “me and you,” rather than “me versus you.”


4) You stop believing there’s a set of rules for life that applies to everyone, and which proclaim what’s right or wrong, good or bad, or acceptable or not acceptable. Instead, you discern whether the events of life are supporting or not supporting your values and the way you want to live. These discernments are personal. They’re about you and how you want to live, rather than being absolute truths “out there” that everyone is supposed to adhere to.


5) You stop being guided by your thinking and start being guided by your heart and feeling. The brain is like a computer. It’s a marvelous tool for coming up with infinite possibilities, but it’s not good at making choices. That choosing is better handled by our heart and feelings, supported by our thinking.


6) You stop relating to yourself and others as victims. You don’t see life as randomly happening to you and that you’re just at the effect of outside forces. You no longer blame others or your circumstance for what’s happening to you. You see that you always have choice and are operating from choice. Some of your choices may have been made in previous lives or at the soul level prior to incarnating in this life, and you may not consciously remember making those choices. But you consistently come from the place of assuming your own free will and taking responsibility for your circumstances.


7) You stop acting out of duty or should’s or have-to’s. Instead you act out of joy and passion. You discover that life works better when you operate out of joy and passion than out of duty and obligation. Plus it’s a lot more fulfilling and enjoyable. You relate to life as a creative adventure and you have fun doing so!


What I love about Yeshua and Mary Magdalene is that they’re endlessly devoted to helping people make these shifts in their consciousness and practical life. If you’d like to receive practical, step-by-step instruction for shifting in these ways, check out The MAGDALENE HEART PATH Online Course: Living From Your Heart.


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  • Noelle:

    Thank you, Mercedes, Mary Magdalene and Jesus for this most extraordinary and insightful information.

    Noelle Izzi

  • Amy:

    Mercedes, this is extraordinarily clear and concise, thank you. I have never seen a definition of the 3D experience put forth as such before. I will continue to re-read this. Blessings to all

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