MARY MAGDALENE AND YESHUA: Dealing With a Non-Physical Being

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

Mary Magdalene: Hello beloveds. This is Mary Magdalene and I am here with Yeshua. We are both very happy to be with you tonight. We thank you so much for gathering, for calling upon us. We thank you for your openness. We thank you for your energy. We thank you for your great interest in growth, in opening to what is before you in your process, both as individuals and as human beings developing spirituality, bringing spirituality into your world, and manifesting your destiny as spiritual beings incarnated as human beings. Thank you so much to all of you. It is our honor to be with you tonight.


We would like to hear from you. We would like to know how we may help and support you. We would like to know what it is that you would specifically like help with. And so, we open to your questions. If there is anyone who would like to ask questions of us, please speak now.


Question: Some years ago, when I was asleep in my bed, I heard a voice call my name. Then I felt a hand on my belly and I got scared. I told it, “Go away, I don’t want this,” and it disappeared. About four weeks later it came back and it has kept returning since.


I don’t know who it is and what it’s purpose is, so I got scared. I asked my guardian angel, “Please will you protect me at night and send away whoever it is, because it scares me.”


Mary Magdalene: What is your question about this?


Questioner: My question is, can I allow this being to come to me and talk to me, or do I have to tell it to go away? I want to sleep and I’m scared.


Mary Magdalene: Are you wondering if it’s safe to open to this being?


Questioner: Yes.


Mary Magdalene: This is a very important discernment to make and it is very valuable that you are asking about this.


The first thing to know is that you are in choice. Many humans, especially in the third dimension, don’t realize this and they are actually opening themselves to other beings without realizing that they have choice, whether to open to them or not. But you do have choice.


You may have to learn how to exercise that choice one way or the other. For example, some people need to learn how to open, if they wish to open. Others are opening without realizing they have choice. They may have to learn how to say “no” and not allow beings to come into their space, energetically or physically. They may need to learn that they also have that choice. So it can happen in both directions. The first learning for many humans is simply to realize that you do have choice. That, in and of itself, is a very important learning.


There are a few things I can offer, which I have hope will be supportive for you. One is that in most circumstances, your greatest gauge of another being is what you experience, and specifically what you experience relative to the two qualities of light and love. If you experience that another being is increasing your experience of light and/or love, that is an indication that that being is for your good and for your benefit. If you experience a diminishment in your own, you might say, quantity of love or light when you are experiencing another being in your field, then that is an indication that that being is not for your highest good. In that case, I would not recommend opening to that being.


It is actually the same whether beings are physically incarnated or not. When you have interactions with other human beings who are physically incarnated, this is the same measure. Is the contact you are having with those beings increasing your experience of light and love or decreasing it? That is, in general, what I would say is the most valuable measure of whether it is for your benefit or not to engage with those beings.


It is very much the same with a being who is not perhaps physically manifest, but is energetically manifest. So one thing I would recommend is for you to actually become aware of whether you’re experiencing an increase or decrease of light and love in the company of the being in question. Perhaps you already are aware of this.


Do you have a sense of whether this particular being who seems to be contacting you is increasing your experience of light or love or decreasing it?


Questioner: I think decreasing. I don’t feel comfortable when I hear that voice and the touch. I am careful about my space. I can hug people I love, but with other people I feel “don’t come in my space.” And with this being at night, I get scared all the time.


Mary Magdalene: Yes. Your fear is an indication that your being is saying “No.” I would encourage you to follow through with making it clear to this being that your space is not available—not only the space of your body, but I would include the space of your bedroom, your bed, and your entire home. And there are steps you can take to support this.


You can purify your home. You can use elements such as sage, which is very clearing and tends to bring very good frequency to a space. It also tends to be one that beings of a lower frequency don’t enjoy and don’t tend to want to be around.


You can learn techniques for strengthening your support system, even when you’re asleep or close to sleep.


It would also be valuable for you to work with your fear. This is a challenge, because the fear is indicating that you have a “No” and that you do not wish the being to be there. But if you are not clear how to make use of that fear, to take the fear all the way into its source in your divinity with God, then the fear itself weakens you and tends to make you more vulnerable to outside entities. Lower frequency entities are actually attracted to the frequency of fear. So it would be very much to your advantage to learn how to work with your fear.


I am not meaning that you should get rid of the fear. I suggest the process that I communicated about in the messages recorded in the book Mary Magdalene Beckons. This is a different process relative to fear, one that uses the fear to take you into your God-source. When that happens, it takes you into your strength and you will become strong. Then you will be able to bring the strength of your divinity into the situation.


The strongest thing there is is love and light. And the greatest thing you can bring to a lower-frequency being is love and light. This is not a sugarcoated kind of love and light. This is a very strong love and light. It not only brings you your strength, it also brings strength to this other being. Perhaps that is part of your spiritual process, to bring the strength of your love and light to this being.


Questioner: Yes, okay. Thank you.


Mary Magdalene: You are welcome.


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