Cancer As a Spiritual Journey: Listening to Guidance

By Mercedes Kirkel

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my guidance was very clear: “Get chemotherapy asap!” My guidance is always clear, but this was stronger than usual. It was almost as if my guides were yelling at me.


I think they needed to turn up the volume. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, all of a sudden you’re faced with so many options – and so many people with their own ideas of what you should do. It can definitely be overwhelming, as though having cancer wasn’t already enough.


The other reason my guides needed to “shout” was because I’ve always had a strong preference for going the natural route. It definitely wasn’t my nature to jump on the medical/pharmaceutical bandwagon. But that’s exactly what my guides were telling me to do. So, like always, I followed the guidance.


Fortunately, my oncologist is a wonderful person who’s very open to me listening to my guides. (Thank you, Spirit, for guiding me to her!) So we’ve been a good team.


I’ve seen throughout my cancer journey that listening to guidance has been so important. Fortunately, I’m blessed to hear my guidance very clearly, which has been a tremendous advantage. For those who aren’t so fortunate and struggle to hear their guidance, cancer is a great opportunity to change that.


So how can we listen to our guidance? If you’re like me, it comes in very clearly, like a voice in my head that’s different from my own. If you’re not experiencing that, it may be that you’re blocking it.


Some people are afraid of hearing “a voice,” equating it with being possessed. If that’s the case, you can dialog with the voice. Ask it who it is. This is a law of Spirit: All entities are required to reveal who they are, if asked directly. You can also ask what its intention is. If it’s an outside spirit and it doesn’t want to answer these questions, it will just go away.


I believe that most of the time when we get a “communication,” we’re hearing from either our higher self or one of our angels. And they’re trying to help us.


Be aware that you may not receive guidance through a verbal message. It may come as an image. Or a physical feeling. Or an emotion. Or an experience. You may be discounting these things as not meaning anything, or a mere synchronicity. Part of the process may be to start to listen to your body and experiences.


If you’re not sure if you can trust a message you’re receiving, test it out. Does it feel benign and supportive? Do you feel better or worse when you open to the message? Does it align with your previous experiences? All of these discernments can help you know whether the message is right for you.


In the book Radical Remission, Dr. Kelly Turner describes the experiences of people who’ve experienced “spontaneous remission” from cancer. This is a documented medical phenomena, where cancer patients go into remission without a clear explanation from the medical point of view. Based on her research of thousands of cases, she’s identified nine factors that people who’ve experienced spontaneous remission share.


Most of the factors were things I expected such as diet, exercise, emotional healing, etc. But one surprised me. She lists “following your intuition” as one of the nine factors that people consistently did, which made a difference.


I agree with that. And I think it’s a greatly under-recognized factor in healing, from cancer or anything else. In my cancer journey, even I have been stretched and grown in this arena. And I’m grateful for that. I feel stronger because of it, especially in my relationship to Spirit.



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