MARY MAGDALENE: The Joy of Forgiveness

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By Mercedes Kirkel

Mercedes: Recently I responded to a Facebook post from a woman who’s been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was expressing how afraid she was of her cancer diagnosis and of dying.
Here’s what I wrote:
“I believe cancer is an opportunity for all of us to come to peace with dying. This isn’t the same as giving up. It’s coming to peace, whether we live or die. I was taught that one of the most important things to do to come to peace is to forgive and be forgiven. Forgive all those you need to forgive — those with whom you’re holding any resentment or blame. And ask for forgiveness from all those you feel any regret in relation to, for things you’ve done. Do this in your heart or in person (if it’s appropriate).
“Of course we don’t need to wait till we have cancer or are dying to do this. The sooner the better. But it makes a huge difference in terms of coming to peace with whatever happens. Then I believe it’s between you and Spirit/God whether you live or die. I hope this is helpful and wish you fullest blessings for an easeful path, whatever that is for you.”
After seeing my post, someone else sent me this message:
“I want to forgive more fully. How do we actually forgive? Anything you’re willing to share about that?”
In response, I offer Mary Magdalene’s instruction from Mary Magdalene Beckons:

The Joy of Forgiveness

An Excerpt from Mary Magdalene Beckons

Hello, dear one ~


Many people today are speaking about forgiveness. And it is true: forgiveness is such an important process, especially at the stage where many of you find yourselves. Forgiveness will release you from the prison of thinking that someone else did something wrong to you or that you yourself did something wrong.


You see, your hurt is real. In this reality, this dimension, people really do get hurt. What you must understand is that this is different from thinking that someone has done something wrong. Wrong and right are simply fabrications of your mind, ideas that have been created to try to get people to do certain things that some people want them to do. Can you imagine living without the thoughts that some things are right or wrong? It is entirely possible and would benefit you tremendously.


If you didn’t have the idea that something was wrong, you would simply be left with your hurt. This would support you in turning your attention to yourself and your own process rather than wasting your attention and energy on your thoughts about others. Then you could simply be with your hurt, giving yourself over to the process of feeling.


When you fully feel, no longer resisting with your mind or your busyness, but simply surrendering fully to feeling, you receive a gift. It may be a message, an understanding that realigns you to truth and opens your heart. Or you may simply be led to the beautiful quality, the divine attribute that is the source of your pain. And in reconnecting with that divine attribute, you will be led through the pain, all the way through, to the light at the end of the tunnel. Going through pain is like a kind of death, and in surrendering to it, you find the light at the end of the tunnel.



At this point, you can forgive because now your heart is open and you are at peace, once again reconnected to God. From this place, you can open your heart to the other. You can connect with their divinity, the beauty that was motivating them to do what they did, even if it may have caused you pain. You can open to them again in love. This is true forgiveness.


This will be followed by action, and you will know what action is appropriate for that particular circumstance. There is not one formulaic response that is necessary or best for engaging forgiveness. You will know in each circumstance what you’re called to do. And it won’t be difficult, like pulling teeth or climbing Mount Olympus. It will be easeful and joyful because the forgiveness has already occurred. This is simply the natural outcome, the action flowing out of that new alignment, that shift at the heart.


Sometimes you may communicate with the person. Sometimes you may not. Sometimes you may ask for their forgiveness. Sometimes you may choose to have less to do with that person. Sometimes you may see how this circumstance served you, even if it created pain. Sometimes you may see how you created this circumstance. If it is true forgiveness, you will feel the unity of your heart and soul with this person.


Forgiveness is a hugely liberating practice. It can be engaged daily. Do not confuse it, however, with denying pain or denying that you experienced hurt. Do not confuse the practice of forgiveness with the idea of forgiveness or other related ideas such as, “I created this myself,” or “There’s only oneness, so not to forgive is only hurting me,” or “This is just an illusion,” or “I should forgive this.” While ultimately those statements are true, holding them as ideas will not help you and will actually hurt you if you’re using the ideas to avoid feeling the pain.


The process of forgiveness must be engaged through feeling. That is the corridor that will lead you to your open heart—your light-filled room of wonder, love, and peace—and your heart’s joy. Take that path, dear one, and reunite with your true Beloved. In that vastness of joy, you will have more than enough excess to love the one who has hurt you, to embrace and hold that one in this heart- full unity.


I love you and call you to join me in this space of divine union.


I AM Mary Magdalene


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