Living Mary Magdalene’s Path

By Mercedes Kirkel

As the saying goes, I have good news and bad news. Actually, I don’t believe in “good” and “bad.” So I’ll rephrase that: I have happy news and sad news.


First the happy news. We’ve had terrific sales of my new book, THE HOLY GRAIL: SACRED MASCULINE & DIVINE FEMININE since it was launched over the Memorial Day weekend. And we made it to #1 Best Seller on Amazon. YAY!!!!! Thank you so much to all of you who made that happen.


Now for my sad news. I have so wanted to do an online event for the launch of the new book. I want to share about what’s in the book and why it’s such an important message. And I haven’t had the energy to pull that off. I feel very sad about this.


In the past, I absolutely would have done this. I know that and knowing it makes it harder. This has been one of the difficult parts of my healing journey. I’ve struggled to accept who I am now, which is different than how I used to be.


I haven’t given up hope that my level of wellness and energy may change in the future. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I don’t know. What I know is the now, which is what I’m struggling with.


Mary Magdalene tells us to embrace pain and let it guide us to the beautiful part of ourself we’ve gotten disconnected from. So I’m asking myself, “What is this pain—of not being able to share this book with you in the way I would like—pointing to?”


I feel deeper, letting the pain guide me. The feelings are sadness, despair, and powerlessness. They are my guides, like lights in a cave of darkness pointing the way into the core of my inner world.


The sadness guides me to my inner divine quality of support—I want to support Yeshua’s and Mary’s profound work, and to support people in receiving and benefitting from it.


The despair guides me to my inner divine qualities of wellness and wholeness, which I long for, for myself.


The powerlessness is because I want to contribute—to Mary’s and Yeshua’s work and also to all of you.


A shift is now underway. The painful feelings—of sadness, despair, and powerlessness—recede and dissolve, as the beauty of my inner divinity outshines the darkness, like the sun emerging from behind clouds. My inner divine qualities of support, wholeness, and contribution live in me, always, in their fulfilled state. They are of God and live in me as my God-fullness. I can’t lose that. I can only get disconnected from it.


How I express that inner divinity will shift, in fact is always shifting. We suffer when we try to hold on to the outer expression instead of the inner divinity. The inner divinity doesn’t change. The outer expression is perpetual change.


My spiritual work is to live from my inner divinity and allow it to express itself in the way that’s true in this moment. Not in the past, not in the old form. In the now.


I feel myself settle into peace. Into contentment. Into trust.


I ask God to guide me to whatever action is right for me now, which expresses this moment of divinity. That action is enough. It’s more than enough. It’s perfect.


The action I’m guided to is to make a request of all of you. If you know me, you know I’m always making requests. It’s something else I’ve learned from Mary Magdalene, to ask for what I want. I’ve seen that it can be hard to request what we really want because then we become vulnerable. This, too, is part of growing our heart.


Here’s my request. What I really want is for everyone to get a copy of THE HOLY GRAIL: SACRED MASCULINE & DIVINE FEMININE and to read it. Then I want you to write to me and tell me your thoughts and feelings about what Yeshua and Mary are sharing. Instead of telling you my thoughts and feelings, I’ll listen to yours.


Would you do that? I would love it if you would. Just thinking about it is making me very happy. My sadness has shifted to happiness.



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