What’s “Feminine” and “Masculine” Got to Do with It?

By Mercedes Kirkel

Tina Turner immortalized the question, “What’s love got to do with it?”. Now I notice a spin-off of that question dancing through my mind: “What’s ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine’ got to do with it?” Of course, my question isn’t as catchy as Tina’s phrase, which only goes to prove I’m not Tina Turner (in case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind!).


My question (“What’s ‘Feminine’ and ‘Masculine’ got to do with it?”) has come out of conversations I’ve been having with people (in my mind) about my just-released book THE HOLY GRAIL: Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine. As I talked about previously, I haven’t had the energy to discuss and promote this book the way I wish I could because of my health challenges. But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about what I would like to be saying.


So I’ve been having imaginary conversations with all of you. In those conversations, I share why I care so deeply about this book and what it offers to readers. I explain that Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene are bringing information that I think will be new to most people. And that information has everything to do with the Masculine and Feminine, really the sacred Masculine and the divine Feminine. They delve into a number of fascinating topics, including what the Holy Grail really is; what the underlying nature of our world is; and what we need to grow into higher dimensions. And all of that has to do with the Feminine and Masculine.


This isn’t about gender, as in men and women. This is about all humans because we all have our inner Masculine and Feminine. And we all have the higher octaves of those inner parts of ourselves.


I especially hope that men and women thought-leaders and event-leaders in the growing field of the Sacred Masculine and/or Divine Feminine will receive this information, because it provides such a crucial understanding relative to our Masculine and Feminine nature. I see THE HOLY GRAIL becoming essential reading for all those seeking the higher expression of Masculine and Feminine, taking its place amongst other classics such as The Chalice and the Blade; When God Was a Woman; Iron John; and King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (not to mention the many writings about Jesus, King Arthur, and the Holy Grail).


But this isn’t just a book for leaders and teachers. It’s for everyone who wants to grow and be the highest version of themselves, and those who want our world to be the highest version of itself. May we all receive this guidance and may it make a difference.



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