MARY MAGDALENE and YESHUA: The Miracle of Yeshua’s Manifestation

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Mary Magdalene: I wish to  honor and recognize, with my fullest heart-love and deepest gratitude, my beloved Yeshua. I am so grateful for his presence in my life and in all of manifestation, and for the blessing that he brings—which is so immense, so huge.


Yeshua’s work in manifestation was a tremendous surrendering into his spiritual calling. What he did to manifest in the third dimension, and then to teach in physical form in the way that he did, is something all of you will come to understand more and more over time. You will understand what that required and the miracle that it was. I simply wish to acknowledge that and to once again bow down in love to my beloved Yeshua, who has served all beings so incredibly, and continues to do so.


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