MARY MAGDALENE and YESHUA: The Feminine Form of Meditation

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Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Question: My understanding is that traditional meditation is a Masculine approach to finding God within, because it relies on the mind. What would be a more Feminine approach?


Mary Magdalene: It is true that the meditation practices most of you have received have been very much oriented toward the Masculine. This has worked well for many, who have a strength in the Masculine. For others of you, who are not so naturally oriented to the Masculine, this has been a challenge. Many of you have come to the place of feeling that perhaps you’re not able to meditate. Or perhaps you feel you’re not even able to practice spirituality at all, because of your difficulty with the type of practice that has been recommended.


We feel very sad about this. It is one of the consequences of the Feminine being excluded in so many domains in your world, including your spiritual domain. It has excluded many of you, and even brought many of you to conclude that you weren’t able to engage in spirituality—which is never the case. All of you are absolutely able to engage in spirituality. It has simply been that your world has not brought forth the fullest picture and has not helped you to understand how to access the path that is best for each person.


Indeed, there are pathways that are more inclusive of the Feminine. What we recommend is that each person find the practice that fits you best. Ultimately you will all have to develop your Feminine and Masculine. And ultimately, the Feminine always leads to the Masculine and the Masculine always leads to the Feminine.


If a more Masculine practice is most natural for you and that’s what you engage, that will eventually, inevitably, lead you to the Feminine. The same is true of a more Feminine practice. If it is a true spiritual practice, it will inevitably lead you to the Masculine.


However, the most direct path, and probably the most efficient path in terms of time—what you might call the speediest path—is to engage both your Masculine and your Feminine, to the degree you are able. As it is natural for you, it is helpful to engage both.


To summarize, you may choose to engage more Masculine practices, or you may choose to engage more Feminine practices, or you may choose to engage both. That being said, I would like to talk about what the more Feminine practices are.


When we use the word “meditation,” we are simply talking about focusing. It is a focusing of the mind. There is an inherent Masculine aspect to this focusing because it involves the mind. And the mind is part of your Masculine being.


Any time you are focusing on something or other, it is a form of meditation. If you choose to focus on things that are more involved in the Feminine, that will help to bring in more of the Feminine.


Some of you do this when you go out in nature and focus on your experience of the natural world. You focus on the sounds, the smells, the sights that you’re experiencing in nature. You’re focusing on your connection with nature, which is really Mother Earth and the manifestation of the Divine Feminine in your Earth realm. Focusing on that can be a form of Feminine meditation.


You could increase your connection with the Feminine if you were to lie down in nature, or rest against a tree with your spine against the tree, and really notice your own body. Your body is part of your Feminine being in manifestation. Really experiencing your body, feelings, and energy when you’re in nature is a way you can amplify your reception of the Feminine. Some of you do this naturally. That is a Feminine practice.


There are other Feminine practices that are not so much what you might call a meditation. They are ways of connecting with the Feminine that take you into your heart. The practices and teachings I gave that Mercedes recorded in the first book, Mary Magdalene Beckons, are very much about this. They are practices of making use of your emotions in a very particular way that lead you into your heart and heart space. These practices reconnect you with the Divine in a Feminine pathway. So emotions can be used as a Feminine pathway.


If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, reading the book Mary Magdalene Beckons may be a great support. Mercedes also offers a class where she helps people understand the process of letting emotions take you to God and learn the practice for doing that very deeply. We support people learning that practice.


Sexuality is another very Feminine form of connecting with the Divine. Sacred sexuality is very much a Feminine pathway for connecting with the Divine.


In all of these practices, there are both Masculine and Feminine components. For example, sacred sexuality is very much about uniting the Masculine and the Feminine, and there are many Masculine aspects to it. There is a clear consciousness practice within sacred sexuality, which is one of the Masculine aspects. But overall the practice of sacred sexuality leans towards the Feminine because it’s very much engaging your sexual energy, which is a Feminine manifestation in your world.


The same can be said of the emotional practice. Overall it’s a Feminine practice. But it has many Masculine aspects, too, including consciousness aspects and ways to use your mind to support the emotional practice. These are very balanced practices but they engage the Feminine much more strongly than many traditional spiritual practices do.


There are some traditional spiritual practices that are much more in the Feminine. For example, shamanic paths have often used Feminine pathways. An example is when they use drumming or sacred substances to transport people into higher realms. Those realms are still realms of manifestation. The experiences people have in those realms are very much experiences of the Divine Feminine. That’s an example of a spiritual practice that is based more in the Feminine. Again, it has Masculine aspects, but the practice is more oriented towards the Feminine.


There are many different paths. Again, the recommendation we suggest is find the path that is strongest for you. You will know that because it opens your heart and you feel yourself filled with love, and it opens your higher mind and you feel yourself resting in consciousness. Those are the signs that a path is supporting you.


Then there is the further practice of uniting the Masculine and Feminine—uniting your consciousness and your love. This happens naturally on its own, but it can be supported with practices, too. This is something that will be given and included as part of this body of work that is becoming the new spirituality that you’re calling “CommunionTM.” There will be practices that are very specifically oriented towards uniting the Masculine and Feminine. We will be making sure that those are clarified and available to all.


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