MARY MAGDALENE: Completing Your Work in the Third Dimension

Received by Mercedes Kirkel


Mary Magdalene: Many of you are cut off from your emotions. You have distanced yourself from your emotions, to the point that most of the time you do not know what you feel.


I do not blame you for this. It was the greatest wisdom you knew how to bring to the situation. This distancing was often learned when you were very young and were being taught by others who had learned to distance themselves from emotions. You did what you thought was being asked of you, and to be accepted and loved by the ones you depended on.


I am glad that you were able to survive. Yet I am sad that for so many it has come at a tremendous cost of being cut off from a huge part of yourself—your feeling being—and that you were redirected to live from your mind.


Even those who are your spiritual sensitives tend to be spiritually sensitive to the higher realms. But many of you do not live in connection with the emotional realm or the physical realm. Or if you do, it may be a place of pain for you.


I am suggesting a very different path. I am not a martyr. I am not calling you to be a martyr, to put yourself in a place of pain for spiritual growth or to lead you to a higher spiritual place. This is not what I am suggesting.


I am suggesting it is safe to allow your feelings, including your painful feelings—your fear, your sadness, and many others. But fear and sadness are the two that are at the root of beings who are manifesting in the third dimension. Until you learn the pathway that begins with acceptance and trust of these emotions, you will not have completed your work here at the third dimension and what you came to realize. In general, you will remain in the third dimension until you are open to that.


There is a great logic, a great system to this process that all of you are involved in. Many are understanding parts of it, yet there are parts that many of you are not yet clear on. There is a great desire on the part of many to progress to the higher dimensions, which I certainly can understand. Yet it will not serve you if you have not completed what you came to do and what you need from the present dimension.


If you are manifesting in the third dimension, it is because it is necessary. It is not a mistake and, in general, it is not because you came to serve others. You came because it was necessary for your soul growth. Those who come to serve others do not take the position of “I am here to serve others”. They take the position of gratitude for their communion with God.


I urge you to understand the preciousness of every moment, to understand the tremendous forces that are at work in your world to distract you from your opportunity in every moment. Every moment you have the opportunity to do the work you came into physical manifestation to do: the work of knowing your body is a temple; of opening to your emotions as pathways to God; of embracing your energies, including your sexual energies, as an alchemical process within you that is opening you to the mysteries of God; to know what it is to be in the heart of a physical body.


And then from there to know the majesty of the higher Masculine, and to know the ecstasy of union between the higher Feminine and Masculine. This is such an opportunity that you all have! There are so many beings that do not have the opportunity that you have.


There are those who do not want you to have this opportunity. They have steered you toward your mind to distract you. Many of you are aware of many distractions in your world that pull you into this mind space: your technology, your media, your “this” and “that.” The pull you feel toward your mind is strong because of the indoctrination you have gotten from such a young age that keeps you in your mind. That indoctrination is reinforced through your education and through so many structures in your world. And you reinforce it with each other all the time through your speech.


All of this support for living in your mind has been created and it is for a purpose. But it is not supporting you. It is not supporting your heart. It is not supporting your higher mind. It is not supporting your union with God.


My great desire is that you become aware of this and begin to make different choices. By your strength, by what you model, others will see the possibility of this different choice and will come to join you. You will become stronger, you will become brighter, you will become more full of love. And the path will become more and more clear for many. This would be the fruition of the work that we did. This is my great hope and desire and blessing.


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